September 13, 2017

Dr. William Bulsiewicz — Don’t Focus on Killing The Bad Bacteria, Focus on Empowering the Good Ones – Episode 87

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Dr. Will Bulsiewicz MD is one of the leading gut health experts in the country and the creator of the popular HappyGutMD instagram account. He is a board-certified gastroenterologist with an integrative approach and a passion for gut health. He advocates for consuming more plants, prebiotics over probiotics, and do it yourself fermentation.

Did you know that colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in America? (Number one is lung cancer.) Dr. B. has seen some severe cases of colon cancer, often times among people younger than 50, and it is always heart breaking. On the show, Dr. B discusses why you should seriously consider a plant-based diet, why acid reflux is on the rise, the dangers of taking too many antibiotics, and why you should get a colonoscopy. This is part 1 of a 2-part interview, so tune in next week to hear more from Dr. B.!

Dr. B has a BS from Vanderbilt University, an MD from Georgetown University, and a Master’s of Clinical Investigation from Northwestern University. He received the Rambach Award as the top internal medicine resident at Northwestern and was chief medical resident. He also received the award as the top GI fellow at The University of North Carolina and was chief gastroenterology fellow. While at UNC he did advanced epidemiology training at the top rated UNC – Gillings School of Public Health and received a prestigious grant from the National Institutes of Health. 

Dr. B has an accomplished background in research, with more than 20 scientific articles published and more than 40 presentations at national meetings, including being selected for the Digestive Disease Week Presidential Plenary as one of the top studies among thousands of submissions.  

These days he is a partner at Lowcountry Gastroenterology in Charleston, SC, and the founder of Dr. B Gut Health. He regularly gives sold out talks in the Charleston community and in 2016 started HappyGutMD on Instagram as a way to connect with his patients and share his perspective. It has rapidly become the most popular gastroenterology account on Instagram and the premier source for gut health tips from a trusted source. In his spare time he enjoys hanging with his family, swimming, and experimenting with fermentation recipes.

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Outline of This Great Episode
[2:50] How is a vegan diet related to weather?
[6:10] Who is Dr. B.?
[9:40] Why did Dr. B. switch to a plant-based lifestyle?
[17:55] Traditional doctors simply aren’t talking about diet or nutrition at all.
[20:45] So many doctors are afraid of saying, ‘I don’t know.’ Instead, they’d rather tell you it’s dangerous before researching the facts.
[21:45] Most doctors who treat inflammatory bowel diseases will tell you that diet has no effect on these diseases. This is wrong and science has proven this is wrong.
[22:50] So many women are afraid of eating soy products because they do not want to get breast cancer. This information is simply false.
[27:00] The average American spends 85-90% of their food budget on processed food, meat, or dairy.
[28:20] What are some of the common things Dr. B. sees in his practice?
[31:05] Why is acid reflux on the rise?
[38:50] Good guys prevail. If you have enough good bacteria, they are able to fight off the bad guys.
[40:10] Not all medicines are bad. There’s no question that the invention of antibiotics has saved lives and increased our life expectancy by 15 years. However, the regular use of antibiotics is hurting our bodies.
[42:55] The idea isn’t to obliterate the bad bacteria. The idea is to empower the good bacteria.
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[48:0] You can wipe out 35% of bacteria in your gut in just 5 days with an antibiotic and never be the same again.
[48:55] What is Barrett’s Esophagus syndrome?
[53:00] Is there a difference between esophageal cancer and throat cancer?
[54:30] When should people do a colonoscopy?
[55:30] Colon cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in America. Number one is lung cancer.
[1:11:35] Unfortunately, the prep before you get a colonoscopy can not be avoided. There just aren’t better alternatives out there right now.
[1:13:05] What kinds of foods contribute to colon cancer?
[1:17:45] Tune into next week for part 2 of this episode!


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