May 20, 2019

L. J.

You guys may know me because I am Deborah’s partner, Lloyd. I asked if I could write a testimonial because as most of you know I struggle with a pain syndrome & so I have a lot of experience working with Deb regarding health, homeopathy & detox. Together I can say we have tried everything out there. I can imagine many of you reading this are as frustrated as I was, because there are so many lies and empty promises for products and programs out there on the Internet. My good fortune came in my life when I met Deb. She has a never give up attitude and constantly gives everyone hope that they CAN and WILL heal. I have learned so much from Deb that I feel I can offer more help to my friends than what their doctors tell them, which is so sad. But medicine is about money and keeping the people sick makes for a great business. So open your eyes and ears and listen to Vidal Speaks and make whatever effort you can to work with or learn from Deborah. She is the most caring, smart and compassionate person I ever met. I grew up a milk drinker and it killed my stomach. I had lots of home stress as my parents fought and soon divorced and that emotional stress led to many stomach issues my whole life. I was diagnosed with IBS and so much more. I could not leave home till noon because I would have to run to the bathroom more than 10x every morning. With Deb’s guidance I can tell you my gut is so normal. I had so many food sensitivities there was not much I could eat and not get daily headaches or diarrhea. Now I can eat anything I want and that is life changing. I have learned the truth to the statement you are what you eat. My mom didn’t like vegetables so we didn’t eat them, therefore I am a person that hated them and now imagine I am a healthy high raw vegan. So if I can do it you can do it. Now our journey continues to heal my pain syndrome, and if anyone can find a way to do this it is Deb. If you need help, or you want to do a proper serious detox, if you are diagnosed with a serious ailment or just want to feel so much better, then learn all you can from Deb. She will teach you the truth & she will care for you!