August 10, 2016

What Supplements Should I Take? Deborah and Lloyd On This “We Speak” Edition – Episode 30

“What supplements should I take?”

That’s a question Deborah and homeopathic and nutritional counselors all across the world are asked repeatedly. Why is the question so prevalent? For a number of reasons, including the fact that you hear conflicting claims regarding supplements of all kinds – and many of them seem to be based in scientific “fact.”

Besides the confusion around the vitamin supplement claims you hear, there’s also the issue of government intervention in the supplement industry. There have been and will likely continue to be efforts made to bring the supplement industry under the control of the Food and Drug Administration or some other government agency. The reason given is that supplement companies are not presently required to give substantiation for the claims they make regarding their supplements. While that is true, it’s also true that when the government gets involved, the scope of the science used will be the traditional sources rather than any alternative approaches that hold just as much scientific weight.

If you are curious what supplements you should take there are many, many resources out there to help you. Most of all you should check into books written by reputable authors who appeal to the science behind their claims. Understand the research and know how it applies to your situation. It’s a lot of work but for good health and confidence in your supplement choices, it’s worth it.

When it comes to your health you don’t want to mess around. What other area has such a long lasting impact on your life? What other aspect of your existence is worth diligent research and depth of understanding to ensure that you are making the best choices for yourself, now and in the future? When Deborah asks, “What supplements should I take?” she goes to the source to find out what is best. You should do the same – and Deborah is going to give you some help in doing that on this episode.

On this episode you’re also going to get to hear from another trusted source. Deborah has asked her partner Lloyd to come alongside her to talk about the need and importance for a certain handful of supplements. They share data, scientific studies, and their own experiences with each so you can hear the facts from a trusted source. You will benefit immensely from this episode.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [1:36] Deborah’s intro to this episode of the podcast.

  • [3:11] Why the issue of supplements is so important.

  • [4:11] Important things to keep in mind about supplement use.

  • [6:34] Introduction of Deborah’s partner, Lloyd and his participation on this episode.

  • [7:33] Why Deborah and Lloyd bring valuable perspectives to these “WeSpeak” episodes.

  • [8:35] How Lloyd determined which books to trust and what to distrust.

  • [11:25] Lloyd’s supplement history and experiences.

  • [12:37] 8 supplements everyone should be taking.

  • [13:40] Why Vitamin D is so important for most people.

  • [17:40] Lloyd’s experience with vitamin B12 and why it’s vital for everyone.

  • [20:31] Why25 probiotics are on the list (and consider prebiotics too).

  • [26:51] The role Iodine plays in health.

  • [31:19] How you can use Vitamin C as a health supplement.

  • [33:38] Enzymes you can use for better health.

  • [40:10] Why you need essential fatty acids.

  • [42:42] The problem with minerals and what you need to do.

  • [48:36] A caution about Vitamin D and how to properly do blood work.

  • [49:59] The reason to use non GMO and organic supplements.

  • [52:10] The legal issues regarding supplements.

Resources Mentioned On This Episode