May 20, 2019

N. D.

As a family we are extremely thankful we had the good fortune to have Deborah Vidal and her amazing talent to cure with homeopathic remedies available to us these past 18 years. Our son developed a disturbing cough at about age 2. The cough was very strong and occurred on average twice a month, lasting for at least a week. He was sick about 50% of the time. The cough was so strong, racking his small body with bouts recurring about every 2 minutes. We would take turns holding him in our arms day and night. For two years we went to multiple doctors, and even to the emergency room, with little relief. Deborah was our savior. She performed an in-depth study of our son’s constitution, and came up with remedies that not only cured the coughing bouts when they occurred, but also made them much more infrequent. Our only regret was that we did not meet her sooner.
Deborah always showed a true spirit of caring and gave so much of herself that we will forever be in her debt. She made her special talents available to us when we needed her, and always spent whatever time was necessary to get to the right solutions. Over the years she developed a rapport with our two children that was amazing. She would talk to them directly on the telephone and come up with just the right answers for whatever ailed them. Even when we were traveling on another continent she took the time to help via email and telephone. Whether it is for our daughter’s eczema and severe ear infections, or constitutional remedies for Dad’s overwork and stress, she has always been there for us.
We had seen other Homeopaths before Deborah, but her unique (to us) method along with her talent of being able to study each person in depth in order to come up with tailored remedies suitable to their constitution, and simultaneously to any immediate ailment is extremely effective and quite exceptional.