May 20, 2019

C. H.

I met Deborah Vidal in a homeopathic study group.  In addition to our regular course of studies, we anonymously shared difficult cases with each other as a way to enhance our learning. It was clear to me that Deborah gave 110% to every patient that passed through her doors.  It was that absolute dedication to her patients, in addition to her vast wealth of homeopathic knowledge that brought me to her as a homeopathic client.  In addition to constitutional care, Deborah treated me for acute problems.  One night, late at night and well past office hours I called her in great pain, due to an infection.  I did not have the remedy she suggested in my home kit.  Without my asking, Deborah drove clear across town (which in Los Angeles is no small deal) to bring me a remedy.  She then sat with me until she was sure the remedy was holding and working.  It is one thing to be an encyclopedia of information, which she is, but when combined with such genuine compassion – that is a rare and winning combination.  Deborah Vidal is an amalgamation of brains, intuition and empathy.  And when she sets out to do something, you can be assured you will be getting her best…and more.  Because that is who she is.