July 13, 2016

Becky Josett – Health on a Budget!


In this episode I wanted to share with you the story of my sister Becky because she was sicker at the age of 38 than today at the age of 62, where she takes no medications & enjoys relief from the years of chronic infections along with many other health issues.  Becky has always lived on a very tight budget so she is an expert at teaching others how to save money and take care of health issues thru natural methods.  You will hear stories of how she saved her animals, treated her infections, & simple things she did to slowly turn her health around.  She is a believer in baby steps and taking things one step at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. If you want to hear a story about how someone with very little resources turned their health around & learn tips how you too can begin to turn your health around even on a tight budget then be sure to listen to this episode!  Even if you have plenty of money to see doctors I suggest you listen to learn lots of natural things you can do in acute situations or over time to turn your chronic health issues around and get you back to being healthy and energetic and of course feeling good.  Remember health is the freedom to do whatever it is in your life you want!  Aren’t you interested in that?  If so then this episode with Becky Josett is a must listen!


Remember you heal with homeopathy, detoxing and a diet powered by plants!



Be healthy

Be free

Live LIFE!



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Hi everyone.  Today is going to be a fun show.  It is not a heavy topic but it is an important one none the less. Today’s guest is my sister Becky.  I wanted to have Becky on as a guest because she is a great person to teach you tips on using natural remedies to heal yourself in chronic & acute conditions.  She learned this because she lives on a very tight budget and they often could not afford medical visits or bills.  Becky was so stressed out with her teaching job that after 30+ years of teaching she decided to change her life so they could afford for her to stay at home. To do that they had to find a way to live on only her one income and that one income is not a big one. Her handy husband Robert, who is so great with his hands in making things & building anything… fixed up a mobile home they were given and it is the like the palace in the park now. It is so cute with all my mom’s things that she got after my mom died & they are both so good at making good use of a small space that it doesn’t feel small.  When I visited I even had my own guest room that Robert built on.  Anyway Becky & Robert can’t afford to go to the doctor unless it is a life threatening emergency AND she knows that those visits in the past were always ones she regretted as they only offered drugs and suppressive treatments or pain pills that do nothing to treat the issue.  Becky was always interested in natural remedies and luckily over the years she began to learn about essential oils, herbs, foods that heal, teas and of course homeopathy.  All this knowledge over the years has allowed her to help her family not only get back to wellness…. but to save some unnecessary spending on doctor bills.  And boy has she done a good job.  You will hear stories in this interview how we have managed to save her animals, and her family’s health numerous times. 

I am really proud of Becky because she went thru a really rough period of her life including her health.  Not only was she getting chronically sick from being so stressed out but after our sister Mary died Becky went into a deep dark depression.  That event put her health way down on the ladder of health.  Thankfully by then I was into homeopathy and I could slowly begin to help her turn her health around.  Although it was not as fast as we would have liked I too was only in the beginning years of homeopathy so it took me some time to help in a better way.  But I am proud of her because she is healthier today at 62 years old than she was at 38 years old.  How many can say that.  She takes no medications, enjoys her simple life with Robert, Zach & Kaitlin their son and daughter in law and of course their dog, Ashely, Cat -Garth Mcbean and their chickens.  I thought it is a great example to have a person who represents so many others out there struggling with similar health issues & to show how they reversed their health.  I want her story to give you inspiration and hope that you too can get well. 

A little bit about Becky before we go meet her….


Bio of Becky Josett

Professional/Educational Bio:

-B.A. Degree from Mt. St. Mary’s College

Major: Child Development

Minor: Psychology

-Master of Education Degree: Instructional & Curricular Studies

-ESL Endorsement + 80 graduate credits

I taught for 24 years, mostly in Kindergarten and First Grade.  I love working with that age group and love the creativity and diversity that comes along with teaching.  Eleven of those years were in a private school and the rest of the years were in public schools in 4 different school districts in the states of California, Nevada, Utah, and Oregon.  I was awarded the Master Teacher Fund Endowment in 1989. I received the WA County Award for Excellence in 1998.  My experience was divided between lower income, inner city schools and also at a very prestigious private school with children from higher income families. My favorite and most memorable teaching experience was my 3 years teaching in a public school located in Hillsdale, UT among the local polygamists.  I learned a lot about being frugal in health practices and even attended a local herb class there.   

I also worked 8 years as a receptionist  for Dr. Jose H. Vidal, my father, in Las Vegas, NV.


Health Bio

At 18 months of age I was treated with INH for TB

Health issues during my teaching years (I was surrounded by lots of germs!)

Infectious Mononucleosis spring of 1978.

Head lice

Years of chronic sinus infections and bronchitis


Extreme fatigue

Plantar Fasciitis


2 miscarriages and years of fertility problems

Hormonal Imbalance before and after menopause

Post Vitreous Detachment in right eye with floaters and flashes

Tinnitus in left ear (a loud swishing noise that coordinated with my pulse)

Thyroid and Adrenal burn out due to chronic stress

Ovarian Cysts

Eczema on right hand 

Paronychia on right hand finger from hands being in water too much

Years of dealing with depression and grief

Low back pain

Frozen right shoulder

Slipped a rib from a fall

Issues of dealing with basal cell skin lesions

*Most of the above health issues (especially since teaching) have been treated by mostly natural means.  I use homeopathy, essential oils, silver, herbal remedies, tinctures & salves, vitamins, probiotics, and glyconutrients.  

  • I am 62 and I am not on any prescription meds.   
  • I have used Lifeline Screenings to help check my health, along with Walk- in- Labs to help save money in trying to stay healthy.  
  • I also use chiropractors and acupuncturists if necessary.   
  • Most of what I do is preventative so I can avoid doctor visits.   
  • I have a glucometer to check my blood sugar and a blood pressure cuff to check my pressure.  
  • I invested in shoe supports which got rid of the plantar faciitis.  
  • I purchased a homeopathic kit and made my own essential oil kit.  
  • I keep a couple of cabinets well stocked at home with things I might need just in case of emergency.  I even travel with some of these things.  
  • I won’t go anywhere without my homeopathic kit and a few essential oils.  


Things I love to do:

  • I love my pets:  a miniature 14.5 year old toy poodle, Ashley (who is still surviving from pancreatitis, seizures, and a heart murmur thanks to natural health remedies); my 8 year old orange tabby cat, Garth McBean; my 3 hens: Yella Ella, Amarilla, and Lucy; and my recent addition of 4 chicks: Honeybun, Petunia, Sweetpea, and Reepicheep.  I now will have 3 Barred Rocks, 3 Buff Orpingtons, and 1 Golden Sex Link. Chickens are surprisingly comical and VERY entertaining, as well as hard workers in the garden (eatings bugs, snails, slugs, tilling and stirring up the compost pile!)  I love to see them in my garden and share eggs with my neighbors.


  • I love to garden.  I am especially interested in small space, as well as vertical gardening since I live in a 650 square foot  mobile home on a small lot.  I mix edible plants along with medicinal plants (ie herbs, calendula,elderberries etc.) and add fragrant flowers in between that can be picked to make bouquets for the house.   


  • I love to collect books pertaining to health, cooking, gardening, organizing, saving money, and bible studies.


  • I love to cook and bake, can, freeze and dehydrate foods to make my garden harvests last throughout the year.  It also helps to make use of fruits and vegetables that are gifted or found on sale. We also pick, freeze, and can some jams of wild blackberries at the end of every summer so we can enjoy them all year.  


  • I love making my own fermented veggies, kefir, nut milks, and growing my own sprouts.  (So healthy for you too!) 


  • I love to make my own natural, household cleaners, beauty products, medicinal salves, and herbal tinctures (which all help to save money). We use them on our pets too!


  • My husband and I love to travel, camp on the Oregon coast in our over the truck camper, and ride his Harley motorcycle spring, summer and fall. 


  • I love to hunt through thrift stores for clothing, books, decorator items, kitchenware, or things I could re-purpose. 


  • I love staying out of debt, managing to make the most on our limited income, and staying on our monthly budget.


  • I love spending time with our son & his wife who live by us, as well as visiting my out of town family and friends.


  • I love seeing the humor in everything to lighten life up a bit. Maybe I should have been a comedian. (At least some of my little students thought I was one!)     

So sit back and relax… this time you won’t need your Spanish accent ears on as you needed for my dad….. enjoy the show!


Tips to take away from the interview

  • You don’t have to have a lot of money to reverse your health as a matter of fact having a lot of money doesn’t buy you health you have to have the mentality that you can help yourself and how to do that is worth its weight in gold!
  • You can be on a tight budget & prioritize and save for what you need.  Some of those things last a lifetime once you buy them.
  • Make a wellness toolbox to have on hand so when you come down with something you have things to do already
  • Learn to grow some of your own food
  • Grow sprouts as they are easy and super healthy
  • Barter with neighbors who may have fruit trees!
  • Learn that STRESS is really the main element that can run your health down.
  • Homeopathy has been one of the things that has helped me & my family & pets the most.
  • Invest in a homeopathic kit and a few books so you can learn how to treat the actress
  • Having certain kitchen tools that I have saved up for over the years has helped me prepare healthy meals:  Vita-mix blender, Juicer, Dehydrator, 
  • We even saved for an infrared sauna that helps us detox now.
  • It is all about prioritizing and budgeting & taking baby steps to acquire things.
  • Make your own cleaning products like using hydrogen peroxide & water as antibacterial and put a few drops of lemon essential oil in it.  For furniture use olive oil and some drops of lemon essential oil, make your own toothpaste, creams & so many more every day products.
  • Use your library instead of buying books.
  • Main idea is to change your mentality that it will be a doctor or money that will help you get healthy. THAT IS FALSE!




 Here we were as little kids.. big sister protecting her little one!

Here we were as little kids.. big sister protecting her little one!

 Now little sister protecting her big sis on our great trip together and our visit to Ashland!

Now little sister protecting her big sis on our great trip together and our visit to Ashland!

 YUM!!!!   .....  some amazing vegan concoction!

YUM!!!!   …..  some amazing vegan concoction!

 driving in the car.... hunting down every vegan restaurant in Portland, OR

driving in the car…. hunting down every vegan restaurant in Portland, OR


I hope you enjoyed meeting my sister Becky today!

She is so great at budgeting and still doing so many healthy things.  Becky is the master of learning how to do something for very little.  She will figure out a lesser alternative for something on the market that is way more expensive.  She is so great with essential oils and making concoctions for herself, husband, family & pets.  We didn’t tell you the story of her little dog Ashley.  Before she knew better she vaccinated Ashley and she got seizures after the vaccination.  Over the year she had more seizures but we treated her with homeopathy & they went away.  Then about 2 years ago Becky called me crying saying Ashley was diagnosed with pancreatitis and the vet didn’t give her much chance. Actually she had schedule an appt to put her to sleep for the next few days.  Becky & I spoke & she had changed her food and was making her all homemade good food it was not working so she wanted to add homeopathy into the mix right away.  So we began Ashley on remedies and over the course of the next few days and she was well enough to cancel that appt to put her down. Then a few more weeks went on and she plummeted and she made a second appt to put her down.  Well over the next 3 months we had 5 appts to put her to sleep but finally she pulled thru it and Ashley, Becky’s favorite little dog is still with her today!  Once again thank you homeopathy!  Becky used other things like slippery elm, and herbs made into teas and gave them to her so she is now at the level that she feels better at what she can offer her family than what any doctor can offer them because they don’t want drugs.  She lives on such a tight budget it is only a disappointment to spend 150 to see a doctor and all they can offer you is a pharmaceutical that won’t cure the problem only suppress the symptom if you are lucky.  She has learned so many tools now and I am really proud of her and how she manages the health of herself & family.  There are MANY more great stories… she will have to tell you the one about her skin tags but we will save that for another episode because I want her to come back on & give us all more $$ saving tips and ideas on how to get healthy on a budget!




Well you guys you know what time it is …

It is time to say goodbye!

Both Vidals have spoken!

Remember you heal with a plant powered diet, homeopathy & detoxing of course!




Be healthy

Be free

Live life!


Homeopathy links




Nash Directory to find a homeopath in your area:  



National Center of Homeopathy – Join, support homeopathy & learn more & find a homeopath.  



CCH – Another directory to find a homeopath



Homeopathy Pharmacy & GREAT KITS.



Homeopathic Pharmacy in England 

Another good pharmacy to order homeopathic products from.  They are in England but often carry things we can’t get in the states and shipping is reasonable.




Homeopathic BOOKS – 

(Buy from link on Products page of vidalSPEAKS.com)


This one is Becky’s favorite book!

Homeopathic Self Care The Quick & Easy Guide for the Whole Family

by Robert Ullman & Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman 

Homeopathic Medicine for Children and Infants by Dana Ullman 

Homeopathic Medicine At Home by Maesimund B. Panos MD

The Family Guide to Homeopathy: Symptoms and Natural Solutions by Andrew Lockie


Products Becky takes at first sign of sickness

High dose Vit C

Colloidal silver by mouth & sprayed in nose – see products page of vidalspeaks.com

Olive Leaf – see products page of vidalspeaks.com

Probiotics or she makes my own fermented drinks for probiotics

Homeopathic remedies

Green Smoothies

Essential oils like wintergreen, tea tree oil, Frankincense etc



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