Mineral Mapping

Do You Feel Out of Balance & Can’t Put Your Finger on It?

When you cells are deficient of minerals the body systems can’t do their job, therefore you will experience an endless list of symptoms

  • Fatigue
  • Hormone imbalances & weight gain
  • Headaches
  • Osteoporosis
  • Arthritis or joint pains
  • Sleep issues
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • SO MUCH MORE - the list is truly endless

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Are You Tired of Spending on Supplements Only to Feel the Same?

Well, I feel for you because I have been there too. I wasted years & thousands of dollars on a boatload of supplements only to feel the same. This is so frustrating! However, minerals are life food, not supplements, & so important. Here is why:

  • All systems in your body need minerals for proper function
  • Deficiency causes one symptom after another without knowing the cause; then you take the wrong minerals & you still feel the same. Frustrating I know!
  • They help your organs naturally detox & regenerate when needed. This is critical. Trust me, minerals are the building blocks of life!

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Do You Have the Feeling You are Deficient in Minerals but Have no Idea How to Fix the Issue or Where to Start?

Honestly, you are probably right because most of us are deficient for these reasons:

  • Common malabsorption issues from gut issues or intestinal plaque
  • Cells not functioning correctly due to overload of toxins
  • Taking the wrong form of minerals (inorganic from rocks or large particles)
  • Poor farming practices that grow mineral deficient food

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Do You Want an Easy Way to Learn Your Personal Deficiencies so You Can Stop Guessing?

Perfect, then you have come to the right place because I use a very old homeopathic system discovered in the1800s that has been buried because it was so successful in treating all symptoms that it is a threat to modern day money making treatments that don’t work & make you sicker.
It is called VIBRATIONAL MINERAL MAPPING. Here is how it can help you:

  • It uses your astrological birth chart to determine your personal homeopathic minerals
  • Feeds your deficiencies shown in your birth chart that are based on the location of influential planets in your chart
  • Personal cell salts are your recipe for freedom from the life zapping energy that symptoms cause
  • Progress is exponential, which means you feel better & better in time

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Why is Vibrational Mineral Mapping for You?

There are so many benefits but here are the main points:

  • I recommend homeopathic cell salts, which absorb immediately into the cell unlike other forms of minerals
  • Once you know your personal minerals they stay the same for life. therefore you know what your body needs forever.
  • Your progress will increase exponentially over time & soon you realize many of your symptoms are gone.
  • You will be treating the cause of your symptoms & not wasting time & money trying to treat each symptom one by one.

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Organ Support

Improve Detoxification

Increase Energy & Clarity

What Others Have To Say

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J. M.

Homeopathy changed my life. When I first met Deborah, I was at the end of a long line. I had been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and A.D.D. Several psychiatrists had treated me and all the medication wasn’t helping put Humpty Dumpty back together. In fact, the meds were making things much worse. After Deborah conducted a few sessions with me, she put me on something I was pretty sure wasn’t going to work. I mean, how could it! I couldn’t have been more wrong. I immediately could tell a difference in my ability to cope and deal with reality, depression, my highs, my enormous lows – everything was so much more manageable. And, it continues to work for me today. I owe her a great deal of gratitude.

J. V.

My sister Deborah is one of my biggest inspirations in my life – that’s why I call her my angel sister. She is truly a blessing to all that know her, not only because of her vast knowledge of homeopathy, or the extensive study she has done over the years to understand the true principles of detox, nutrition & living a healthy lifestyle, but also because it’s her passion to help people heal. It’s because of Deborah that I’ve turned my health around. She has helped me strengthen my adrenals, change to a plant based diet along with teaching me the principles of living a healthy lifestyle including diet, detoxing, getting proper exercise and even the importance of getting enough sleep. Whether it’s her own family, her friends or clients, Deborah treats everyone with the same level of compassion and care because of her love and dedication to help people. Our family and her clients all know we can count on her because whenever we need help she’s there to give us a remedy. Deborah has touched my life so much and because of her guidance and the healthy lifestyle I have implemented everything is so much more positive now. I would highly recommend my sister to anyone that needs to heal or who just wants to live a more wholesome and healthy life.

E. K.

Deborah saved my life in so many ways – Without HER my life would be over for sure! In 2003 and 2005 I received my breast cancer diagnosis, which I survived without doing any chemo or radiation. Deborah was the inspiration for me to choose to heal myself naturally & to trust in the path that I knew in my heart felt right. She is an incredibly skilled practitioner who never tires or gives up. She is full of passion to teach you how to take responsibility for your own health including body, mind and soul. She is constantly studying and increasing her knowledge, which has allowed her to help even the most difficult cases that would come to her. Her high sense of reliability & honesty is amazing and because of this she has taught me how to truly survive. I know it may sound almost unbelievable, but it is true, she is capable of fixing almost every challenge you will get in life. (Including dis- ease of humans & animals). She has the most expansive holistic approach in understanding any kind of health problem. She is highly practical with her feet firmly on the ground, while her heart is immensely spiritual. In addition, she combines her health knowledge as a certified classical homeopath, a certified nutritionist and a detox specialist and is able to give you an amazing astrological reading. You have no idea how much this will lead to a personal revelation. She is not only my angel; she is an angel for everybody here on earth. With all her love and passion for every human being she is what the world needs to become a better place. She is the most beautiful and deeply shining person I ever met in life. She is a real treasure. If you have any opportunity to ever learn, study or work under her guidance, don’t think twice about it. Go for it and I promise you will never regret it. Actually I can honestly say that words aren’t enough to describe what it means to have her guidance regarding your health or to learn from her in any capacity you have opportunity to do so!

M. K.

Deborah Vidal is the most gifted health care practitioner I’ve ever known. And I’ve been under the care of top doctors in so many fields. Yet Deborah is the most thoughtful and tirelessly insightful of them all. The list of illnesses (major and minor) where her remedies for my entire family have been singularly powerful is longer than you could imagine. Her care always reflects such deep knowledge and a commitment to finding treatments that help and heal. And all of that insight comes with such enormous heart. Deborah has found her true calling to be a homeopath. And those of us who’ve been the beneficiaries of her great wisdom are the absolute luckiest.

N. D.

As a family we are extremely thankful we had the good fortune to have Deborah Vidal and her amazing talent to cure with homeopathic remedies available to us these past 18 years. Our son developed a disturbing cough at about age 2. The cough was very strong and occurred on average twice a month, lasting for at least a week. He was sick about 50% of the time. The cough was so strong, racking his small body with bouts recurring about every 2 minutes. We would take turns holding him in our arms day and night. For two years we went to multiple doctors, and even to the emergency room, with little relief. Deborah was our savior. She performed an in-depth study of our son’s constitution, and came up with remedies that not only cured the coughing bouts when they occurred, but also made them much more infrequent. Our only regret was that we did not meet her sooner.
Deborah always showed a true spirit of caring and gave so much of herself that we will forever be in her debt. She made her special talents available to us when we needed her, and always spent whatever time was necessary to get to the right solutions. Over the years she developed a rapport with our two children that was amazing. She would talk to them directly on the telephone and come up with just the right answers for whatever ailed them. Even when we were traveling on another continent she took the time to help via email and telephone. Whether it is for our daughter’s eczema and severe ear infections, or constitutional remedies for Dad’s overwork and stress, she has always been there for us.
We had seen other Homeopaths before Deborah, but her unique (to us) method along with her talent of being able to study each person in depth in order to come up with tailored remedies suitable to their constitution, and simultaneously to any immediate ailment is extremely effective and quite exceptional.

C. H.

I met Deborah Vidal in a homeopathic study group.  In addition to our regular course of studies, we anonymously shared difficult cases with each other as a way to enhance our learning. It was clear to me that Deborah gave 110% to every patient that passed through her doors.  It was that absolute dedication to her patients, in addition to her vast wealth of homeopathic knowledge that brought me to her as a homeopathic client.  In addition to constitutional care, Deborah treated me for acute problems.  One night, late at night and well past office hours I called her in great pain, due to an infection.  I did not have the remedy she suggested in my home kit.  Without my asking, Deborah drove clear across town (which in Los Angeles is no small deal) to bring me a remedy.  She then sat with me until she was sure the remedy was holding and working.  It is one thing to be an encyclopedia of information, which she is, but when combined with such genuine compassion – that is a rare and winning combination.  Deborah Vidal is an amalgamation of brains, intuition and empathy.  And when she sets out to do something, you can be assured you will be getting her best…and more.  Because that is who she is.  

R. H.

“Deborah Vidal is a master healer, anti-aging specialist, supreme life coach, animal lover and excellent communicator.”

R. J.

How could I ever find the right words to express my gratitude for all the care Deborah has given me in guarding my health with the use of homeopathy? She has been very attentive in listening to all my complaints and concerns. I have had some serious health issues over the years that she has helped me through.

Years ago, I completely crushed my index finger in a veneer door press. It was stitched up in an emergency room, but the doctor expressed concern that I might lose the finger. Deborah used homeopathy to help the healing of the nerves and skin tissue. I did not lose the finger, my physician was well pleased with the results, and no one today would know the trauma it went through looking at it.

Last year, while on the job, I was attacked by 6 large dogs. I ended up with 18 puncture marks on my legs and a large gash on top of one hand that could not be sutured at Urgent Care for fear of enclosing the infection. My hand swelled up to 3 times its normal size. Deborah gave me homeopathic remedies to get the swelling and bruising down and to promote healing of the nerves and tissue. All healed very well.

Recently, I had an issue of having to pass kidney stones over the course of a week, along with a bladder infection. This is the most painful thing I’ve ever had to deal with! Deborah spent a lot of time counseling me through this, and with her help I was able to pass the stones and get rid of the bladder infection. My doctor had the lab run a urinalysis test on me and all was well. It saved me a trip to the emergency room and I did not have to wait weeks to get into the doctor’s office.

Last year, I hurt my neck from constantly looking up while cutting off a metal roof. I ended up with severe vertigo that resulted in vomiting and an inability to drive. Deborah helped with the nausea and vertigo and recommended chiropractic care for me. With time, my neck healed and the vertigo ceased.

I also need to mention all the times she has helped with more common health issues like dealing with the flu, migraine headaches, joint issues, acid reflux, and lower back problems. My wife and I had a period of time in the past when we did not have any health insurance. I don’t know how we would have gotten through it without Deborah’s help. Homeopathy and alternative health care methods probably saved us thousands and thousands of dollars that would have put us in great debt.

If anyone is looking for expert, professional homeopathic care, or wanting to use natural remedies or methods to heal, Deborah is the very best person to contact. She has a vast knowledge of healing on the deepest level. Deborah is so passionate and very attentive and caring in her quest to help you. I highly recommend her!

Z. B.

I can’t speak highly enough of Deborah. When I heard about Deborah, I was sick for months, had to drop out of college, and no one was able to help me or even tell me what was wrong with me. She made time to see me immediately, and took hours of her day to really get to know me as a person. Her questions were comprehensive and insightful, and I left feeling truly seen and listened to. The solution she recommended me, a simple homeopathic remedy that can be found in any store that sells homeopathic remedies, proved to have instant and powerful results. Within a couple weeks I felt good enough to embark on a solo backpacking trip! Thank you Deborah!

O. M

I first met Deborah 17 years ago when I decided to look for alternative options to treat my 3 year old’s asthma. My son was allergic to cats, dogs and horses. We were very new to homeopathy and, frankly, I wasn’t expecting much. During the initial appointment, my son started getting watery itchy eyes, reacting to Deborah’s cat walking in the room. Deborah noticed my son’s discomfort and gave him a remedy to ease the symptoms, and to my amazement it worked almost instantly. My son stopped rubbing his eyes and continued coloring, with the cat still in the room!

We started on the main remedy a few days later, and I knew it was working because the symptoms came back right away, but this time my son also had fever, which was unusual for him. The symptoms and fever lasted the whole day, but in the evening he asked for a big meal, slept soundly afterwards, woke up happy and … never had another asthma attack again. He would still get itchy and sneeze around horses, but he never had to use an inhaler, or go to emergency room for oxygen and steroids ever again. It was truly amazing, and we are forever grateful to Deborah!

J. V.

I am Deborah’s father so maybe you will feel I am biased to write a review, but I asked to do this anyway because Deborah has helped me personally and all of our family so much with her deep knowledge of homeopathy, detox and nutrition. First of all for those that may have listened to my interview on her podcast that may know me, you may remember I am a medical doctor. We are not trained in any kind of nutrition or alternative medicine and so it has been Deborah’s teachings that have not only opened my mind to homeopathy, but also in how valuable and important it is to use the right foods to heal and detox. I have learned that most diseases are things we create ourselves with stress, poor diet and lifestyle choices, and when we learn this, then we realize we can really heal most diseases.

I became interested in natural treatments when I lost my beloved wife to the side effects of a flu shot. She did not tell me she was getting one and sadly she died from something that the very industry I worked in was recommending. I learned after, how toxic and dangerous vaccinations are, but sadly, it was too late. Before my wife passed she had many serious symptoms and Deborah helped her thru all of them only with natural remedies and homeopathy. Homeopathy even helped her pass peacefully. I also witnessed my wife’s chronic stubborn case of psoriasis disappear with Deborah’s treatment, when none of my dermatology friends could help her.

I have used homeopathy so many times in my life now with amazing results. Deborah gives me remedies for detox, for joint pains when I have them or for any acute problem in my life such as food poisoning and the occasional flu or cold. She has put all of her knowledge into action with all our family, and we are truly blessed because we all have maintained our health using only natural remedies and diet. I am currently 94 years old and I take NO medications so that should speak for itself. I would not be able to say this without Deborah’s help and her treatments. I only wish she could teach today’s doctors in medical school how to truly heal, but since the pharmaceutical company profits from drugs, they don’t want you to know that most diseases and symptoms can be eradicated by eating the right foods, living a good lifestyle and using homeopathy when you do need treatment, or to detox, which is what she is doing now. I highly recommend Deborah to anyone. She has helped so many of us including many of my friends and their families. I believe she can help anyone! When you listen to Deborah you will learn the truth!

E. F.

Deborah Vidal is a highly qualified homeopath. I have consulted her for many years and found her invaluable regarding my health issues and the health issues of my cat. Her consultations are detailed and easy to understand, and she is always available for follow up questions. Her manner is gentle and soothing assuaging any anxiety I may have concerning a particular condition. Speaking with Deborah is like speaking with a trusted friend.

A. D.

Deborah has been a lifesaver for my family and me. Over the past 15 years we have been very fortunate to have her in our lives to help us heal with homeopathic remedies, herbal teas, supplements and good nutrition. Without her our other options would have been conventional medication or in some circumstances even surgery.

D. D.

Working with Deborah has transformed my life! When I first sought her help two years ago, I was sick all the time and couldn’t realize my dreams. Now my system is strong and I am living the life I’ve wanted. My whole family goes to her. I recommend her to everyone I know!

Deborah brings great care and precision to her work. Her insight and expertise go beyond remedy prescription into educating the client toward greater self-care and understanding. She has helped my family and friends through acute and chronic illnesses, pregnancy, dental work, grief and addiction. She even helped my 18-year-old cat live a few more lives as he survived feline HIV and diabetes. She supported me as he passed away in my arms.

C. P.

I was introduced to Deborah Vidal when I broke my foot. She assisted me during that recuperation to strengthen the bone and speed my healing. Since then, she also has seen me through colds, flu, insomnia, and emotional upset. Her thoroughness is both impressive and reassuring. I can think of few other healing practitioners who have this level of dedication in helping her patients get well and be well.

L. J.

You guys may know me because I am Deborah’s partner, Lloyd. I asked if I could write a testimonial because as most of you know I struggle with a pain syndrome & so I have a lot of experience working with Deb regarding health, homeopathy & detox. Together I can say we have tried everything out there. I can imagine many of you reading this are as frustrated as I was, because there are so many lies and empty promises for products and programs out there on the Internet. My good fortune came in my life when I met Deb. She has a never give up attitude and constantly gives everyone hope that they CAN and WILL heal. I have learned so much from Deb that I feel I can offer more help to my friends than what their doctors tell them, which is so sad. But medicine is about money and keeping the people sick makes for a great business. So open your eyes and ears and listen to Vidal Speaks and make whatever effort you can to work with or learn from Deborah. She is the most caring, smart and compassionate person I ever met. I grew up a milk drinker and it killed my stomach. I had lots of home stress as my parents fought and soon divorced and that emotional stress led to many stomach issues my whole life. I was diagnosed with IBS and so much more. I could not leave home till noon because I would have to run to the bathroom more than 10x every morning. With Deb’s guidance I can tell you my gut is so normal. I had so many food sensitivities there was not much I could eat and not get daily headaches or diarrhea. Now I can eat anything I want and that is life changing. I have learned the truth to the statement you are what you eat. My mom didn’t like vegetables so we didn’t eat them, therefore I am a person that hated them and now imagine I am a healthy high raw vegan. So if I can do it you can do it. Now our journey continues to heal my pain syndrome, and if anyone can find a way to do this it is Deb. If you need help, or you want to do a proper serious detox, if you are diagnosed with a serious ailment or just want to feel so much better, then learn all you can from Deb. She will teach you the truth & she will care for you!

A. S.

I’m Deborah’s cousin, but because of that, I know her well. I’ve never met anyone that does what she does! She is passionate about living a healthy life, passing that knowledge to others and problem solving health and life issues. Whether family, friend or patient, Deborah is focused and relentless in her search to help you, she wants to know about the “whole person,” not just the issue at hand, and how she can help you heal yourself from the inside and for the long-term.

I’ve seen her follow the path of health over many years, broadening her expertise and constantly learning, discovering, mastering, which gives her an unusually well informed perspective. However it’s her absolute commitment and dogged determinedness to find the root cause and solve your particular issue that makes her exceptional.

Passion, joy, friends, family, and work – all are interconnected with leading a balance and healthy life, something Deborah can help you do.

I. F.

Deborah treated me to detox from psych meds back in 2012. What followed were 5 of the most successful years of my life personally and professionally. As far as I’m concerned she is a miracle worker! Thank you for giving me the keys to unlocking my dilemma. I am forever grateful.

R. C.

I feel so lucky to have met Deborah Vidal when I was a student at the Homeopathic Academy of California. She is not only an excellent and fascinating teacher, but also truly inspiring. She is a dynamic and engaging speaker, which made the study of complicated homeopathy topics very interesting. She comes to class with an amazing amount of preparation, shares her knowledge and experience, keeps communication open and encourages discussions, so everyone feels at ease to ask questions and express concerns. Her passion for homeopathy encouraged me to keep on studying and learning more to become a successful prescriber, even for difficult cases. I asked her to be my mentor for my case taking because I know she was the best. After I graduated from the homeopathic school, I worked in her clinic to learn more from her. Her observation is so insightful without being judgmental. She patiently listens and observes to gather all possible information to find the core issue and the best solution. It is rare to meet someone as determined, organized and compassionate like Deborah.

Through years of knowing her, we became good friends. I’ve seen here in dark times. Deborah never gives up and always seizes the opportunity. Her passion for healing is real. She is always learning more so she can give more. She is one of the kindest and most courageous people that I know. She has taught me so much. I cannot thank her enough. She has so much to share with the world! I highly recommend Deborah.

B. E.

Deborah is an amazing homeopathic practitioner who lives what she practices. She gives 100% of herself to her patients. She always investigates what is going on in life in order to treat the whole person and not cover up the symptoms, but find the root cause. Unlike our previous homeopathic doctor who was only there during limited office hours, Deborah was always only a phone call or email away when there was an emergency. She truly cares and shares her vast knowledge on helping you be and stay healthy.

I am a firm believer in homeopathy and alternative ways of healing to regain health. I know there are times Western medicine is necessary (broken bones, etc.) but in my experience when I would go to my health care provider, Kaiser Permanente, they would always only prescribe another medication. For example, before I met Deborah I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism & told to take thyroid medication for the rest of my life. I agreed to take Synthroid (a thyroid med.) and within 10 days had bronchitis & was prescribed an antibiotic, then asthma attacks started, although I had not had any asthma since I was a kid. Then of course they prescribed Albuterol & steroid inhalers, which gave me horrible acid reflux, so of course then they prescribed acid reducing medication, which I never took. I chose to go off everything cold turkey and found Deborah. She reviewed my past history and we came up with a plan. She worked with me every step of the way and currently, I am happy to say, that I am only on Cytomel and NO other medications. Deborah’s dedication to her work is evident in the lives of all the people she has worked with.

Deborah “saved my life” as my husband puts it. After severe pains near his sternum Kaiser Permanente diagnosed it as his heart and made him do an angiogram. When the doctor came out and said he had the arteries of a 25 year old (he was 49 at the time) I could not believe it. Kaiser doctors then decided it was acid reflux and he needed to take an acid reduction medication. I called Deborah and she treated him with natural treatments that helped his body produce more acid, contrary to what the doctors were saying. She also recommended probiotics, enzyme & digestion supplements and he has not had an “episode” since!

P. K.

Deborah Vidal is one of the extraordinary beings on this planet whose passionate dedication to serve and help people become deeply healed and healthy never ends. Her vast knowledge is incredible and her relentless perpetual research to learn deeper & better ways to heal others is outstanding. She really facilitates a peaceful, healthy and conscious life. I am happy for everyone who can be enriched by Deborah’s wisdom so they can find a better way to fulfill their own potential.

J. M.

In my many years of homeopathic study and friendship with Deborah Vidal, I am most touched by her compassion for her clients.  She is known to go the extra mile to ensure that those she helps are supported in their journey to wellness.

Deborah is an excellent homeopath with many years of training, and continued education.  With this strong base, she has expanded her knowledge into several different areas to offer her clients many avenues to health.   Everything that she uses, she has tried herself and has first hand knowledge of how it works, and has chosen what has been most successful.

What I know about Deborah is that whatever she sets out to do, she gives it her all.   You couldn’t be in better hands!

J. K.

Coming from a homeopathic household I know very well what homeopathy is and how it works. However, I still had to find a therapist that fits to me the best. And I found it – on the other side of the world – in Deborah Vidal!! She listens to you, works very seriously and brings so many qualities into your therapy you may never expect: Homeopathy, diet, spirituality, patience, passion, and, most of all, humanity. She unites several approaches and found her own unique style that you may not find anywhere else in this world. She will never give up her patients, even if you suffer from a very serious and persistent disease as I did with my rheumatism that started at the age of 19 years. Today I am 24 and after numerous medical and chemical treatments that only worsened and suppressed my health state, I found Deborah; and I am feeling much better today. Deborah Vidal believes in you and offers you a path to go on your own. It will not always be easy but it will make things better, I know that very well after having tried so many things before. Deborah was a gift to me and that’s why I am extremely grateful that she entered my life.


Deborah Vidal and homeopathy – lovely!
You know when you get to a point in your life where things don’t make sense, where it feels blurry and almost like you are living in a cartoon.

That was I in my early 30’s. It started by being tired all the time, very weak and not knowing why I was not getting well after going to see doctors who could not tell me why I was feeling this way. I did the terrible thing almost everyone (I assume) does and searched online all my symptoms in order to find answers to why I was sick and not getting better…it was definitely not the best idea as it made me scared and anxiety took over.

I actually would like to start by talking about how I see myself and how I feel in general to make sense of all of this..

My sister once told me; “you love yourself too much” which made me think; “is she right? What does this mean?” And “yes” she was absolutely right, even though when she said it to me, it was not in her best intention. To me feeling like this was not something bad, as I came to the conclusion that “you need to love yourself in order to love others and receive love” and I was fine with this revelation “smiling”…

Healthy, happy, lovely was and is me…

Now back to my early 30’s when the symptoms started and I really didn’t have much love for anything, I am someone who likes to know and understand my feelings and my body.

Being someone that didn’t like to take prescriptions or medications, I decided to contact a homeopath to bring back natural healing to my life. I knew taking prescription drugs to make me happy was not going to the source of the problem and would only cover them up. In addition, the idea of taking anti-anxiety medication was horrifying to me…like starting something I would not be able to stop maybe?

Having said that, I am not against any kind of help or medical prescription. Everyone should follow their heart because different things work for different people, as everyone is unique.

Sorry this testimonial is getting a big long but bear with me it is worth it…

I contacted Deborah Vidal the first time by phone. I remember it so well and I can still clearly hear the tone of her voice during our first conversation, which made me feel “ok”. This was a big step, as I was really not feeling well.

She let me speak and I explained my symptoms. I remember telling her “I am usually a very happy person and I am usually very funny.” She had sent me some questionnaires to fill out about my life, my family, and myself. I remember it was pretty complete and now thinking back she definitely started the job before meeting me by going through my files and spending time to understand my situation.

She also said to me “you are the perfect candidate for homeopathy” which was BIG for me to hear at that time because it meant, “you will be fine, I got you”.

Deborah and I met, I believe, the following week if my memory is correct.

Let’s start with her home office location; it felt good right away to arrive at this beautiful neighborhood. I felt calm and serene as soon as I parked by her home office. Deborah came out to greet me and our meeting began; I was fascinated by her appearance.

Let me explain, I am petite (I like to say 5’2 but I am adding a bit to this amount even) and she is TALL…

Beautiful smile and open arms, she took time to show me her garden, made me feel calm and her voice is just so soothing. I felt comfortable right away even though at that time so many things were making sad.

We entered her office and she knew so much about me already after studying my files and this felt very special.

We started with a few remedies one at a time and she followed up with me after each, just to see how I felt or experienced any changes.

I always looked forward to my meetings with Deborah, which was my time to open up and talk about my feelings. She always had amazing conversations about different situations in life and could always make sense of all my symptoms. That was when I knew I was getting better because her explanations of how it all started made sense and this was an absolutely “halleluiah” moment for me. I won’t go into details but let’s put it this way, when I found out how it all started then everything made sense to me. I would like to describe Deborah. She is definitely amazing. Deborah made much sense of everything. She listened to everything I had to say and always had beautiful stories and situations to share.

I always felt like we were having conversations, not just talking and that is the difference between seeing a therapist who listens to you but does not share their experiences. Deborah always shared her own experiences and we actually laughed a lot during our sessions.

She is someone that is always learning more and has the gift to share her knowledge. All her explanations not only made so much sense but also always felt right and came at the perfect time. She always checked in with me and took the time to write to me.

As I started to feel myself again, “Healthy, happy, lovely,” I still stayed in touch with Deborah and always liked to make an appointment with her to learn more new things about how our body works. She is simply amazing!

I actually have to say that I was sad when she was not taking clients anymore, but was so happy to see her beautiful journey continue. I listen to her podcasts and it always makes me smile and gives me the “in good hands” feeling.

Deborah, yes my first impression of you was “I was going to be fine, you got me” And yes you did. I thank you enormously for everything and miss our sessions.
Only love your way!


It had been 10 years since I walked into Deborah’s office and I’ll never forget it. The view… sense of peace… everything.
I had had acne since I was a teenager. In college, it would come and go.
And then, somewhere around March 2003, I broke out something awful and it wouldn’t stop.
Every morning I would wake up with new zits.
I tried an aesthetician. Almost a thousand dollars later nothing had improved.
I tried a dermatologist. He gave me drugs. They worked briefly then stopped.
Around 2004, I tried a new dermatologist and she told me that I had “adult acne” and that it may not ever go away.
She prescribed more drugs, new drugs and they did not work either.
The acne then evolved to what was apparently classified as cystic acne.
Every morning I’d wake up with new, painful, throbbing cystic acne on my face. I’d go to bed with a number of washes, creams… hope and nothing would work.
By 2008, it had been five years of this bizarre hell that had evolved into crazy diets and natural solutions like acupuncture and rosen therapy.
All of it helped but nothing cured it. I would still randomly break out and figured that’s how it would be for the rest of my life.
Then, my mom’s friend suggested I try homeopathy. She also had cystic acne and said it worked for her.
At that point, I’d try anything.
I can’t remember the time of year it was or how I found Deborah but if there was ever a moment in life that transcended me, it was when I walked through her office door.
Her peaceful demeanor and gentle approach allowed me to speak freely during the background portion of our visit and for the first time, I really began to associate the emotional component of what I had been experiencing physically.
During our second visit, she prescribed my remedy and even suggested, “I feel like the pathology of this comes from your father’s mother’s side.”
She also mentioned that the remedy might bring on vivid dreams and fortuitous coincidences.
After we experimented with a few different potencies, I finally took the 200cc and WHAM.
I can only describe it as a metaphysical miracle.
About a year later, not only did I stop breaking out and was acne free but I could not even remember my life with acne. It was like it had existed in some alternate, parallel universe.
I still don’t exactly know what happened or how it happened but I couldn’t describe as anything less than a miracle.
I am so grateful to Deborah and her honesty, integrity, warmth and kindness.
There are people who do things for various reasons and then there are people who do things because they care.
I would encourage anyone who is seeking help, answers, changes or shifts in their life to visit Deborah for many reasons… not only is she good, she cares.
…A few years later, when my father’s mother told me that her father had cystic acne, I smiled. “Imagine that…”

** Names have been shortened for privacy protection.

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