October 10, 2018

Dr. David Hanscom MD On The Effects of Anger & Anxiety – Episode 120

In this episode prominent spine surgeon Dr. David Hanscom MD speaks about anger and how it affects us physically.  He tells us neurologically what happens when we get angry and how it causes physical pain in addition to keeping us in the victim mode that is so destructive to living the life we envision.  Although Dr. Hanscom’s work is dealing with people in chronic pain this episode has something for everyone because anger and anxiety is something each of us deal with and most of us are unaware how destructive it is to us on all levels.  Once we understand the physical effects of anger then we can choose to look at situations differently and to realize most of what makes us angry is only due to the labels we put on things from our point of view.  Awareness is freedom!

Dr. Hanscom is no stranger to the idea of pain because he too had a horrible pain syndrome with no answers that almost made him take his own life.  He saw first hand how living with pain affected his family and marriage.  He speaks not only from his own experience but now has hundreds and even thousands of patients healing their pain by following his work.  It is truly amazing!

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