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Superfood Cocoa Maca Tumeric Balls

Yields1 Serving

These superfood balls are so delicious & are an easy way to pack in the superfoods like Maca, Tumeric & Cacao. They are called superfoods for a reason.

 2 cups Packed DATES
 2 tbsp COCAO Powder
 ¼ cup CHOCOLATE CHIPS (optional)
 12 tbsp MACA Powder
 3 tbsp TRU NUT dehydrated peanut butter (you can use real peanut butter(
 1 tsp TUMERIC Powder
 ¼ cup OAT FLOUR
 Nuts (I used pecans & almonds)
 COCONUT Flakes to coat balls
 TRU NUT powder to coat balls (can use cocoa powder)

Boil dates in water to soften.


Drain dates. (Save the water for a smoothie).


To your food processor bowl add dates, chocolate chips, peanut butter powder, maca powder, cocoa powder, tumeric powder, & nuts.


Blend until all is well blended and it is a smooth dough or paste.


Add oat flour a little at a time until it forms into a dough ball in the processor.


Take out and place dough in a bowl. Shape dough into balls a little smaller than a golf ball. Toss in either coconut flakes, peanut butter powder, or cocoa powder.


Place finished balls on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and place in the freezer for 1 hour. They are now done so you can put them into a storage container and keep them in the freezer as they do not go hard and are more delicious this way!