June 21, 2017

Dr. Michael Antoniou — The Lies Behind GMO Foods – Episode 75

In Today’s Episode

Today we are talking with Michael Antoniou, PhD, a reader in molecular genetics and the head of the Gene Expression and Therapy Group at King’s College London School of Medicine in London, UK. He has 28 years of experience in the use of genetic engineering technology, investigating gene organization and control, with over 40 peer reviewed publications of original work, and holds inventor status on a number of gene expression biotechnology patents. Dr. Antoniou has a large network of collaborators in industry and academia who are making use of his discoveries in gene control mechanisms for the production of research, diagnostic and therapeutic products and human somatic gene therapies for inherited and acquired genetic disorders. Our conversation today is a long one, but a great one. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Outline of This Great Episode

[2:38] It’s amazing that we are living into our fifties with all of the toxic exposure in our world today.

[4:29] Vote with your money.

[6:02] Industry studies on pesticides are kept secret under commercial confidentiality rules, and there are many myths surrounding GMOs.

[8:31] Glyphosate is the most widely-used pesticide.

[12:47] Deborah introduces Dr. Antoniou.

[15:37] What is a molecular geneticist and what do they do?

[16:05] Each gene carries its own set of control elements.

[17:54] We carry the totality of our DNA in every cell in our bodies.

[20:32] What are epigenetics?

[26:25] Dr. Antoniou saw that explanations about the safety of GM plants didn’t add up.

[32:14] What are the implications of GMOs for human health?

[33:38] GM crops have failed to deliver every benefit their producers have promised.

[34:56] What traits are GMOs altered to have?

[38:18] There have been reported cases of allergies only to GMO crops.

[39:49] What does Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s research have to do with GMOs?

[40:52] 50% of American children have at least one chronic illness.

[41:54] The adoption of chemical agriculture has turned our food into poison.

[45:02] It’s a whole chemical cocktail that is causing our problems.

[48:52] Glyphosate use has increased enormously since the introduction of GM crops.

[52:22] Why don’t we label GMOs in the United States?

[56:41] Even at low levels, glyphosate is extremely toxic.

[1:01:33] The profile of gene function is reflective of either health or disease, and Dr. Antoniou and his colleagues are looking at gene function to study glyphosate safety.

[1:06:04] Glyphosate can cause fatty-liver disease.

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[1:09:37] What crops can be GMO?

[1:13:28] GMOs can cross pollinate an organic field.

[1:14:14] American fields are now rampant with RoundUp resistant weeds.

[1:16:50] Some people may not have access to organic foods.

[1:18:57] After spending a week in the U.S., Dr. Antoniou had high levels of glyphosate in his urine.

[1:20:16] Does genetic modification disturb the structure of corn?

[1:24:00] It can be difficult for the general public to find reliable information about GMOs.

[1:27:01] What about selective breeding?

[1:28:20] RoundUp is widely used, even on non-GM crops.

[1:33:54] Be an advocate locally to reduce glyphosate use.

[1:37:47] People are waking up.

[1:43:37] Where can you follow Dr. Antoniou’s work?