May 20, 2019

E. K.

Deborah saved my life in so many ways – Without HER my life would be over for sure! In 2003 and 2005 I received my breast cancer diagnosis, which I survived without doing any chemo or radiation. Deborah was the inspiration for me to choose to heal myself naturally & to trust in the path that I knew in my heart felt right. She is an incredibly skilled practitioner who never tires or gives up. She is full of passion to teach you how to take responsibility for your own health including body, mind and soul. She is constantly studying and increasing her knowledge, which has allowed her to help even the most difficult cases that would come to her. Her high sense of reliability & honesty is amazing and because of this she has taught me how to truly survive. I know it may sound almost unbelievable, but it is true, she is capable of fixing almost every challenge you will get in life. (Including dis- ease of humans & animals). She has the most expansive holistic approach in understanding any kind of health problem. She is highly practical with her feet firmly on the ground, while her heart is immensely spiritual. In addition, she combines her health knowledge as a certified classical homeopath, a certified nutritionist and a detox specialist and is able to give you an amazing astrological reading. You have no idea how much this will lead to a personal revelation. She is not only my angel; she is an angel for everybody here on earth. With all her love and passion for every human being she is what the world needs to become a better place. She is the most beautiful and deeply shining person I ever met in life. She is a real treasure. If you have any opportunity to ever learn, study or work under her guidance, don’t think twice about it. Go for it and I promise you will never regret it. Actually I can honestly say that words aren’t enough to describe what it means to have her guidance regarding your health or to learn from her in any capacity you have opportunity to do so!