March 24, 2016

weSPEAK – Deb & Lloyd Confabulate On Juicing, Plant Powered Diets, & Health Issues of Today!

Description of Show
Todays episode is called weSPEAKS because both Lloyd & I will answers questions we received this week & a couple of common ones we are asked all the time regarding our diet.  Vidal speaks about the importance of blood work in determining how much fat you should have in your diet and teaches you how to look at your blood work & know if your LDL is in a good range or not.  She speaks of personally your diet according to your state of health according to your blood work and how you can still eat plant based even if you feel you are a person that needs high protein.  Lloyd & Deb discuss the dangers of protein that has been scientifically proven and if you doubt it then you should read the book called Proteinaholic by Dr. Garth Davis.  At the end of the show Vidal gives a very easy to understand explanation about the function of the liver and WHY it is so important to do a coffee enema in todays world.  

Peace – Enjoy the show, & remember the power is in plants! 

Be healthy

Be Free


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   Welcome to vidalSPEAKS. My name is Deborah Vidal, former 11 year LPGA Golf Pro turned classical homeopath, certified plant based nutritionist & wellness coach.  Each week here on vidalSPEAKS we bring you knowledge, inspiration, or natural remedies to help you take charge of your health and feel your best.  I believe health is FREEDOM& knowledge is power so tuning in each week will give you the power to take steps towards FREEING yourself from the chains that hold you back from having the energy to do all you want in life.  No matter where are in your journey of wellness vidalSPEAKS can help I promise!

   This is episode #8of the vidalSPEAKS podcast.  Welcome podcast listeners how are all you today?  After the last 2 weeks of information filled shows with to Dr. Vickers many of you had questions so I thought it would be a good time to put together a show to answer your questions and since people wanted to hear more with Lloyd I decided to do these Q & A session with Lloyd.  I think Lloyd adds a very different perspective… because he is a person who has done all this to heal so he can add a non practitioner point of view. Many of you have written that you are inspired by what you are learning & that you are learning a lot & are making many changes to a more plant based diet.  That is fantastic so I want to take this moment to congratulate all of you as that is the first step to taking responsibility for your health & to begin to feel better. Also many of you have said you love the idea of just taking the small steps or the baby steps so the the changes you are making can become a lifestyle and not a diet.  Then it is easy to keep it going.  Just remember ….Once you feel better it is hard to go back.  Anyway good job everyone! I am proud of you & remember you can use the vidalSPEAKS PODCAST for your support system & to help the ideas coming!

Before we get started I would like to remind you guys of a few things.

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Ok so let’s get the show on the road.
Today’s show is a combination of Lloyd & I answering questions and going over some questions that may help others that are trying to incorporate some of the healthy changes they have learned.  So relax and grab your chair, or put that iPad on the counter while you cook, work, exercise or drive to work and enjoy the show.  
Here we go….

   Wasn’t that Dr. Vicker’s interview amazing?  You always ask me why these children all have cancer and I always say they come from toxic mom’s & then they pour in so many more toxins into them with vaccinations, environment along with chemicals in the food & environment.  After hearing what he said it not only confirms that but he goes on to say that each generation is so much constitutionally weaker you just have to wonder what is going to happen? What do you think about this?
Me: we should mandate a 6 month detox program before someone can get pregnant?  I hope if people are listening and they are wanting a family they will think about this statement and make an effort to prepare for the pregnancy with lots of months of detoxing.  Tell story of patient who did this.
Anyway I want to go do a detox at Dr. Vickers beautiful center.  Funny he said in 3 years not one person came just for a detox.  I already know 2 others that would do it with me if we would have the money!  Something to save for LOL.

  Ok Lloyd, we have some questions from listeners I would like to discuss with you & then I want to give the listeners some ideas of how they can approach making healthy changes to their diet & lifestyle.  You know many vegan podcasts see to attract mostly those that are vegan already…. that is why this is NOT a vegan podcast it is a GET HEALTHY & TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE & FEEL YOUR BEST PODCAST!  Not everyone can make changes fast so it is better to let people have time to think things thru and take little steps at time… mainly because then it sticks and becomes part of your routine and lifestyle and soon it is just there instead of feeling like a diet with a time limit on it. We have a lot of listeners already that maybe would like to be 100% plant based but it seems to big of a stretch or maybe they wonder how they can give up their last remaining animal products like yogurt or fish or whatever?  Tana asked what is the best way to get there if she is 80% there already?  For Tana it won’t be hard as she is a very healthy eater already… for some it will be a longer journey to get there but that transition whether it is changing 100% or only needing to go 20% more like Tana all need the same plan.

     Lloyd – Since you were a person that didn’t even love vegetables but knew eating a plant based diet was the right one I would like to hear how it was for you and what you did to let go of those things you used to like?  Can you give them some tips how you transitioned to all plant based diet?
    Honestly as a woman and the person who cooks for use I would say the #1 thing that holds many back is they don’t know what to make and their habits and routines are grooved deeply and it is easier to stay there than to have to start all over and learn how to cook.   think it is really critical to do it little by little for most otherwise they give up.  There are so many ways to make unbelievable vegan plant based food.. you can get good at it quite easy… depends on a few things: Do you like to cook?  Do you need fast meals?  Do you like lots of foods?  How much time do you have? Another big one is do you have a family that is not eating the same diet so you have to prepare 2 different dinners?

    What issues do you battle in your daily vegan diet? Cravings?
For me it is the salt thing.  I can’t imagine eating with NO salt at all. Of course once you have to do it you can do anything. But that would be the hardest thing for me.  We don’t add salt to many things but making something like mashed potatoes with no salt is so hard or evan soups.  The sweet thing is not that hard for me as I love fruit and that is like dessert.  But when we do that detox cleanse with all raw and mostly fruit and some salad at night it was so hard to not have any salt all day… but I am really trying to cook with less.

We should tell them about our frozen banana ice cream.  Yum!


    Don’t you think that dairy, yogurt & cheese is the hardest for most?  I think many have no idea how much animal products are really in their diet?  
I will post my vegan cashew soy homemade yogurt recipe in the notes & be sure for all of you to try making your own nut milks they are easy, better tasting and so yummy and you don’t use many nuts so if you are on a budget find whatever raw nuts are on sale and cheapest.  You can make them from almonds, cashew, brazil nuts, pecans, hemp seeds and so many more.. try them.  You can buy a nut milk bag on Amazon which makes straining it so easy & they last forever.

   Let’s talk a little bit about juicing.  One question we got was what is better juicing or smoothies? Did you learn anything in the Dr. Vicker’s interview? What is your favorite thing about juicing?  How is it different for you than smoothies?  Are you loving juice now?  
Fiber vs. no fiber… people always thing juicing is bad as it is too much sugar and no fiber.  SAD because you have to understand why in this case is no fiber a good thing. IT is like a nutrient IV.  You can get your fiber from other places…. I would say the sicker or malabsorbed a person is the more they need juice!  As Dr. Vickers said many of his patients can’t handle that much fiber as their cells don’t have enough energy for digestion even.
The sicker someone is the more they need juicing
I would also say juicing is more of a detox to the cell.
Juicing faster alkalinizes the cell or neutralizes.

   Next question & this one was is still asked by many:  Where do you or where can I get my protein from if I am transitioning to a plant based diet & how will I get enough if I stay on a plant based diet long term?  Lloyd do you want to start on this one?
Plants, plants and more plants….
Nuts, seeds, sprouted tofu, tempeh, beans, quinoa & other grains.
Even if we only eat fruit and veggies we meet more than the minimum requirement by a long shot.

I hope to get a guest on the show to really dig deep into this myth for you guys so you can relax and begin to really see it is protein what is killing us not lack of it.  We have not had ONE case of protein deficiency.  That is how Dr. Cambell started his research was under the belief system that animal protein was the quality protein because it has ALL the amino acids.. but then he got a completely different result than he thought when he started testing the proteins in scientific experiments.  In the China study he goes on to say that when they fed mice with cancer tumors and gave them 10% protein they grew little, 20% they grew significantly and 30% and higher they grew huge and fast.  And then when they took the animal protein away in this case they used casein form cow’s milk and fed the mice soy protein their tumor went away like a light switch.  Then they fed them back 30% protein and back it grew so he could make it work on and off only by how much & which kind he would feed them.  Pretty scary since we eat something like 50% protein & so many are doing the Paleo & Atkins & Westin Price diets.  


   So Lloyd that leads us to the next question…. What do you think about this Paleo diet? Especially now after what Dr. Vickers said about how it is destroying people kidneys to eat like that?  Why do you think it became so fast so popular?

Actually it is not new, it is a Atkins with a facelift. GAPS, Paleo, & Atkins are all versions of the Westin Price.  They are funded by the dairy industry so no wonder they recommend raw milk.  

The bottom line should be BLOOD WORK and do it every year. I want to see some blood work of people eating paleo and westin price for 5-10 years.  What is their LDL? How is their kidney function? Diabetes Type 2 statistics are being proven now it comes from saturated fat NOT carbs.

Talk about LDL – healthy is below 80 – even better to be lower.
Tell Lloyd’s story of going vegan and dropping cholesterol from 258 to 180 and LDL from 186 – 90 then eating fish 1-2x a week and it went back up from 180 to 240.  

Doesn’t it feel good looking back at all you accomplished with your blood work thru your diet?  Imagine if you would have not changed what your numbers would be today…. if you were still here and had not died yet..  LOL?
This issue of how much oil should be in a diet should only be answered when looking at a person’s blood work.  OILS are not good no matter what people are saying… they are still reducing one ingredient from a food into a concentration but with fat it is better to eat whole foods like nuts, seeds, avocados and things like that instead of oil.  But if you have LDL over 80 you should not eat much fat of any kind till you get it down.You should let your blood work determine how much fat you can have?  Not that oil is good but if you use it you should know how your body is using it and what your LDL levels are.

    Diane, your classmate and friend from Connecticut learned something from the Dr. Vicker’s interview.  She related to him talking about often his cancer patients have an etiology which means a cause, of their cancer that is relating to divorce and she realized her cancer came after her divorce.  So you can see what a stress a grief or any other strong emotion is on the body Diane.  Good you know that and fantastic you have that behind you, now you can do so much for your future to ensure your good health.  Maybe one of these baby steps you will take will be to venture out into juicing and coffee enemas right Lloyd?  Anyway Dianne mentioned how being on a budget makes eating raspberries and any berry expensive and not doable or many.  That leads to a common question of isn’t eating plant based more expensive?


    Another question is what is I need a lot of protein personally can I still be a vegan or eat plant-based?  It seems one diet can’t be for everyone and some of us may need meat?

I think it is stupid to fight over what is better.. each of us are individuals and may need variation although I believe you can vary for all different types and stay within the plant based realm.  For example if you need a lot of protein you can do that with beans, quinoa, and if you are not eating grains and beans you can get a lot with nuts, seeds, chorella, Spirilina and super foods like that.  If you are more a carb person you could do more macrobiotic that emphasizes many grains.

Within any great healing diet there should be ways to always individualize for each person.  Most people that feel they need higher protein either have other issues they don’t understand, or they just don’t know how to eat properly in the plant based world to get more protein concentration and it doesn’t have to come from protein powders!

    Lot of people asking about a juicer.  What is the best kind to get?
One day if you know you will always juice and you love it you can treat yourself to a Norwalk juicer but they are 2500. Look on eBay and I know there is a guy on the internet that refurbishes them and then sells them.
But the reality is many can’t afford that one so next best is a slow juicer.
I think the Huron is a really popular brand that I know a half dozen people that have them and love them.

Well, I hope we answered your questions.  

Before I close I would like to do a little review and give you some more explanation because after answering the last question from Donna asking about why would we need to do a coffee enema is we are eating a clean diet as they are not a natural process of elimination and if we eat clean then wouldn’t it be better to allow the natural elimination to happen instead of doing a coffee enema.  That is a question many have and after I recorded we received a similar question and asking if why ruin the flora and would we fee the need to do a coffee enema if after eating a piece of cake ….  so I want you to be sure to understand this.

Most important is that your remember that coffee enemas are NOT a bowel treatment they are a liver therapy.  They have nothing to do with the bowel.  You heard Dr. Vickers say this I know, but it is easy to forget, because the word enema of course means bowel for most uses.  The questions you guys are asking are more applicable to colonics.  A colonic is TOTALLY different than a coffee enema.  A colonic does nothing for the liver and ONLY cleans the bowel.  You can loose your flora as it goes all the way in to the large and small intestine … and yes would you really need to do these if you eat a clean diet?  NO.  

But a coffee enema is only for the liver, it cleans out only the short part of the intestine that is between where you insert the nozzle and the liver that is called the ascending colon, but that is it.  It does not affect any flora and has nothing to do with the colon.

However, If you feel you need a bowel treatment then you can do several colonics over a period 3-6 weeks but then you need to replenish your flora and don’t do them but 1-2x a year.  They are great for people who are just starting a health journey.  I had a friend completely clear up her psoriasis with colonics after trying everything else and only the colonics worked.  I saw this in my practice often that people with skin issues often have a bowel that needs help and a liver that needs help. But just remember the ONLY reason we need to do coffee enemas is because the liver is the filter of the body… we have many ways to naturally detox.  The skin, which is considered the largest organ, detoxes thru sweat, the kidneys are another one of our filters and they help us excrete many toxins out, and that is why it is important to drink good water so we can help flush them out that way too.  

Let’s talk a little bit about the liver and then you will understand why it is so important to detox it. The liver is a huge organ, it is the 2nd largest other than the skin, and its main function is detox the body by cleaning our blood. It also aids in many other processes such as regulating fat, digestion, balancing hormones and helping circulation.  But the MAIN job is to get rid of toxins or foreign substances.  … your blood cycles thru you liver one full cycle every 15 minutes.  Between 1-3am your liver is doing its biggest work while you sleep.  Circulation slows down and the liver has the most blood in during those hours than any other time as it is working overtime to clean your blood while you sleep.

That is a big job because anything that enters the bloodstream gets filtered thru the liver and your liver is constantly trying to regulate nutrients and excrete the toxins away. If you can keep the liver clean you have the ability to avoid many illnesses, because it keeps the detox pathway working very efficiently. I always like to have a good analogy that gives and easy visual.. so …The liver is like the engine of the car and if it is not working we are in trouble. Once it becomes blocked, congested, or fatty, your liver can’t clean the blood in an optimum way anymore.  The sicker we are the less it is working and very soon we are backing up with toxins, cells are running slower and getting less nutrients and are not repairing and very soon your health will be in trouble or compromised.  

So a good question is then; “If we eat & live clean food and a clean lifestyle can’t we depend on the natural detoxification that happens in sleep by the liver.

Now think of this… Every medication you take has to go thru your liver, every chemical you eat or breathe goes thru there, every glass of wine or beer goes thru there, every environmental chemical, pesticide or toxin goes thru there.. and there are millions of those…. everything has to go thru your poor liver… so do you really think in today’s world with all the chemicals, and toxins we are exposed to that our livers can detox enough on their own anymore.  Now you can understand why alcoholics end up with liver failure because the liver can’t regenerate enough for all the toxins they are pouring in it each day.  However, even eating a clean diet it is not enough anymore and not very many people eat a clean diet.. but still it is not enough because we live in an extremely toxic world.  That is why Dr. Vickers says that YES doing a coffee enema every day is extreme but the world we are living in and the amount of toxins we are exposed to are even more extreme and now it is necessary.

So do you have to do a coffee enema every day?  Do you have to and should you are different aren’t they.  I still believe it is better to get comfortable with work works and start out a little at a time.  Try one first and see how great you feel, then you won’t believe it and you will want to do it again… soon you are doing one a week or 3 a week or one a day.. they are easy to do and don’t take long.. but now knowing we have to have 3 glasses of juice on those days makes the commitment a much bigger one.  But the question is what is worth to you to feel really good and get well?  When I started I did coffee enemas 2x a day but I was only doing 1/2 juice since I didn’t know the amount…. I did 2 a day for almost 4 years..  now I do them 3-4x a week and juice on those days.  But start with baby steps.. try one first and see… then you can decide.  I am not a person to push anyone in doing things I do.  They make you feel amazing, the help with pain, they heal your digestion, and clean your blood and allow nutrients in your cells… and are inexpensive and easy and can be done at home.. tell me something that can do all that and work as well.. I don’t think there is anything.

Also on the vidalSPEAKS podcast you will hear from other people who have ways of healing that were totally different than Gerson and coffee enemas but they all eat clean and do detox that is for sure and any diet that heals will be clean of meat and all animal products, free of fat & oils, sugar and work on detoxing.  That is why all the cancer clinics in the world put people on plant based diets.. because they heal!  That should tell you something about the Paleo movement.  In my opinion with this fad, we are driving the nation to a huge epidemic of cancer and heart disease even more than what we see today.  If a healing center and cancer clinic removes all that how could that diet be healthy… that is what we have to really learn and then we won’t be confuse by all the contraindicated information that most was written with no scientific evidence behind it.  There is not one study done on feeding animals meat and ridding their tumors or heart disease and until there is I suggest you stick with the diet that has proven to rid millions of people of cancer, heart disease, auto immune diseases, arthritis and so many more… that is only the PLANT POWERED DIET.  

Knowledge is power and having that can help you understand the truth and take your first steps to get well and feel your best.

Ok I hope this explanation has helped you understand the importance of the coffee enema and why we need to clean our liver.  RE listen to part 2 of Dr. Vickers and see you it now see it even clearer!

If you have more questions…GREAT send them right over…. remember to try out the new feature on my website called Speak Pipe and send me a voice question or just email them to me.  Every so often I will do a show to answer them when I get enough questions.

Well…. I think we did it….
NOW you know what time it is…
Time to say goodbye

Thanks for listening.
Hope you enjoyed the show!

Remember…. eat more greens.

Be Healthy
Be Free

Remember some words of wisdom from Dr. Vickers

    1.    All the other therapies they do at his clinic are ONLY an adjunct to the Gerson Therapy diet, juicing & coffee enemas & don’t replace the main principals of the therapy, so it shows you how much importance is put on what we put in our bodies.

    2.    GREENS are plants with a high amount of stored sunlight and that is where you will get a lot of your Vit D from – Eat 2/5oz baby greens bags a day.  Sounds like eating greens everyday will keep the doctor away!

    3.    Do not worry ever again about the sugar from juicing, from veggies or fruits.  Remember Gerson therapy feeds their patients 4000 calories of food a day from fruit and vegetables & they have the best cure rate of cancer in history…so sugar does not cause cancer.

    4.    Follow the principles of the Gerson Diet:  JUICE, Coffee Enemas & Vegan whole food plant based organic diet & NO salt,

    5.    For every coffee enema you do you should drink 3 juices.

    6.    Don’t juice if you are not going to detox with coffee enemas

    7.    Remember … Food is social & emotional!  Go for health not emotions! Ask yourself if what you are eating is filled with life & nutrients before you eat it.

by Dr. Patrick Vickers from the Northern Baja Gerson Center
I wanted to type the words of Dr. Vickers because what he said was so powerful I feel we should all remember them and read them again.

“Everyone knows that alkalinity is good and acidity is bad. But what does that mean? We are talking about PH

PH = Potential Hydrogen
Acidity = Build up of Hydrogen

When someone is acidic they have a build up of hydrogen in the body. But why is this significant to health?  It is significant because the true definition of acidity is the body’s improper utilization of oxygen.  When there is a build up of hydrogen in the body, as oxygen approaches the cell membrane, because of the charge at the level of the cell membrane, oxygen is literally repelled away. If oxygen is repelled away from the cell, you can’t break down sugar into energy because the body requires oxygen in order to break down sugar into energy.  Where the problem is with sugar feeding cancer, is in an acidic body when oxygen can not get into the cell to break down sugar down into energy, sugar goes thru what is called anaerobic glycolysis, and the final production in anaerobic glycolysis is lactic acid, and it is lactic acid that feeds cancer.

But when you are juicing; when you are creating an alkaline environment in the body; when you drink a juice, that juice gets broken down into potassium hydroxide. The hydroxyl molecule – if you write down a hydroxyl molecule chemically it is OH- (negative charge).  When you drink a juice you break down into potassium Hydroxide and create these massive amounts of they hydroxyl molecules.  Why is this important?  Because that is the only thing that can react with the positively charged hydrogen ion!  When you react hydroxyl OH negative ions with a positive charged hydrogen ion what reaction do you think takes place? WATER which is H20 (HH0) and that immediately neutralizes the acidity in the body, immediately the cell can accept oxygen and now sugars can be broken down into energy which is HOW YOU HEAL THE HUMAN BODY!

IT IS THE SECRET TO HEALING THE HUMAN BODY & IT ALSO SHREDS THE THEORY THAT SUGAR FEEDS CANCER!”  Nothing is further from the truth.  Sugar feeds cancer in an environment where oxygen cannot be utilized properly because of the acidic nature of the body, but when you start providing the body with the hydroxyl molecules that neutralize the hydrogen so that the body can start to accept oxygen & break sugar down into energy and its the energy that the human body needs to rally the immune response. Sick people can’t oxygenate tissues & that is why disease sets in.

How a coffee enema works & why they are necessary!
as spoken by Dr. Vickers

Coffee enemas are an absolutely vital aspect to this therapy. When you juice you create that reaction where the hydroxyl molecule reacts with hydrogen and water is produced.  When water is produced, what do you think happens?  All of a sudden that water starts flushing toxins out of the cells and back into the bloodstream.  Well if you don’t detoxify that body that patient can go into chemotoxic shock and die. Dr. Gerson lost several of his first patients because he didn’t detox their bodies and he had to come up with something to detox them because they were generating so much toxicity from the juicing and that is where the coffee enemas became absolutely vital.  In the beginning when he started using this therapy, which was massive amounts of juicing he wasn’t detoxifying them with the coffee enemas and he lost his first patients & that is when he came up with the coffee enema & his clinical results went thru the roof.  We could not cure any cancer without them!

In this day & age I do one every day. Charlotte Gerson does 1 or 2 a day.  People say isn’t that a little extreme and I say well yes if I was living back in 1900 before the industrial revolution I would not have to do an enema every day but because I am living in the most toxic environment that has ever existed in human history doing a coffee enema every day has become absolutely essential along with juicing and pure diet.

This has absolutely nothing to do with cleaning the bowel.  The coffee is strictly for liver detoxification.  Your liver produces an enzyme glutathione transferase.  That enzyme is the most potent detoxifying enzyme in the human body. When you do one coffee enema it has been proven that the production of glutathione transferase goes up 600-700% greater than normal.  Why?  Because the human body uses palmitic acid as its base to create glutathione transferase, well properly roasted organic coffee is loaded with palmitic acid.  So the coffee enters the rectum and sitting right there are the hemorrhoidal veins, the hemorrhoidal veins absorb the coffee and they carry it to the portal venus system, the portal venus system ends in the liver.  That is how the coffee gets straight to the liver and has its affects of creating glutathione transferase.

Some people say it is not natural to create glutathione transferase 600% more than normal and that can’t be good.

They have obviously not cured cancer or disease and have no idea what they are talking about.  Why is that important?  Glutathione transferase literally goes thru the system binding up free radicals and eliminating them thru the intestines and the kidneys.  People who come in to our clinic, not only are they toxic from abusing their body for 3o or 40 years and with a poor diet & environmental toxins they are exposed to all those years, not only are they toxic because the tumor itself has an extremely toxic biological process going on within the tumor, but they are also toxic from the therapy because as you juice people you start to pull out massive amounts of toxicity stored in the cells and you start to break down tumor tissue, which is extremely toxic and you start to rebuild tissue, which is a toxic process and your start to break down disease tissue, which is a toxic process. YOU MUST GET THESE TOXINS OUT and so you must have something that creates glutathione transferase 600-700% greater than normal, because you are creating 600-700% more toxins.”

Links of things we spoke about

Miyoko Schinner cheese Lloyd LOVES.  Vegan cheese is EASY to make and expensive to buy. Try making your own from her book below.

This is a great book on learning how to make homemade vegan staples like butter, sour cream, yogurt, cream, whipped cream and much more.

THRIVE MARKET – home delivery
This is a market that you can join and they carry a lot of vegan foods and many foods & deliver to your home.  They sell for wholesale & usually have the best prices anywhere.

Vegan Yogurt Cultures.  I love this one.  One box has 4 packets and they often have sales.  See my recipe below for a great yogurt recipe.

Transitional Foods
GARDEIN transitional foods. These are really pretty amazing.  Although they are not whole foods and are more processed they are much healthier & a great transition food or when you are in a pinch for something fast.  I sometimes use in a recipe like a vegan chicken pot pie if I want a change from just the veggie pot pie. This is the link for the Turkey Cutlet that Lloyd likes.  They make a stuffed turkey breast for the holidays that is quite good.  Their meatballs are great too.



Cashew soy yogurt recipe
4 cupsof soy milk – I use either home made or West Soy unsweetened ORGANIC
1/2 c cashews
 I packet of starter (I use Cultures for Health) See in the link section.

1. Mix2 cups of the soy milk and cashews in Vitamixand mix till very creamy.

2. Put the remaining 2 cups of soy milk in a pot on stove.

3. Add the creamy mixture from your blender to the milk on the stove.

4. Warm the milk to 110 degrees. Using a thermometer is best or test it by putting a drop on your wrist and it should be warm but not burn. Don’t overheat or you kill the bacteria.

5. Add ONE packet of Cultures for Life Vegan yogurt starter.  Stir.  Another option is you can add 2 Tablespoons of either an old batch of yogurt or commercial store bought soy yogurt and 1 pill of acidophilus instead.  I have done it with just the acidophilus pill.

6. Pour into a quart jar and put lid on, then wrap jar with towel and set in a warm place OR put in individual jars and in a yogurt maker for 8-10 hours.

Keep covered for 6-8 hours covered in warm spotuntil you have yogurt.  Leave it longer if you want it tangier or a bit sour.


Beet Apple Salad
This is the best ever.  Try it even if you HATE beets really!  Trust me.

4 small OR 3 medium OR 2 large beets RAW not cooked
3/4 cup of raw sunflower seeds
2 medium to large apples
Juice of 1-2 lemons
Pinch of salt

    1.    Peel the beets and shred them on a grater and put them in a bowl
    2.    Core and shred the apples & put in the bowl with the beets
    3.    Put the sunflower seeds on a tray and broil till roasted and browned slightly. Add to bowl
    4.    Squeeze the lemons over and mix & enjoy!

You can add cilantro, nuts, dried fruit…  be creative.

NOTHING but Banana Ice Cream
This recipe is truly amazing but you need a Vitamin or a Blendtec super blender. If you don’t have one save for one as this machine you can do so many things.

3 frozen bananas
Splash of soy or hemp milk or Almond or Coconut milk

    1.    Put bananas & a splash of non dairy milk into your super blender until they are frozen soft serve ice cream.
    2.    Top with shredded coconut, chocolate chips, nuts or vegan carmel sauce..




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