February 22, 2017

Gary Crowley – Do-it-Yourself Joint Pain Relief – Episode 58


Gary was born & raised in New England. He graduated from Stanford University with degrees in Economics and Political Science. He graduated from the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration 25 years ago. After studying everything he could over the years he is now giving it away via the internet to anyone he might be able to help out of pain with his techniques & understanding of the human body. That includes dogs, too!

After working on over 30,000 bodies he has some valuable insights and hopes to help millions of people all over the world benefit from these insights.

Connect With Today’s guest: Gary Crowley

Gary’s website: http://www.do-it-yourself-joint-pain-relief.com/ 


After working on over 30,000 bodies, Gary Crowley has some valuable insights into joint pain relief. In this episode, Gary and I talk about what he has learned and how he wants to use his knowledge to help millions of people all over the world. If you or someone you care about suffers from joint pain, you will want to listen to this episode and then take advantage of the free video instruction that Gary offers on his website!

Why do your joints hurt? Why are doctors so often not able to figure it out and help you with chronic pain? In this episode, Gary Crowley talks about the three reasons for joint pain. “Where it hurts is not always why it hurts.” Listen to this episode to find out you can do to go from the symptoms to the cause and do something to relieve your joint pain.

Since your brain is the control center for your body, you need to communicate with it so that it knows what your body needs. In this episode, Gary Crowley tells me about the techniques that will communicate the appropriate information with your cerebellum and cause it to release the tissues that are causing the pain. If you or someone you love struggles with chronic pain, you won’t want to miss this conversation about joint pain relief!

Are emotional stress and chronic pain related? What is the connection? The chemistry associated with stress can affect the tissues in your body. Need some relief? Listen to today’s conversation with Gary Crowley to understand the impact that stress has on your body, and what you can do to relieve the associated pain.

People in pain don’t need to be in pain; they just need someone to show them what to do. In this episode, I talk about the chronic pain that I have experienced in my life and the help that I have received. Gary Crowley offers insights for how to use these techniques yourself for joint pain relief! Whether you are a pro-athlete training hard, or someone whose lifestyle habits are contributing to your joint pain, you will want to listen in and get started on getting well!

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [1:58] Introduction to the podcast
  • [6:07] Introduction to this episode on how to fix your own joint pain
  • [9:12] Gary Crowley’s story: his journey from political science and economics to structural integration.
  • [15:05] What is “rolfing” (structural integration)?
  • [19:32] Vidal’s story of years of chronic pain and headaches.
  • [24:58] Three reasons for joint pain; Gary’s website and why it’s free
  • [35:04] Break and product promotions
  • [37:06] How is what Gary does different from just rolling on a tennis ball or getting a massage?
  • [42:43] Vidal’s story about an accident that caused low back pain and the help that she got from doing Gary’s techniques.
  • [46:40] Know your spots. Know what to do to stop the pain.
  • [50:31] Emotional stress and physical pain — the connection.
  • [52:01] Lifestyle habits that can cause pain.
  • [54:15] How can a pro-athlete keep their body in balance when they are training?
  • [56:14] Gary talks about the books that he wrote (on a different topic)
  • [59:31] Three tips to get out of pain or stay out of pain

Resources Mentioned On This Episode