April 09, 2016

vital littleSPEAK – Healing An Abscess With Homeopathy & Avoiding A Scary Situation! 

Show Notes

Title: “Vital littleSPEAK” – Healing an abscess with homeopathy! Simple steps to avoid antibiotics even in scary situations!

vidalSPEAKS podcast will occasionally do a short speak episode which I will always call: “vital littleSPEAK” so I can give you some very valuable usable tip, remedy, recipe, advice, thought or idea to add to your wellness skills & toolbox.  So when you see the title “vital littleSPEAK” you will know that means it is an episode that is less than 15 min.  I hope you enjoy this kind of episode that is LITTLE in words & minutes but VITAL in information. 

Today’s “vital littleSPEAK” is about healing an abscess with homeopathy! I will teach you simple steps to take to avoid antibiotics even in scary situations like a severe abscess.  This works for people & animals.  Be ready to learn how to confidently take charge of a situation before it becomes an emergency. Save money & your health by treating the abscess naturally with homeopathy.

Remember the healing is in plants!

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Welcome back everyone.  I know you didn’t expect to hear me so soon or to see a new podcast was uploaded.  I decided that my vidalSPEAKS podcast will occasionally do a short speak episode which I will always call: “vital little SPEAK” … clever isn’t it … vidal SPEAK and vital SPEAK… I thought so! LOL I wanted to do some small episodes where I canfocus on one vital piece of information.  It may be a valuable tip, info on a homeopathic or natural remedy, a great vegan recipe, a specific piece of advice or an idea to add to your wellness skills & toolbox.  So when you see the title “vital little SPEAK” (VLS) you now will know that means it is an episode that is less than 15 min.  
I hope you enjoy these episode that will be LITTLE in words & minutes, but VITAL in information.  So relax & enjoy!  No need to take notes as it is in my show notes and I will make a blog post with this one too!

vital little SPEAK
Todays “vital little SPEAK”  is about learning to treat an abscess naturally with homeopathy.  The reason why I wanted to teach you this one is because my cat Daisy got in a fight last week.  We have this big black mean cat that comes right in our yard and is very aggressive and Daisy is a tough cookie & she fights back.  But both times she comes out with some pretty severe abscesses.  Did you know that cats easily get abscesses? Thats because when a claw or a tooth breaks thru their skin their body tries to close it up so fast that the bacteria soon can’t get out.  And in a matter of hours you will see it becoming huge some like a golf ball size knob that is filled with pus of course.

But this could happen to a dog or to you.  Many get a boil that can become an abscess or a tooth that is abscessed… you can have a foreign body in your finger and then it can abscess.  And if you don’t know what to do I guarantee you that you will end up in the ER or emergency animal clinic and spend hundreds of dollars on procedures to open them up and tons of anti-biotics which will ruin your gut or the gut of your beloved dog or cat.  But if you know what to do & get started right away you won’t have to do that.
Here is what you need to do.

  1. Buy the homeopathic remedy called Hepar-sulph in the potency that is called 6x.  You will have to order that one from a homeopathic pharmacy as you won’t find it at a store, but if you need it and you don’t have it on hand, then you can buy Hepar-sulph 6c at a health foods store which is a common potency they will have.
  2. PUT 3 pellets in 4oz of water, let it dissolve, stir it 10x and take or give to whomever 1 spoon every 30 minutes for a few hours, then stop.Evaluate how things are…. and continue but now you can go slower and dose 3-5x a day till abscess is healed.
  3. I also add colloidal silver in the protocol.  If it is a pet I put it in their drinking water and if they are hiding then best to squirt a dropper of it in their mouth every hour or so.  This is also a natural infection fighter & unlike anti-biotic it will kill all bacteria, viruses and yeasts.  You can find the silver I like on my products page on my website.

Be Prepared and keep the remedy on hand!

I highly suggest having this remedy on hand BEFORE you need it.  Nothing worse is to have the problem & say darn it I was going to buy that remedy but now it is midnight & my only choice is the ER!

Here is how I treated Daisy

The moment I saw her I could not see the bites or punctures which is often the case.  SO I gave her a dose of the Hep-Sylph 6x immediately & went to bed.  In the night I could tell she was not well as she was snuggling on the bed with me and not moving & feeling warm.  By morning I could see the abscess at the base of her tail.  I didn’t notice the 2 by her anus as her tail was down and I never thought to look there!  After a few doses of Hepar slush 6x all of the abscesses started draining a lot and very soon the holes become huge! This needs to happen for all the drainage to happen.  She would hide under the couch but had no fever and her mood was pretty good.  I knew she was not in danger as she was not hot and her mood was good and she was eating and drinking.  When I saw them a few hours later you could smell the stench….  man abscesses really stink when they are draining because it is putrified bacteria that is trapped in there.  Over the course of the next 5 days I gave her Hepar-sulph when she would come out which was about 3x a day.  Drainage continued, she had no fever, was drinking and eating and pooping all good… but the holes were huge.  Still all was good.  Today the holes are almost healed and it is about 9 days later and that is pretty fast for how huge the holes were.  Smaller ones can go away fast.

I had NutraSilver in her drinking water and gave it to her by a dropper too.  I always give the remedy by a dropper direct in their mouth to be sure they are getting it.  Be sure you know that no one remedy will work for every situation as there are many remedies for abscess in homeopathy.  But this one is a great one to start with and it can’t hurt to try it and see if it works before you have to do something more destructive to your health.

So that is how you treat an abscess naturally and save your money and your health or the health of your children or pets.

I hope you liked that one but more than that I hope you don’t have to use it but if you do then I am happy you will have this in your wellness toolbox!

Well you know what time it is right.
Time to say goodbye…
so soon I know
but we will meet again soon!



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Order Hepar 6x from Standard Homeopathic Pharmacy- (800) 234-8879

See colloidal silver on my products page.  Nutri-Silver is my favorite but you can also do the other one that will link you to Amazon to get it.