September 06, 2017

Dr. Patrick Jones — Grow and Use Your Own Herbs for Medicine — Episode 86

In Today’s Episode

Dr. Patrick Jones is a Veterinarian, Naturopath, and Clinical Herbalist based in Buhl, Idaho. He owns and operates Fairview Animal Hospital, and is a clinical herbalist for both man and beast. Because of his veterinary credentials and license, he has had the unique opportunity to treat cases that most herbalists wouldn’t dream of addressing. He does a lot of lecturing, workshops, and herb walks to help people roll up their sleeves and get beyond the theoretical and into real applications. The culmination of this passion for teaching others can be found at the HomeGrown Herbalist School of Botanical Medicine.

My interview with Dr. Jones is perfect for anyone who wants to take a more natural, herbalistic approach to their medicine. Leverage the power of what our natural plants can do for your health, with the help of Dr. Jones’s vast knowledge of herbs.

Outline of This Great Episode
[2:05] Deborah’s heart goes out to all the Hurricane Harvey victims right now.
[3:25] Deborah introduces Dr. Jones.
[8:00] How did Dr. Jones get into teaching people to grow and use their own herbs for medicine?
[12:05] Dr. Jones grows around 150 species on his property. For the herbs he can’t grow effectively himself, where does he go?
[15:40] What’s the best way for people to learn about herbs? It’s not as complex as you might think!
[21:50] Take your time with learning about what each plant does. If you take on too many at once, you may get overwhelmed.
[23:00] Can you use the same types of herbs with animals as you can with people?
[24:55] Dr. Jones has a course on his website, HomeGrown Herbalist, that anybody can attend! Dr. Jones discusses what you can learn from it.
[33:00] Traditional medicine is not the only way to go. There are alternatives!
[35:35] What’s the trick to healing cats via herbs? They hate herbs!
[39:50] Dr. Jones believes we over-vaccinate our animals.
[41:35] What are some of Dr. Jones’s top favorite plants/herbs?
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[53:00] Dr. Jones shares a client story about how plantain saved a man’s hand.
[1:00:15] Camomile is unique because it helps protects, restores, and heals the kidneys.
[1:05:20] What are some of the benefits of grape leaves?
[1:14:20] If someone has a bad cough or a back spasm, what would be the best remedies for it?
[1:17:35] Where can people go to find out more about Dr. Jones?

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“The quality of the medicine is remarkably different when you produce your own herbs.” #Herbalist #NaturalHealing

“If a person really deeply knew 10-20 plants, they’d be in a position to do all kinds of good.” #NaturalHealing #HerbMedicine

“I try on this show to teach people about other alternatives and to take responsibility for their health.” #HealthyLiving

“A lot of people come to me because they’re not getting answers from their doctors.” #naturalhealing #plantbasedmedicine

“Chamomile is really good for insomnia, anxiety, stress. It’s great topically for pain as well.” #NaturalHealing

“The longer I practice, the simpler my remedies get, but I will often give more than one choice to the body.” #Homeopathy