May 20, 2019


Deborah Vidal and homeopathy – lovely!
You know when you get to a point in your life where things don’t make sense, where it feels blurry and almost like you are living in a cartoon.

That was I in my early 30’s. It started by being tired all the time, very weak and not knowing why I was not getting well after going to see doctors who could not tell me why I was feeling this way. I did the terrible thing almost everyone (I assume) does and searched online all my symptoms in order to find answers to why I was sick and not getting better…it was definitely not the best idea as it made me scared and anxiety took over.

I actually would like to start by talking about how I see myself and how I feel in general to make sense of all of this..

My sister once told me; “you love yourself too much” which made me think; “is she right? What does this mean?” And “yes” she was absolutely right, even though when she said it to me, it was not in her best intention. To me feeling like this was not something bad, as I came to the conclusion that “you need to love yourself in order to love others and receive love” and I was fine with this revelation “smiling”…

Healthy, happy, lovely was and is me…

Now back to my early 30’s when the symptoms started and I really didn’t have much love for anything, I am someone who likes to know and understand my feelings and my body.

Being someone that didn’t like to take prescriptions or medications, I decided to contact a homeopath to bring back natural healing to my life. I knew taking prescription drugs to make me happy was not going to the source of the problem and would only cover them up. In addition, the idea of taking anti-anxiety medication was horrifying to me…like starting something I would not be able to stop maybe?

Having said that, I am not against any kind of help or medical prescription. Everyone should follow their heart because different things work for different people, as everyone is unique.

Sorry this testimonial is getting a big long but bear with me it is worth it…

I contacted Deborah Vidal the first time by phone. I remember it so well and I can still clearly hear the tone of her voice during our first conversation, which made me feel “ok”. This was a big step, as I was really not feeling well.

She let me speak and I explained my symptoms. I remember telling her “I am usually a very happy person and I am usually very funny.” She had sent me some questionnaires to fill out about my life, my family, and myself. I remember it was pretty complete and now thinking back she definitely started the job before meeting me by going through my files and spending time to understand my situation.

She also said to me “you are the perfect candidate for homeopathy” which was BIG for me to hear at that time because it meant, “you will be fine, I got you”.

Deborah and I met, I believe, the following week if my memory is correct.

Let’s start with her home office location; it felt good right away to arrive at this beautiful neighborhood. I felt calm and serene as soon as I parked by her home office. Deborah came out to greet me and our meeting began; I was fascinated by her appearance.

Let me explain, I am petite (I like to say 5’2 but I am adding a bit to this amount even) and she is TALL…

Beautiful smile and open arms, she took time to show me her garden, made me feel calm and her voice is just so soothing. I felt comfortable right away even though at that time so many things were making sad.

We entered her office and she knew so much about me already after studying my files and this felt very special.

We started with a few remedies one at a time and she followed up with me after each, just to see how I felt or experienced any changes.

I always looked forward to my meetings with Deborah, which was my time to open up and talk about my feelings. She always had amazing conversations about different situations in life and could always make sense of all my symptoms. That was when I knew I was getting better because her explanations of how it all started made sense and this was an absolutely “halleluiah” moment for me. I won’t go into details but let’s put it this way, when I found out how it all started then everything made sense to me. I would like to describe Deborah. She is definitely amazing. Deborah made much sense of everything. She listened to everything I had to say and always had beautiful stories and situations to share.

I always felt like we were having conversations, not just talking and that is the difference between seeing a therapist who listens to you but does not share their experiences. Deborah always shared her own experiences and we actually laughed a lot during our sessions.

She is someone that is always learning more and has the gift to share her knowledge. All her explanations not only made so much sense but also always felt right and came at the perfect time. She always checked in with me and took the time to write to me.

As I started to feel myself again, “Healthy, happy, lovely,” I still stayed in touch with Deborah and always liked to make an appointment with her to learn more new things about how our body works. She is simply amazing!

I actually have to say that I was sad when she was not taking clients anymore, but was so happy to see her beautiful journey continue. I listen to her podcasts and it always makes me smile and gives me the “in good hands” feeling.

Deborah, yes my first impression of you was “I was going to be fine, you got me” And yes you did. I thank you enormously for everything and miss our sessions.
Only love your way!