May 20, 2019

B. E.

Deborah is an amazing homeopathic practitioner who lives what she practices. She gives 100% of herself to her patients. She always investigates what is going on in life in order to treat the whole person and not cover up the symptoms, but find the root cause. Unlike our previous homeopathic doctor who was only there during limited office hours, Deborah was always only a phone call or email away when there was an emergency. She truly cares and shares her vast knowledge on helping you be and stay healthy.

I am a firm believer in homeopathy and alternative ways of healing to regain health. I know there are times Western medicine is necessary (broken bones, etc.) but in my experience when I would go to my health care provider, Kaiser Permanente, they would always only prescribe another medication. For example, before I met Deborah I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism & told to take thyroid medication for the rest of my life. I agreed to take Synthroid (a thyroid med.) and within 10 days had bronchitis & was prescribed an antibiotic, then asthma attacks started, although I had not had any asthma since I was a kid. Then of course they prescribed Albuterol & steroid inhalers, which gave me horrible acid reflux, so of course then they prescribed acid reducing medication, which I never took. I chose to go off everything cold turkey and found Deborah. She reviewed my past history and we came up with a plan. She worked with me every step of the way and currently, I am happy to say, that I am only on Cytomel and NO other medications. Deborah’s dedication to her work is evident in the lives of all the people she has worked with.

Deborah “saved my life” as my husband puts it. After severe pains near his sternum Kaiser Permanente diagnosed it as his heart and made him do an angiogram. When the doctor came out and said he had the arteries of a 25 year old (he was 49 at the time) I could not believe it. Kaiser doctors then decided it was acid reflux and he needed to take an acid reduction medication. I called Deborah and she treated him with natural treatments that helped his body produce more acid, contrary to what the doctors were saying. She also recommended probiotics, enzyme & digestion supplements and he has not had an “episode” since!