May 20, 2019

J. K.

Coming from a homeopathic household I know very well what homeopathy is and how it works. However, I still had to find a therapist that fits to me the best. And I found it – on the other side of the world – in Deborah Vidal!! She listens to you, works very seriously and brings so many qualities into your therapy you may never expect: Homeopathy, diet, spirituality, patience, passion, and, most of all, humanity. She unites several approaches and found her own unique style that you may not find anywhere else in this world. She will never give up her patients, even if you suffer from a very serious and persistent disease as I did with my rheumatism that started at the age of 19 years. Today I am 24 and after numerous medical and chemical treatments that only worsened and suppressed my health state, I found Deborah; and I am feeling much better today. Deborah Vidal believes in you and offers you a path to go on your own. It will not always be easy but it will make things better, I know that very well after having tried so many things before. Deborah was a gift to me and that’s why I am extremely grateful that she entered my life.