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Easy Beginners Guide to Making A Kombucha Scoby | How to Make A Kombucha Scoby From Scratch

Yields1 ServingPrep Time5 minsCook Time10 minsTotal Time15 mins

In this video I share with you an Easy Beginners Guide to Making A Kombucha Scoby At Home. After watching this video & viewing the written recipe directions you will be immediately ready to Make a Kombucha Scobyvwith success. It is easy and this video won’t let you fail, I promise!

 Pot for stove or kettle to boil water
 1 gallon glass jar
 Linen or fabric to cover the jar and Rubber band
  Another glass jar or small glass container with lid to store the Scoby
 4 cups Filtered or distilled water
 3 Black tea bags
  cup Organic cane sugar
 2 cups GT’s Original Kombucha

Boil kettle & pour water into a bowl or bring water to an almost boil in pan on the stove & then turn off the stove.


Add the 3 tea bags to hot water.


Add the cane sugar.


Stir to make sure the sugar is dissolved.


Steep for at least10 minutes.


Let sit until room temperature. (65-78F is perfect)


Once it is cooled to room temperature, add the 4 cups of the now sweetened tea mixture into your clean brewing jar.


Add the 2 cups of GT’s Original Kombucha to this cooled tea mixture & stir.
Cover with linen cloth & secure tightly with rubber band. (Do not use a cheese cloth as fibers drop inside the tea and flies can still get inside this material).


Set aside in a place that is ideally 65-75F in temperature.
In 7-10 days you will see a thin film forming on the top. Keep going till you get a thick Scoby.


Day 7-10… Congratulations you now have your first Scoby! Next let me teach you how to store & feed your Scoby.


Now that you succeeded in making your very own FIRST Scoby from scratch you are ready to brew up your very own batch of Kombucha & create some incredible flavors that are filled with tremendous health benefits. See my next video for that:


Always make sure to store your Scoby in a combo of fermented tea + freshly made sweetened tea, which feeds the Scoby while it is being stored. The best ratio for storage is 10-20% of fermented tea + 80-90% of freshly made sweetened tea.

Note: Guesstimating this is totally fine, perfection not needed!


There are 2 ways to store your Scoby:

Small glass container option:
Keep the Scoby in a small glass container with a lid. Again be sure it is cover the Scoby with the fermented tea/ freshly made sweetened tea combo mixture. Store in fridge until ready to use. If it will be longer than a couple weeks you may need to discard some of the tea mixture and add more sweetened tea to feed it.

Scoby Hotel Storage option:
You can also keep the Scoby in the gallon jar that you just used to grow your Scoby. This can be your “Scoby Hotel”. Again, be sure to keep covered with the tea mixture in the right ratio so that your Scobies can have enough food to eat to stay alive. Always taste your tea & once it begins to taste a bit like vinegar, dump out some tea and add more freshly made sweeter tea at the right ratio & you are good to go for likely another week or so depends on the temperature. Also, you may add many Scobies to your Scoby hotel but once you are ready to to discard them use them as compost by cutting them up and putting them in your garden. There are many cool ways to use your Scobies. I will make a video on that!