May 20, 2019

J. V.

I am Deborah’s father so maybe you will feel I am biased to write a review, but I asked to do this anyway because Deborah has helped me personally and all of our family so much with her deep knowledge of homeopathy, detox and nutrition. First of all for those that may have listened to my interview on her podcast that may know me, you may remember I am a medical doctor. We are not trained in any kind of nutrition or alternative medicine and so it has been Deborah’s teachings that have not only opened my mind to homeopathy, but also in how valuable and important it is to use the right foods to heal and detox. I have learned that most diseases are things we create ourselves with stress, poor diet and lifestyle choices, and when we learn this, then we realize we can really heal most diseases.

I became interested in natural treatments when I lost my beloved wife to the side effects of a flu shot. She did not tell me she was getting one and sadly she died from something that the very industry I worked in was recommending. I learned after, how toxic and dangerous vaccinations are, but sadly, it was too late. Before my wife passed she had many serious symptoms and Deborah helped her thru all of them only with natural remedies and homeopathy. Homeopathy even helped her pass peacefully. I also witnessed my wife’s chronic stubborn case of psoriasis disappear with Deborah’s treatment, when none of my dermatology friends could help her.

I have used homeopathy so many times in my life now with amazing results. Deborah gives me remedies for detox, for joint pains when I have them or for any acute problem in my life such as food poisoning and the occasional flu or cold. She has put all of her knowledge into action with all our family, and we are truly blessed because we all have maintained our health using only natural remedies and diet. I am currently 94 years old and I take NO medications so that should speak for itself. I would not be able to say this without Deborah’s help and her treatments. I only wish she could teach today’s doctors in medical school how to truly heal, but since the pharmaceutical company profits from drugs, they don’t want you to know that most diseases and symptoms can be eradicated by eating the right foods, living a good lifestyle and using homeopathy when you do need treatment, or to detox, which is what she is doing now. I highly recommend Deborah to anyone. She has helped so many of us including many of my friends and their families. I believe she can help anyone! When you listen to Deborah you will learn the truth!