May 17, 2016

weSPEAK: Deb & Lloyd Discuss Health, Current issues, Homeopathy & Life!

weSPEAKS means it is Lloyd & Deb talking about life, health, homeopathy & related issues.  In this episode we encourage you to plant a garden of your own not matter how small, to find a passion or some work you love and to see food as way to nourish your cells & your soul.  We speak about how the healthcare system makes us all feel lost after finishing school because we have never learned any skills how to take care of ourselves in a way that will bring us a long sustainable healthy life.  Lloyd shares what is important for him on his health journey and how the challenges always are there, but the more we know, the more we take care of ourselves, the less overwhelming it is to overcome them.  WE speak of how homeopathy has helped save our lives in certain situations and what we would like to do to change the world so people could live happier & healthier.


Remember you heal with homeopathy, detoxing and a diet powered by plants!


Be healthy
Be happy
Live LIFE!

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Hi there our podcast family.  How are you today?  I hope GREAT and if not then I hope after this episode you will feel better!  Today Lloyd & I are doing a weSPEAK episode.  Whenever you see the weSPEAK time it is means I have my co-host.  Feel free to email us questions whenever you want so we can compile them and answer them for you in one of these episodes.  

I can’t believe this is episode #18 – wow that seems crazy to already be there.  
I feel so grateful to be doing something I feel I am supposed to be doing in the world and that is getting the word, spreading the truth about health which in turn will help heal our people, our planet and save our animals from so much unnecessary suffering.  Without health you really have NOTHING!  In my life as a professional golfer I met people with millions but poor health, so health is really priceless.  It is work to be healthy these days but one step at a time remember!

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With thanks…
I get some nice messages from listerners..
I wanted to share a few of them….

Here is a nice email to show how the vidalSPEAKS podcast is touching lives & helping people make healthier habits as part of their life”

Hi Deborah,
Thanks for all the podcasts. They have been having a great effect on my family and I.
We still have our Sundady Vegan night.
We juice on a dialy basis
We have green or whatever color nutrious shakes in the morning for breakfast
All our household ingredients are organic now (but we still eat out a lot – baby steps; baby steps J)
I have become a vegetarian (for now) and I can sleep amazingly so much better. I am guessing it was a burden on my body digesting animal products and I didn’t know. It’s just a guess.
Anyways thanks for all that you do. My life is so much better because of it.

…..and this is a voicemail from Tana:

…. and a voicemail from Ellen my best friend whom I call my sister!

    1.    You just completed the big National race where you had a first and a second finish congrats.  Man you rode so well that day.  You look confident and fast…..Do you think your vegan diet has helped your racing? If so in what way?

    1.    I am so happy we got our spring garden planted?  Maybe you can give the listeners some tips on how to start?  And what foods are easy to grow?

    1.    What was one of the most important things you learned from the last episodes?  I liked so much how Chris spoke about forgiving and telling yourself every day that I am well so that you manifest what you say and you learn to believe that.  He has told his story many times but in part 2 he really speaks about the importance of letting go of anger, and other negative emotions and I think he never talked of that before but as a homeopath I can tell you how important this is because all disease has an emotional basis to it.  Iam also amazed just how many cancer patients that don’t do chemo are so alone and disrespected… look at Ellen.  Another thing I learned that that not everyone can convert the Omega 3’s into DHA and EPA and I like how she said that fish have high EPA/DHA only because they eat the algae so better to get our Omegas from the direct source instead of eating the fish to get it?

    1.    Didn’t you think that was interesting how she compared the real paleo of paleolithic times to the modern paleo and a vegan diet and the vegan diet came closer to getting the same nutrients as they got back then?  I think the serious paleo diet does many things right as she said… they eat whole foods, no dairy, no processed foods but still the danger is all that animal protein which is so cancer causing, no fiber and purely feeding our heart disease epidemic.  And also say they don’t do grains & soy.  I was amazed one of Brenda’s myths was the soy and grains are bad and dangerous to eat.  Remember when we worried about that because of all the info out there repeating “
    2.    and repeating what Marcela and Westin Price have bombarded the internet with?

    1.    What would say were the 3 most helpful things you did to turn your health around?

    1.    Can you tell a couple stories of how homeopathy has helped you in acute situations? (Uncle rhoid, also after crash your headache and state of fainting and shock, and remember once when you took those calcium supplements and suddenly you could not pee and I gave you that remedy for your prostate and you immediately got better?            For me it was in my pneumonia when I had 105.7 fever and was home alone and took a remedy and my fever was 98 in about 15 min it was a miracle really.  Actually the sad part was I fell asleep and it came back since I never woke up for 8 hours and then I had to go to ER as I was unable to breathe at all… but homeopathy is what saved me as they could not figure out if it was viral or bacterial and it was filling my lungs so fast and anti-biotic not working – I got my remedy kit to the hospital and suddenly I started making a turn around.  I had all the nurses asking a lot of questions over my kit and homeopathy.  But the suppression of that took me 3 years to heal as you know.  I had a few more pneumonias but all treated this time with homeopathy and then I finally got on a good constitutional remedy from Dr. Master and my lungs finally healed. We all have our weak points.. yours is your stomach and mine my lungs.

    1.    What are 2 things you are working on in regards to being healthier?  

    1.    What are the 3 most important things in living a healthy life in your opinion?  Interesting many of the people I have interview either ones that had cancer or some serious disease and got better or an expert at helping people to get well all mentioned the idea of emotional health and having joy or a passion and not doing things you don’t want to do?  I just did that interview with the guy on water and I can’t wait for you to hear that one… it was pretty amazing the direction that ended up going?

    1.    What is one of the things that frustrates you the most regarding the idea of health?

    1.    Are you hopeful about the movement that is taking place or do you feel hopeless?  There are so many great stories out there and with social media they can’t be suppressed.  Look at all the stories of people curing cancer with a plant based diet and yet they say there is no cure for cancer?  It doesn’t mean you can assume that doing that is 100% but a clean diet, detoxing, doing homeopathy and getting your emotional state healthy is a key point to start.  I would love to see homeopathy implemented at Gerson so people can get help on the emotional side as you can never disconnect a symptom or a disease from the mental emotional plane.

    1.    What you would do different if you could be in charge of our health care system?  I would teach kids how to grow veggies and EAT them.  You know it is proven if kids grow a tomato or kale they eat it! I would teach at a young age how to cook.  Amazing how few people know how to really cook or like it?  How can you eat healthy if you don’t like it?  Also I would teach about how to take care of ourselves by sleeping, water, exercise and show why it is so important.  WE have put the focus on academics yet we are sick by the age of 30 anymore!  Something needs to change.  There are people out there doing work like this and I want to speak to them and hear their story.

    1.    Amazing how many great stories out there isn’t it?  You have a good story Lloyd that is why you make a great host.  When you have been thru the ropes and been on the other side of health you can speak from experience.  WE can both speak about living a life of pain… and never giving up?  Your life growing up was also so difficult where I didn’t have that but I had my challenges in other places like relationships, career, money etc… we are human and we have to learn to let things go, first take responsibility for our own situation even if we feel it was caused by someone else until we OWN it we won’t fix it as we always have choices always!  Then we need forgive ourselves and find something that truly ignites our passion in life.  Can you speak about this?

    1.    What is your favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner?

    1.    What message do you want to get out via vidalSPEAKS?

I hope you can learn something by our discussions as we try to be open & honest because we are all on a health journey & when we can share the joys & the hardships of our own journey then we can help others!  We need to feel we have support because when you choose to live healthy you live in a minority & the external world does not support you.  You will find that it becomes difficult to eat out, go out with friends, see all the junk food & pharmaceutical ads, and then you may feel alone because all that seems so far away from your life.  But not anymore because you have us and this podcast and all of us will stick together and support one another ok?  We move forward one step at a time because we need to make the health of our people, planet and our animals better.  It will happen.. but if you don’t feel well yourself then it is hard to have any energy to do what you want…. and to me that feels like a cage or a loss of freedom. There is a lot of motivation to do healthy things for ourselves because we get the great side effects of feeling more energy, getting rid of symptoms, losing that extra weight, and a new outlook on life.  So keep on keeping on everyone!  

Remember to give the link to the vidalSPEAKS podcast to as many people as you can… let’s change the health of the world one step at a time.

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So its that time again…
Time to say goodbye!

Hope you enjoyed the show and had a relaxing hour or so.

Remember you heal with a plant powered diet & homeopathy of course.


Vidal has spoken!

Be healthy
Be Free
Live Life!!!


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