April 16, 2016

vital littleSPEAK: Get Your Wellness Toolbox Prepared & Ready!

SHOW NOTES – Podcast #13

This littleSPEAKS is vital because I want you to be ready with a wellness toolbox. Nothing worse when you feel sick or get some acute issue and you don’t have what you need on hand.  Supplements, remedy kits and equipment can be expensive but if you start now little by little you can have a great wellness toolbox that will be able to handle almost any situation.  When you can handle situations naturally and at home without having to spend lots of money on doctor visits and drugs let alone the time it takes to get an appt. with a doctor you can be healed or on your way at home and best of all with NO DANGEROUS SUPPRESSION of the symptoms but totally naturally!  So listen up on what you might want to get to be prepared for most situations.

Remember the healing is in plants!

Be healthy
Be Free


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Hey Everyone… Nice to be back with you so soon.  Today I am doing another vital litteSPEAK as I am calling them because they are little in minutes but vital in information!  I hope you are enjoying these & you can find them useful.  I just felt it was too much to add this segment into a show where I have already an information filled interview as I don’t want to take away from the vital information of either the interview or my health tip or remedy. This way I can put more details into the tip, recipe, remedy or advice and over time I think you will learn a lot from these.  

Many of my patients that worked with me for many years learned how to build their own wellness toolbox.  I think it is so important to have because you will use it in health, in an acute emergency situations, in a plain old acute like a bronchitis, cold or flu & even in chronic situations.  And if you are not prepared it could cost you a trip to the ER and lots of dollars but worse that that is they way western medicine or allopathic medicine will treat you puts your future health at risk because all they are doing are suppressing the symptoms with drugs when you could have treated it all naturally without all those risks.  So like the boycotts say… BE PREPARED!  Nothing worse to have a food poisoning & not have the remedy you need.

vital littleSPEAK

Here are 11 steps to be prepared for most health issues

  1. So the first thing you want to do in regards to your wellness toolbox is have a designated place like a cupboard, several baskets or a closet .. LOL depending on how much you acquire over the months and years.
  2. But a homeopathic remedy kit. I recommend the ones I have as they are such a great size because they are small and you can own 100 remedies in a little box that is 6 x6… I am not kidding.  The place to order this kit is Natural Health Pharmacy and I will put their link in the show notes.  They sell a 50 remedy emergency kit; and professional kits which have 100 remedies but come in Kit 1-4 each having the next most popular 100 remedies.  Kit 1 is sufficient for all ofyou as 100 remedies is a lot and will get you thru any situation.  Also keep a couple good books to help you decide what to take right there with your kit.  Plastic cups and spoons and a Sharpie to write the remedy on the cup.
  3. Essential oils.  Slowly build up a kit.  Lavender, Germanium, Lemon, Frankincense … you will learn more from me on oils later.  Add a couple good reference books to look up which oils for which ailments. I can recommend a few.
  4. Natural infection killers:  Colloidal Silver, Olive leaf extract, Garlic pills, Grapefruit seed extract & extra Vit D, & high dose probiotics!
  5. Magnesium oil for foot baths and Epsom salts for your bath & castor oil which is so good for many things.
  6. Anti – inflammatories:  MSM, Turmeric or Cucurmin tablets. If allergies are the cause of your inflammation taking Quercetin and MSM and doing neti pot will almost cure you in time.
  7. Injuries: Arnica!!!!!  MSM, Proteolytic Enzymes that have Bromelain from pineapple along with other inflammation ingredients, also a product I like called Zyflamed by Nature’s way is great when you feel pain or inflammation.  Another favorite is Dr. Schulze’ wintergreen Deep Tissue oil.  I love this one.
  8. Super food boosters:  Acerola Cherry Vit C powder, Green powders, Algae, Hemp seeds, Goji berries, Cocoa nibs, Acai freeze dried powder, Lucuma powder… so many super foods but try a few at a time. The one I can’t live without is my Vitamin C powder and good ol apple cider unpasteurized vinegar.
  9. Flax seed to make tea for any stomach pain after eating – my favorite tea or beverages like Sweet Rose Tulsi tea and Teccino Dandelion & Caramel Nut caffeine & acid free herbal drink. I buy the tea bag style and add organic Pacific brand hemp milk.. YUM!  Miso soup which is so healing.
  10. Detoxes:  Neti pot-sea salt & baking soda – great for sinus infections colds, & allergies; Fulvic acid, humic acid for tubs with Epsom salts and essential oils, Calcium bentonite clay.
  11. A heating pad, gel ice pack and a great mattress to rest and sleep in so you can heal.  


When you know homeopathy or you learn it little by little you don’t need many other things because remedies are powerful.  But I like to add some other natural remedies to help me fight and boost my immune system especially I love doing super food smoothies, more juicing and coffee enemas.  I am not a big supplement taker but when I feel something coming on I can almost always ward it off with Olive leaf, superfood smoothie, juice, coffee enema and a huge dose of probiotics and a big dose of Vit D.  If Ido that I am good almost the next day.  I only learned in the last years how much a high dose of probiotics can fight off it is really amazing.  I use this company that makes a powerful 150 billion per capsule and I take 2 and that usually does it but I may do that for 3 days and if I need more I feel ok to take more but I often don’t need it.  

Homeopathy is my life saver and what I rely the most on.  I love my essential oils and I use a diffuser to put certain ones in the air depending on my sickness or my mood or complaint.  I use them locally, topically and internally.  I put them in carrier oils and rub them in .. i used Dr. Schulz Deep Tissue oil so many times for headaches, injuries or even in a boiling water pot to inhale for congestion or whatever.. it is so great but you can learn to make your own too.

So if you slowly build your toolbox and you slowly build your library that is in your brain and on your book shelf you too can be ready for any health event and save your health and lots of dollars by staying home and treating yourself naturally.

Ok I hope this will help you think about being prepared and get you started & ready to help yourself avoid suppressive expensive treatments that do way more harm than good. You can’t beat homeopathy and food remedies and things like a great detox bath really…. a little knowledge can go a long way and if you add more and more to what you know now you will feel confident even in a crisis.  You have to start somewhere and the first step is having things at home that you will need when something arises.

Good luck

It’s time to say goodbye –  i know it has been so short …
Remember you heal with a plant powered diet & homeopathy of course.

vidal has spoken

Be healthy
Be free
Live life!


Links & Lists of products I recommend
Homeopathic Kits & 


The following are on my products page at vidalSPEAKS.com
Colloidal Silver
OliveLeaf capsules
Vit D
Acerola Cherry Powder
Teccino Dandelion & Caramel Nut caffeine & acid free herbal drink
Tulsi Sweet Rose tea


Other things talked about to buy
Deep Tissue Oil by Dr. Schulz
Neti pot with sea salt & baking soda
Magnesium oil
Castor oil
Essential oils
Epsom salts
Green powders
Hemp seeds
Flax seeds
Goji berries
Cocoa nibs
Acai freeze dried powder
Lucuma powder
Zyflamed by New Chapter
Numeric or Cucurmin capsules
Unpasteurized Apple cider vinegar
Miso soup
Grapefruit seed extract
150 billion cultures probiotics or “Ultra Flora” by Renew Life


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