July 06, 2016

Part 2 – Nancy Rothstein on SLEEP – All You Didn’t Know But Need To Know About SLEEP!


In this episode Nancy Rothstein aka “The Sleep Ambassador” will teach you how to prepare for sleep, why dreaming is important & things we can do if we can’t sleep. You also will learn how our tech devices like iPhone, iPad or computers have made our bodies produce less melatonin & how that is affecting our sleep.  We talk about apps that help block the blue light so we can work without the damage to our melatonin levels.  Be sure to listen so you can learn the timeframe we have to follow when working on tech devices before sleep.  I discuss sleeping in separate beds, what is the right temperature, what can we do if our partners has different needs.  This one is a must listen. Soon you too can begin your sleep revolution!



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Hey there everyone!  Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend.  It has been a beautiful week here in LA.  It was heatwave mode last week but this week is so nice and in the 70’s like we all love it.  I am not a fan of the high temperatures and when you get this weather in July it is something to give gratitude for.  Many people enjoy parties, barbecues or going to firework shows, but for Lloyd and I we stay home here on the knob as we call it because the house is high up on a hill and it looks over the entire city with 360 degree views.  Why leave when you can see every firework show in town from your own living room!  We will enjoy a nice vegan dinner and a quiet evening home.  I have not been one to go into the crowds at the beach or the parties before so relaxing here at the knob is what I love to do on the 4th!  For those of you who will be going out please don’t drink and drive and drive safe because sadly this is the #1 weekend for drunk driving deaths so be safe.  Also hope you will enjoy some great grilled veggies or vegan food if you are going to or having a barbecue!  

Another thing on my agenda this week is to do a few days of juice fast.  I love doing this in the summer; along with some water fasts, and we have a cleanse we do that is really great in the summer months as it is eating all fruit except at dinner where we like to eat a salad often it is our homegrown tomato salad or others we love like the beet salad.  But I am feeling the need to do a fast or a cleanse.  Want to join me?  Summer is the best time.  You feel lighter, clean and healthier and in the hot months that is a good thing.

Ok today is Part 2 of the interview with Nancy Rothstein aka THE SLEEP AMBASSADOR. I hope you guys are excited to learn more good things like how to prepare for sleep and what to do if you can’t sleep and should we sleep with a partner if their sleeping needs are different than ours?  Also when our spouse or partner snores or have totally different needs how can we maintain intimacy if we sleep separately.  I am sure after today you will have learned so many things you will start your own sleep revolution and begin to make your bedroom your own sleep sanctuary.



Let me know what you thought of the show and if you liked the info.

If you guys have any suggestions or criticisms send me an email please so I know that what you like and what you don’t.

I introduced Nancy Rothstein last week so I won’t do it all over again here today and will just keep it short ….. in case there is someone who hasn’t listen to part 1 they know who my guest is.  Nancy is author of a children’s book called My Daddy Snores,  she consults with fortune 500 companies to help raise awareness on sleep and to provide workforce solutions.  Nancy collaborates with recognized medical sleep experts, as well as with other leaders, organizations and resources in the field of sleep. She has dedicated her life to help people SLEEP WELL so they can LIVE WELL, hence her name THE SLEEP AMBASSADOR!  

So now let go learn more about sleep from the Sleep Ambassador, Nancy Rothstein!



What began with a snoring spouse led to her journey into the world of sleep and a multitude of related endeavors. Each illustrates Nancy’s commitment to raising awareness about sleep and sleep disorders, leading the public to good sleep habits, diagnosis and treatment for sleep disorders, restful sleep… and improved health and lives.

As The Sleep Ambassador®, Nancy is dedicated to help people SLEEP WELL so they can LIVE WELL. Nancy consults and lectures on Sleep Wellness to Fortune 500 corporations, the travel industry, universities, schools, athletes and to other organizations, reflecting her dedication to education and raising awareness about sleep and sleep disorders. In 2014, 

Nancy partnered with CIRCADIAN® to become Director of Corporate Sleep Programs, recognizing their global leadership in providing 24/7 workforce solutions for businesses that operate around the clock. 

In our 24/7 culture, sleep is being challenged and corporations must wake up to the impact sleep has on workforce optimization for ALL corporate employees.With decades of consulting and experience in the financial and corporate sectors, Nancy brings an understanding of how sleep impacts productivity and profitability, as well as health care costs, in all organizations. Her compelling presentations about sleep, customized for the audience she is addressing, are sure to educate and inspire, bringing a new respect for sleep and its impact on productivity, health and overall well-being. Nancy collaborates with recognized medical sleep experts, as well as with other leaders, organizations and resources in the field of sleep.

As an Adjunct Faculty member at NYU, Nancy developed and teaches an online course on Sleep Wellness through the School of Continuing and Professional Studies. She is also consulting with NYU to create University enterprise initiatives and educational outreach on Sleep Wellness, as well as on general Wellness. 

Inspired by personal experience, Nancy authored My Daddy Snores, a children’s book published by Scholastic Inc. To date, the book has sold over 400,000 copies. She created a family-friendly companion website, offering viewers comprehensive resources about snoring, sleep apnea and sleep in general.

In spring 2008, Nancy created The Sleep Radio Show®, an Internet radio show dedicated to the subject of sleep. Nancy is the show’s host and her guests include both experts in the field of sleep and real people with sleep issues. Shows are also available on iTunes. The show is soon to be re-launched with Nancy’s partner, award-winning producer Alicia Haywood, who produced for Oprah Radio on SiriusXM. The re-launched show will be interactive and vibrant, with guest sleep experts and people sharing their stories. It’s all about sleeping well to live well! In addition, Nancy is the Executive Producer of a program about snoring and sleep apnea entitled America’s Not-So-Silent Secret, currently in demo-reel format, which was filmed and edited by award-winning Media Process Group and produced by her company, Vessel to Shore Productions LLC. 

Nancy serves as a member of the National Institutes of Health Sleep Disorders Research Advisory Board. In addition, Nancy served for nearly a decade as a member of the Board and Executive Committee of the American Sleep Apnea Association, and is currently a member of the Advisory Board of the Academy of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy, further reflecting Nancy’s stature in the field of sleep, as well as her commitment to improving people’s sleep and lives.



So now let’s go meet Nancy Rothstein & learn how to improve our sleep! So sit back relax and enjoy.  I hope it is not just before bedtime for you because I promise this one will NOT put you too sleep!  Ok here we go! 


Tips & Key Points to help sleep

  • You can go longer without food than sleep
  • Determine how much sleep you need to function at your best. Observe those days that you’re not dragging and don’t need caffeine or a nap to stay alert. Good sleep is key to feeling awake and energetic. 
  • Establish a consistent wake time. Then, work back based on no. 1 to establish your best bedtime. If you have chronic sleep deficit, adjust your sleep time over a period of time (say in 15 minute increments every few days) to allow your body clock to adjust. Don’t expect an overnight adjustment after prolonged sleep deprivation. 
  • Prepare for bedtime like you prepare for work or workouts. Establish a consistent sleep routine that you find calming and relaxing. 
  • Turn off all technology (computer, smartphone, TV, etc.) at least half an hour before going to sleep for a week or so, then increase to one hour. Just do it! Look at this as an experiment so you can actually evaluate if there is a difference in your ability to relax for sleep, fall asleep and sleep better. Ok, if this is too daunting, start with ½ hour for two weeks and then work up to 1 hour. Use your new free time to do some gentle stretches or read quietly, but not on a tech device.  
  • If you awaken during the night, do not look at the clock. Doing so activates your brain. You know the inner dialogue: What if I can’t fall back asleep? I’ll be so tired for my meeting tomorrow. And then there’s the counting of how many hours of sleep are left before it’s time to wake up. If you have other electronic devices in your bedroom with a visible time display, cover the screen. If after about 20 minutes (guestimate) you can’t fall back asleep, read with a dim light until you are sleepy again.
  • Make your bedroom your sleep sanctuary. First step: Take all tech devices out of your bedroom. If your smartphone is your alarm clock, invest in an inexpensive clock without an LED display. Charge devices elsewhere so you can recharge with quality sleep.
  • In the 2-5 minutes before falling asleep, think positive thoughts. What do you want to see in your life? Make affirmations. No negative ruminations about what you’re unhappy about or what went wrong during your day. This precious time is an opportunity to program your subconscious, which is about to take over as your conscious mind gets a break during slumber. Think of your subconscious as a computer into which you are programming what will be downloaded during sleep. What do you want to be processed there?
  • Consider keeping a sleep diary. This helps you gain awareness of your sleep habits, both good and bad. From here, you can assess what you need to change and monitor experiences and sleep improvement.
  • Reading is a great way to unwind and transition to sleep. Read a printed book vs. on a tablet. I highly recommend you purchase Arianna’s book and place it at your bedside. Likely you will be excited to go to sleep with The Sleep Revolution as your lullaby in the nights to come.
  • As you embark on your sleep improvement path, make sure your sleep environment is optimal for sleeping (cool, dark, quiet, uncluttered). The National Sleep Foundation takes you on a bedroom journey with your senses. Think sleep sanctuary! If you need to make bedroom modifications, do the best you can within your budget and living quarters.
  • Have a planned sleep prep routine that you can stick to, e.g. shower/bath, journaling, conversations with family or friends, reading.
  • Don’t pressure yourself for perfection. Look at your sleep crusade as a journey that will have diversions and setbacks along the way. But you’ll have a roadmap to help you return to good sleep habits and experience sustainable improvement. You’ll know that when you sleep well, you’re more awake for life. Be sure to congratulate yourself along the way for joining the sleep revolution!
  • Use DOHM sound machine if you need one
  • Ear plugs if you need them but don’t listen to music all night.
  • Get the FLUX app & use it!
  • Blue light blocking glasses can help if you don’t have Flux or use other devices.
  • Don’t buy a mattress that doesn’t have a 30-60 day return policy



So are you guys ready to go make your room a sleep sanctuary.  I have been using my sleep mask and I really like it dark and now it is some months I am not checking my clock and although that was a hard one it is really good to learn that new habit.  I learned so much and I hope you guys did too.  Be sure to download the FLUX app on your computer it is really great.  

Another subject I would like to speak about is the idea of coffee or caffeine monster drinks.  Many patients would tell me they have no problems with sleep but then I hear they drink 3 cups of coffee every morning.  Ok if you really want to know how you feel stop coffee or caffein for one month.  That is your true state.  Many are so exhausted they can’t last the month. Caffeine depletes your adrenal glands and constant coffee every day is slowly exhausting your adrenals.  Your thyroid gland is the engine of your body and your adrenals are the fuel for your engine so when you burn them out you affect your entire engine.  That is why adrenal and thyroid issues go hand in hand.  Some show I will have a guest on to educate you more on the function and importance of healthy thyroid and adrenals.  That is a huge subject.  We will save it for later but I studied this one a lot and worked hard to build up my patients adrenals over the years.  Those high caffeinated drinks are outright dangerous and have caused some people to have heart attacks.  Stay away from them!  

One nice tip is to drink some organic raspberry leaf tea for your adrenals. It also helps to balance your hormonal system.  Sleep is another way to rejuvenate your adrenals so work hard now after this episode to get 7-8 hours every night.  It is one of the most important steps you can do to be healthy.

I remember when I saw my first homeopath… I had chronic sinus infections and was tired it seem no matter how much I slept.  But as a professional athlete it is a common known fact most athletes have depleted adrenals from using all the adrenaline in competition and pushing themselves in training.  My homeopath told me before I complained I needed to sleep 8 hours every day for one year and then I could tell her I was tired… she was right.  Since then I always am aware how important my sleep is.

One thing I always want to stress is if you are someone who does have some chronic sleep issues like sleep apnea, restless legs, full on insomnia, or if your a light sleeper or someone who wakes too many times for whatever reason or at the same time every morning… please seek out the help of a homeopath.  Remember you need to treat the cause and the whole person not just mask the symptoms.  Homeopathy works very deeply and you can fix your sleep issues I promise!  So find a local homeopath to help you and if you are in LA and want some referrals I can give you some names, and remember you can always have Dr. Joe as your homeopath who takes cases long distance.  

Homeopathy is a huge part of getting well.  I would not attempt to heal any condition without adding homeopathy to my protocol.  It works profoundly and deeply so please do yourself a favor and seek out a homeopath for all your health needs!

I think this episode is one you can listen to over again in a couple months and see how many things you have accomplished already and if there are a few more things you can add to help improve your sleep.




Well, I think I have given you a few good keys to ponder on for the rest of the day.

I hope you enjoyed the show today my podcast family! You know what time it is …

It is time to say goodbye! Sleep well till next time!


Vidal has spoken!

Remember you heal with a plant powered diet, homeopathy & detoxing of course!




Be healthy

Be free

Live life!


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