March 21, 2018

Opium Addiction & Alternative Remedies with Martha Rosenberg – Episode 110

Deborah Vidal welcomes Martha Rosenberg to the Vidal Speaks podcast to talk about the truth about opioids. Opioids don’t treat diseases or symptoms, instead, after a few weeks, they make the patient addicted. Like Vidal always says, “knowledge is power,” so listen to this podcast, get informed about opioids, be able to say no to certain prescribed medicines in certain situations and discover alternative medicines to treat chronic illnesses and pain.

If you haven’t heard about Martha Rosenberg, here is some information. Martha is a former advertising copywriter who knows a lot about marketing. She began as an investigative journalist and since has been on TV and radio as a health expert. Martha has taught about drug marketing tactics at a Chicago medical school and is part of the FDA press corps. Her book “Born with a Junk Food Deficiency: How Flaks, Quacks, and Hacks Pimp the Public Health,” exposes what goes on behind the scenes in the food and drug industries.


Outline of This Great Episode

[9:26] Big Pharma, the story of its business success.

[12:35] The Coca-Cola example of manipulation of information.

[15:30] Big Pharma has invaded medical education.

[18:09] People tend to believe doctors would not prescribe medicine if it was not safe.

[24:37] Opioids, a pharmaceutical driven crisis.

[25:30] Oxycodone campaign.

[35:09] Opioids induced hyperalgesia: When the opioid is causing the pain.

[39:18] The cost of suppressing the symptoms.

[40:33] The wallet biopsy: People being treated according to the money they have.

[48:47] Danger in Chicago as a result of addiction.

[51:37] Pharma is playing both sides by selling opioids and medicine to treat the addiction to it.

[56:58] The tobacco example can help us realize what is going on with big pharma today.

[58:55] Opioids are not doing a single thing for the problems people are taking them for.

[1:03:37] Solutions can be found in a clean diet and herbal medicines.

[1:06:05] We are too used to our bad habits.

[1:08:40] Herbs you can use for pain treatment.

[1:13:40] DMSO uses for joint pains.

[1:18:22] Massages.

[1:20:26] Find which herbs are good to treat your symptoms.

[1:22:50] Food first, detox second and then nature’s medicine.

[1:26:55] Keep your skepticism towards the messages you are getting from pharma.


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