February 15, 2016

Intro To vidalSPEAKS – Why I Am Doing This & My Story!

Hey Everyone …. WELCOME to my new podcast called VIDAL SPEAKS.

What is this podcast about?                                                                                 
This is a podcast about health, wellness & healthy living practices or any aspect health that can help contribute to a vital, sustainable life. For me that means using homeopathy & many other alternative approaches to getting well such as: eating an organic vegan or plant powered diet, detoxing, but also learning how & why we get sick & how to stop making decisions that make us sicker!  I have so many things to speak about or experts to interview that will help you feel more confident about taking charge of your health & becoming responsible for your own health decisions. Health is a general topic but that is what I wanted as it gives me a huge platform to SPEAK from and includes many aspects that can help us mentally, emotionally or physically to become balanced & happier… so the door is wide open and I love that!  

SO WELCOME – and now lets get going on that path to health!

Who am I?  
I am Deborah Vidal your host – known by many as VIDAL – Please listen to hear MY STORY…. I want you to get to know me.

Find out what motivated me to do this podcast.
Listen to the podcast or read my story on my website to learn more about me and why I am motivated to help people and SPEAK out now!

Be patient with my learning progress… I am a person that is a super researcher, one who always likes to do my best work and I promise I will get good at this …. so hang in there with me. I so look forward to helping you & learning with you!

Stay tuned for my next podcast to learn how YOU can you benefit from the vidalSPEAKS podcast and 10 simple things you can do to improve your health for the New Year!


Be healthy!

Be Free!

Live LIFE!


Peace & Thanks for listening!

www.vidalSPEAKS.com – http://www.vidalspeaks.com