December 21, 2016

Treatment & Prevention Of The Flu, Cold, & Other Seasonal Illnesses With These Homeopathic & Natural Approaches – meSPEAKS Episode 49

So this week I’m doing a meSPEAKS episode, where it’s just me giving you some tips about what you can do to prepare yourself for the cold and flu season. I want you to be well, to live life, and to be free of the illnesses that plague so many people this time of year. So get something you can write with and take good notes. I’ve got a lot of common sense and easy approaches to share with you after all the years of helping patients treat & prevent their winter illnesses with natural methods including homeopathy, diet, herbs, supplements & other lifestyle tips.  


I believe that it’s entirely possible to prevent flu and cold from taking over your life during the winter time, and you do it by using natural methods, not by getting medicines from the drugstore or from your doctor. Before the heavy flu season sets in across the country, I wanted to do this episode to share my experience with you about what you can do to prevent flu, cold, and other seasonal maladies so you can live to the fullest this winter.  But if you do succumb to the flu, cold or other seasonal illness, then I also want to teach you how to treat it naturally.

When you’re trying to prevent flu and cold from overtaking you it’s important that you keep things like stress, busy-ness, and diet in mind. You can’t expect to beat the onset of flu if your lifestyle is antithetical to health in the first place. On this episode, I do cover some homeopathic remedies you can use to stave off the flu but first I address lifestyle issues that can make you stronger in the first place so that flu and cold won’t get a foothold in your body.

One of the main things you need to understand when battling flu is that the fever is by and large, your friend. You don’t want to suppress the fever unless it gets too high. What’s too high? I’m personally comfortable letting a fever as high as 104 degrees run its course. But I’d never tell you to let it go if it makes you fearful or uncomfortable. But I think you should hear why I say that 104 is not too high and then make up your own mind. So listen to this episode to hear why I’ve come to that conclusion.

Can you keep from getting sick when someone in your home is battling flu or a cold? I believe you can. In fact, I’ve done it for years even though I’m around sick people all the time as a homeopath. If you will take the time to listen to this episode and apply the things you learn I’m certain you’ll fight off the flu and cold that is so prevalent this time of year and live a healthier life overall as a result.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [1:58] My introduction to this episode about how you can prevent flu, cold, and other illnesses.
  • [5:37] The difference between the flu and a cold, and why antibiotics don’t help.
  • [8:37] Why you should NEVER treat a fever with aspirin or other pain killers.
  • [13:30] The reason a fever is a GOOD sign in most cases.
  • [15:05] What you SHOULD do for flu or cold symptoms: Homeopathic remedies.
  • [19:09] The importance of REST when battling a cold or flu.
  • [20:58] Why sweating can help you beat a cold or flu, and ways you can do it better!
  • [22:27] Using various baths with Epsom Salts.
  • [24:45] Yes, you can use essential oils to treat your flu and cold symptoms.
  • [29:09] Drinking water is POWERFUL way to treat your fever, flu, and cold.
  • [30:13] The foods you should eat when fighting flu and cold.
  • [32:57] Supplements to help you when you are getting sick.
  • [35:33] Moving out of the contagious stage: what to use to treat yourself.
  • [36:44] When you should be seriously concerned about a cold or flu.
  • [44:11] How to prevent flu and cold in yourself when family members are sick.
  • [51:04] Why it’s vital to eat organic as you’re getting over a flu or cold.

Resources Mentioned On This Episode