May 20, 2019

R. J.

How could I ever find the right words to express my gratitude for all the care Deborah has given me in guarding my health with the use of homeopathy? She has been very attentive in listening to all my complaints and concerns. I have had some serious health issues over the years that she has helped me through.

Years ago, I completely crushed my index finger in a veneer door press. It was stitched up in an emergency room, but the doctor expressed concern that I might lose the finger. Deborah used homeopathy to help the healing of the nerves and skin tissue. I did not lose the finger, my physician was well pleased with the results, and no one today would know the trauma it went through looking at it.

Last year, while on the job, I was attacked by 6 large dogs. I ended up with 18 puncture marks on my legs and a large gash on top of one hand that could not be sutured at Urgent Care for fear of enclosing the infection. My hand swelled up to 3 times its normal size. Deborah gave me homeopathic remedies to get the swelling and bruising down and to promote healing of the nerves and tissue. All healed very well.

Recently, I had an issue of having to pass kidney stones over the course of a week, along with a bladder infection. This is the most painful thing I’ve ever had to deal with! Deborah spent a lot of time counseling me through this, and with her help I was able to pass the stones and get rid of the bladder infection. My doctor had the lab run a urinalysis test on me and all was well. It saved me a trip to the emergency room and I did not have to wait weeks to get into the doctor’s office.

Last year, I hurt my neck from constantly looking up while cutting off a metal roof. I ended up with severe vertigo that resulted in vomiting and an inability to drive. Deborah helped with the nausea and vertigo and recommended chiropractic care for me. With time, my neck healed and the vertigo ceased.

I also need to mention all the times she has helped with more common health issues like dealing with the flu, migraine headaches, joint issues, acid reflux, and lower back problems. My wife and I had a period of time in the past when we did not have any health insurance. I don’t know how we would have gotten through it without Deborah’s help. Homeopathy and alternative health care methods probably saved us thousands and thousands of dollars that would have put us in great debt.

If anyone is looking for expert, professional homeopathic care, or wanting to use natural remedies or methods to heal, Deborah is the very best person to contact. She has a vast knowledge of healing on the deepest level. Deborah is so passionate and very attentive and caring in her quest to help you. I highly recommend her!