May 20, 2019

R. C.

I feel so lucky to have met Deborah Vidal when I was a student at the Homeopathic Academy of California. She is not only an excellent and fascinating teacher, but also truly inspiring. She is a dynamic and engaging speaker, which made the study of complicated homeopathy topics very interesting. She comes to class with an amazing amount of preparation, shares her knowledge and experience, keeps communication open and encourages discussions, so everyone feels at ease to ask questions and express concerns. Her passion for homeopathy encouraged me to keep on studying and learning more to become a successful prescriber, even for difficult cases. I asked her to be my mentor for my case taking because I know she was the best. After I graduated from the homeopathic school, I worked in her clinic to learn more from her. Her observation is so insightful without being judgmental. She patiently listens and observes to gather all possible information to find the core issue and the best solution. It is rare to meet someone as determined, organized and compassionate like Deborah.

Through years of knowing her, we became good friends. I’ve seen here in dark times. Deborah never gives up and always seizes the opportunity. Her passion for healing is real. She is always learning more so she can give more. She is one of the kindest and most courageous people that I know. She has taught me so much. I cannot thank her enough. She has so much to share with the world! I highly recommend Deborah.