February 24, 2016

Dr. Master – Our Current Health Crisis & Using Homeopathy to Heal

Podcast #4 – Dr. Farokh Master

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Bio of Dr. Master

Dr. Master’s birth into homeopathy was in the year June 1976, when he joined Bombay homeopathic medical college, after giving up his studies at the orthodox school of medicine. In December 1979, Dr. Master passed his LCEH examination, 1st class in all the subjects in all the years getting the most coveted silver as well as gold medal.

He was also honored by the then Governor of Maharashtra for an outstanding medical career. In January 1980, he joined the college as a junior lecturer in the department of medicine. At the same time he also took the full time post initially as a house physician and later on as an administrative medical officer, in the homeopathic hospital. Both the posts were the first of their kind.Slowly, Dr. Master started giving seminars all over India, and became one of the popular teachers of the country. In 1986, Dr. Master was appointed as the professor in the department of medicine, at the age 29 years.
In 1985, he first started teaching abroad, which he continues until today . In 1991, Dr. Master, joined MPK Homeopathic medical college in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and completed his Doctor of Medicine in December 1994. He was the student with the highest graduation results and at the same time became the countries first M.D. Homeopath. At present, Dr Master is the first homeopath in the country to be selected by Mumbai University (Medical University of Maharashtra, Nasik) to do his Ph.D in the subject of “Cancer & Homeopathy”

Dr Master was instrumental in starting homeopathic out-patient dept. in many allopathic hospitals viz. Bombay Hospital, KEM Hospital & Ruby Hall, Pune.

Besides his work as a senior Homeopath of the HHC, Dr. Farokh Master is teaching homeopathy (advanced level) at the Mumbai Homeopathic Medical College, part of Mumbai university. He is also teaching at other homeopathic colleges in India and abroad. He has given seminars in various countries like Austria, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina , Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Columbia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Slovak Republic, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherland, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, USA.

Due to his outstanding medical career, at present Dr. Farokh Master is the only Homeopathic physician M.D. (Hom.) consulting at Asia’s largest allopathic Hospital (viz. Mumbai Hospital, Institute of Medical Sciences, which is also attached to Mumbai University).
Some of the students that have passed through the Mumbai Hom. Med. College during the time he was teaching there, are now international well known homeopaths.

Dr Master has written more than 50 books e.g. – The Homeopathic Dream Dictionary, Cross References of the Mind, Perceiving Rubrics of the Mind, The State of Mind affecting the Fetus, Tumors and Homeopathy, The Bedside Organon of Medicine, The proving of Moccasin Snake, Bungarus, etc.

Dr. Farokh Master, over a period of years, has been known to develop treatment for many acute and chronic neurological illnesses especially in the field of cerebrovascular accidents like cerebral thrombosis, infarcts, embolism and subarachnoid hemorrhage.

He has had tremendous success in cases of coma, which is sequelae to the above etiology. Also in terminal cases of cancer and in the treatment of various complications of malignancy, Dr. Master has pioneered the use of Iscador therapy with homeopathy giving relief in pain and hemorrhage and increasing the periods of remission.

Dr. Master is the originator of many recent new approaches and insights in homeopathy. Although these ideas can often be very helpful to find the correct remedy in certain cases, he underlines the fact that, to have success, no one can do without a thorough understanding of traditional homeopathic philosophy and an extensive materia medica study.

Quotes by Dr. Master

Sai Baba said homeopathy would be the science of the future

Book:  Cardiac Diseases by John Henry Clark which spoke of Arsenicum-iodatum which he used to cure his first case.

There are many things in modern medicine you can not explain like the real cause of a common cold or how aspirin acts on the body or the cause of Parkinson’s so why is it that they don’t believe in homeopathy because they can’t explain it when they can’t answer so many questions in medicine.  I think it is because in homeopathic science itself does not have much to do with   and the homeopath develops their skills on their own.  In western medicine it is about researching new drugs.

We have lots of animal experimentations with a homeopathic remedy where the animal gets better so that is good proof it works.

In India we now have we have a blanket permission from the government to use homeopathy.  They also created a council of homeopathy and they take care of the education of it and now they have a research dept with more than 200 research centers and there is no where else in the world that has this.  Central Council of Research has more than 300 papers published in real scientific journals.

Quality of homeopathic education in UK diminished a lot and I think that is why the Royal Hospital got shut down.  But I saw them giving antibiotics along with a remedy and that is wrong.  So the skills have to be good to make something work.

Every case demands a proper assessment to see where is the role of homeopathy.  I use it when I see the role of allopathic medicine is not existing.  Homeopaths mostly see chronic diseases and 90% of the chronic diseases homeopathy has a very large scope and becomes the first system of medicine to use in chronic cases.  The other 10% that are hospital cases where people are serious when patients are in a life and death situation then the scope of allopathic drugs increases a lot as the first line of treatment.  Only when results are not happening then we start with homeopathy in thesecases.

If we can integrate homeopathy into modern medical practices I am sure we can help thousands of people.

Side effects of allopathic drugs never come on day 1 they come after 3-5 years.  That is why they feel happy in the beginning on a drug but after the side effects come the patient is adapted to his happy life but when the body is now so compromised from the drug then they run to the homeopath.

Homeopathy is very young at 300 years old in comparison to allopathic medicine which is more than 1000 years old.  So we don’t have the right mindset yet and in some countries homeopathy is totally banned.

People’s expectations are very high when they go to a homeopath.  They have diabetes for 16 years and they say fix me in one year… We can’t do that!  This happens because they compare it to allopathic medicine when a pain killer can work so fast but those drugs won’t treat the susceptibility of the patient at all, where as homeopathy may take time but it REMOVES or lessons the susceptibility to why they were getting the pain or the symptom.

Cancer is not a disease it is a process because cancer cells can be detected as early as 16 years before the cancer comes up on the surface. It is very wrong to assume cancer is a local disease.  There are million cancer cells in the body that are not being detected and not being detected does not mean there is not the disease.

The reason modern medicine can’t have much victory over cancer is because they treat it as a localized syndrome by removing the organ, burning the organ and attacking the organ!  Our current treatment has not changed in the last 50 years even though they keep having repeated failures because cancer comes back with a vengeance, but modern medicine doesn’t want to accept that cancer can be generalized.

From the homeopathic point of view we treat a patient with cancer has having a generalized disease.  We treat them with constitutional medicines but homeopathy has failures too but it is because the homeopaths are not skilled enough to know how to treat it yet.  We need to offer better training to homeopaths in the specific field of cancer.  They really need to learn how to treat especially the pains of cancer.  In the cancer hospital I work at I have a whole department where all I do is treat the cancer pains because I too know my limitations.  I know I can’t guarantee every patient that comes that I can cure them with only homeopathy.  So today I offer an integrative approach.

Many cases I have I am just busy reducing the side effects of chemo.  The only virgin area of my practice where I feel sure I can use only homeopathy are with patients who have a strong family history of cancer and they come to me and say please I don’t want to get cancer too can you help me prevent it.  I have great success in this area.  Second area I have good success is when they have a pre cancerous condition like a polyp and here the role of homeopathy is very good and I can be sure I can remove this and prevent them from getting a cancer.  

The earlier you get a patient with cancer the better.  

If they are super advanced and dying then I use homeopathy with great success to palliate their pains and suffering and this can be another great reason for homeopathic treatment.

I use a lot with many patients Iscador therapy.

I want to explore every possible thing I can in order to avoid chemotherapy, surgery or radiation for a patient.  Sometimes it is a must when it is very advanced and sometimes they can’t remove the organ so then they have no other choice.

Sometimes I have a good remedy and it works and suddenly it stops and we have no idea why.  And one day morphine won’t help them any more …  This is why I use integrative techniques so I can help them no matter what.  

Also the allopathic and modern medical view does not understand the theory of suppression.

Suppressive treatment comes at a cost and many don’t understand this.

We have to be honest and rationalize every case and we should be bold enough to tell the patient what we can do and what we can not do.

Suppressing simple illnesses is the main cause of why people are so sick today.  Why talk of cancer, look at heart attacks and diabetes.  The rate of diabetes is doubling every few years… why?  Because we are suppressing a common cold with antibiotics or a streptococcal infection with antibiotics so you are destroying your immune system on a daily basis.  The immune system is a buffer system for your day to day stress so then your immune system gets damaged and there is no buffer system anymore and then the stress will then directly attack your vital organs.  That is how you develop diabetes not be eating excess sugar or carbs.  Millions of people eating carbs and and don’t get diabetes.

I never make success as my goal and I consider every day as a routine day and that allows me to not take the stress of curing the patient on my shoulders.  I also feel there is some big doctor on my head who also shares the responsibility with me of the patient and when there is a bigger god it allows me to leave it to them and to do my best. I never stress myself.

I am still amazed about homeopathy but I believe we all need to improve and so I read a lot and I see how I can improve every year.  

I learn from you and other practitioners and maybe from that I will learn something new I can use.  I am a permanent seeker!

Listen to podcast to hear his stories of how he used homeopathy in very severe pathologies and for much more information about homeopathy in comparison to allopathic medicine.

Homeopathic Books Dr. Master mentioned

  1. Cardiac Diseases by Dr. Clark
  2. 50 Reasons to become a homeopath by Margaret Tyler


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