Mucoid Bowel Cleanse


The 3 Day Bowel Cleanse is nothing short of a breakthrough from the Far East.  It contains a fiber from the oil palm tree that penetrates the accumulation in the colon, lubricates the colon wall, and makes it slippery so that the rubbery accumulation called Mucoid Plaque slips right out!  The oil palm fiber is the ONLY fiber that penetrates the build up and lubricates the colon wall to easily release mucoid plaque. You won’t believe what comes out until you see for yourself.  And it works in only 3 days!

Most colon cleanses or fibers cause contractions and cramps but this cleanse without any of these side effects. Most cleanses contain psyllium, bentonite, slippery elm, or harsh laxative herbs and there is no cleanse that can compete with removing mucoid plaque in just 3 days. It is a must try!

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This 3 day cleanse is like a miracle. It can remove mucoid plaque in 3 days in comparison to other mucoid cleanses or juice fast diets that take 30 days and often even more time.  The secret is the fiber that comes from the trunk of a special palm tree that is found in the far east.  Unlike other cleanses that just scrape the inside of your colon this it fully penetrates the fecal matter AND lubricates the colon at the same time. Other cleanses use herbs that are addicting or that contain toxic substances. I have done so many of those and I never got ANY mucoid plaque out. ONLY this cleanse did I get out the mucoid plaque.

I promise you this is UNLIKE any other cleanse you have ever done. I personally have done this cleanse many times and each time I have been so amazed. If you want to improve your colon health, this one is a must-do & it is only 3 days!  You have nothing to lose & everything to gain.

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