May 20, 2019

A. S.

I’m Deborah’s cousin, but because of that, I know her well. I’ve never met anyone that does what she does! She is passionate about living a healthy life, passing that knowledge to others and problem solving health and life issues. Whether family, friend or patient, Deborah is focused and relentless in her search to help you, she wants to know about the “whole person,” not just the issue at hand, and how she can help you heal yourself from the inside and for the long-term.

I’ve seen her follow the path of health over many years, broadening her expertise and constantly learning, discovering, mastering, which gives her an unusually well informed perspective. However it’s her absolute commitment and dogged determinedness to find the root cause and solve your particular issue that makes her exceptional.

Passion, joy, friends, family, and work – all are interconnected with leading a balance and healthy life, something Deborah can help you do.