August 07, 2019


It had been 10 years since I walked into Deborah’s office and I’ll never forget it. The view… sense of peace… everything.
I had had acne since I was a teenager. In college, it would come and go.
And then, somewhere around March 2003, I broke out something awful and it wouldn’t stop.
Every morning I would wake up with new zits.
I tried an aesthetician. Almost a thousand dollars later nothing had improved.
I tried a dermatologist. He gave me drugs. They worked briefly then stopped.
Around 2004, I tried a new dermatologist and she told me that I had “adult acne” and that it may not ever go away.
She prescribed more drugs, new drugs and they did not work either.
The acne then evolved to what was apparently classified as cystic acne.
Every morning I’d wake up with new, painful, throbbing cystic acne on my face. I’d go to bed with a number of washes, creams… hope and nothing would work.
By 2008, it had been five years of this bizarre hell that had evolved into crazy diets and natural solutions like acupuncture and rosen therapy.
All of it helped but nothing cured it. I would still randomly break out and figured that’s how it would be for the rest of my life.
Then, my mom’s friend suggested I try homeopathy. She also had cystic acne and said it worked for her.
At that point, I’d try anything.
I can’t remember the time of year it was or how I found Deborah but if there was ever a moment in life that transcended me, it was when I walked through her office door.
Her peaceful demeanor and gentle approach allowed me to speak freely during the background portion of our visit and for the first time, I really began to associate the emotional component of what I had been experiencing physically.
During our second visit, she prescribed my remedy and even suggested, “I feel like the pathology of this comes from your father’s mother’s side.”
She also mentioned that the remedy might bring on vivid dreams and fortuitous coincidences.
After we experimented with a few different potencies, I finally took the 200cc and WHAM.
I can only describe it as a metaphysical miracle.
About a year later, not only did I stop breaking out and was acne free but I could not even remember my life with acne. It was like it had existed in some alternate, parallel universe.
I still don’t exactly know what happened or how it happened but I couldn’t describe as anything less than a miracle.
I am so grateful to Deborah and her honesty, integrity, warmth and kindness.
There are people who do things for various reasons and then there are people who do things because they care.
I would encourage anyone who is seeking help, answers, changes or shifts in their life to visit Deborah for many reasons… not only is she good, she cares.
…A few years later, when my father’s mother told me that her father had cystic acne, I smiled. “Imagine that…”