May 20, 2019

O. M

I first met Deborah 17 years ago when I decided to look for alternative options to treat my 3 year old’s asthma. My son was allergic to cats, dogs and horses. We were very new to homeopathy and, frankly, I wasn’t expecting much. During the initial appointment, my son started getting watery itchy eyes, reacting to Deborah’s cat walking in the room. Deborah noticed my son’s discomfort and gave him a remedy to ease the symptoms, and to my amazement it worked almost instantly. My son stopped rubbing his eyes and continued coloring, with the cat still in the room!

We started on the main remedy a few days later, and I knew it was working because the symptoms came back right away, but this time my son also had fever, which was unusual for him. The symptoms and fever lasted the whole day, but in the evening he asked for a big meal, slept soundly afterwards, woke up happy and … never had another asthma attack again. He would still get itchy and sneeze around horses, but he never had to use an inhaler, or go to emergency room for oxygen and steroids ever again. It was truly amazing, and we are forever grateful to Deborah!