August 31, 2016

Natural Remedies for Shock and Injury: Homeopathic Advice – Episode 33



I usually like to address issues individually but shock and injury are so frequently dealt with together I thought that it was appropriate and would be more helpful to address them at the same time.


If you apply the natural remedies I give you in this episode in cases where someone has experienced a significant shock or an injury, you’ll be doing them a favor and learning how powerful homeopathic remedies can be for these situations. I want you to be empowered to take charge of your health and to be a help to others when situations like this arise. If you are, everyone will benefit.


When you’re dealing with a situation that involves shock, there are three main homeopathic remedies that I would recommend. They are aconite, opium, and gelsemium. All three are very helpful in the treatment of a wide variety of shock conditions and in this episode I’m walking you through each of them so that you can be equipped to deal with emergency situations involving shock.


But you also need to understand how situations involving shock are often related to the pain or trauma of an injury. That’s why I’m also including in this episode some of the natural ways you can address injury and the pain that often comes with it. Toward that end, you’ll hear about Arnica, Hypericum, and Nat-Sulph.


With each of the remedies I describe on this episode I give you situations and stories where I have seen each work – and I describe the kinds of situations where each one of these natural approaches can be used. You will end the episode with a greater knowledge of how you can bring about significant healing in yourself and others by using entirely natural means. I hope you enjoy and apply what you learn.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [1:59] Deborah’s introduction to what’s going on in her life and what this episode is about.

  • [4:15] Why Deborah is doing a “me speak” episode today (all by herself).

  • [7:18] How you can contact Deborah or ask your own question.

  • [7:46] The importance of treatment protocols for shock and injury.

  • [9:52] Introducing you to the repertory book and rubrics.

  • [11:22] What is aconite and how is it used?

  • [14:42] The use of opium in homeopathy.

  • [17:05] What you need to know about gelsemium.

  • [20:06] And introduction to traumas or injuries.

  • [23:10] Arnica is one of the most well known homeopathic remedies in the world.

  • [28:50] Hypericum is a great remedy for injuries.

  • [30:58] The last remedy for injuries is Nat-Sulph.

  • [34:40] Deborah’s summary of the episode and why you need this information.

Resources Mentioned On This Episode