October 25, 2017

Medical Marijuana with Dr. Rachna Patel – Episode 093

In Today’s Episode

Today at Vidal Speaks you will get to know all about Medical Marijuana with Dr. Rachna Patel.

Dr. Patel completed her undergraduate studies at Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) and went on to become a physician and completed her medical studies at Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine (Vallejo, CA).

She stumbled on an ad that said “Medical Marijuana Physician Needed.” Knowing from first-hand experience that marijuana worked like a charm in resolving insomnia, she read every bit of research in peer-reviewed journals that she could get her hands on. Though the research was limited, it certainly showed promise, especially for conditions such as chronic pain, nausea and vomiting, and poor appetite.

So, a year later, she packed her bags and headed back across the country to witness the actual results patients were experiencing. There were patients that came off of highly-addictive daily pharmaceutical drugs for chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia, and, instead, were using marijuana only on an as-needed basis for these medical conditions. Patients with epilepsy, who weren’t able to function because of the highly sedative effects of pharmaceutical drugs, now had a sense of normalcy in their lives.

Then, there were patients with Parkinson’s who experienced a reduction in tremors and patients with Multiple Sclerosis who experienced a reduction of spasticity. The anecdotes are countless.

After about a year and half of working at these mills, which were just churning out medical marijuana cards for patients, she decided to start her own practice in Walnut Creek, CA, so that she could perform her work with a greater level of integrity and where she has been working for over half a decade.

Enjoy this amazing episode and learn everything about how Medical Marijuana has been helping lots of patients and so can do it with you.

Outline of This Great Episode
[11:15] Dr. Rachna Patel career briefing.
[12:22] Dr. Patel´s training in California.
[20:12]  Medical marijuana reduces the tremors significantly in Parkinson’s patients.
[21:05] Chronic pain, anxiety, and insomnia are the most common conditions treated with Medical Marijuana.
[23:07] Using medical marijuana to replace medications as a safer alternative.
[24:07] Insomnia treatment.
[25:30] Patients with chronic pain, when treated with marijuana, can reduce the prescription medication.
[26:36] Patients that suffer anxiety can avoid attacks using medical marijuana.
[31:35] How does Marijuana help reduce the pain?
[33:59] Marijuana impacts on both physical and mental components of pain.
[35:12] Marijuana has anti-inflammatory properties.
[36:13] THC and CBD can both be used depending on the condition.
[38:30] Different ways of consuming medical Marijuana (smoke, vaporized, eat, sublingual, rectal, and vaginal uses)
[41:30] Policies of protection differ by states for employees at jobs that have restrictions on the use of medical marijuana.
[51:09] California legalizing Medical Marijuana in January 2018.
[52:30] Conditions that can interfere with the use of Marijuana.
[53:45] Marijuana should be used appropriately.
[59:42] Quality of Marijuana plants being grown today.
[1:01:25] Regulations on Marijuana growing.
[1:02:21] Pesticides regulations on Cannabis is still a work in progress.

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