February 01, 2017

Vanessa Sardi – Better Health: Plant-Based Diet vs. Pharmaceuticals – Episode 55


Vanessa Sardi is a 40-year-old Cardiovascular Physiologist, Certified Nutrition Coach, and Certified Health Coach, who was born and raised in New Orleans Louisiana.

As a former dancer for the NFL Saints, you might say she is a ‘Who Dat’ fan! Vanessa loves to travel, dance, read, spend time with her dogs, and LOVES the beach and collecting seashells. As a former pharmaceutical rep, she now believes in FARM over PHARMA. She is a recovering anorexic and bulimic; November 2016 marked 10 years in recovery! Needless to say, she had an extremely unhealthy relationship with food for most of her life. Now, food is my friend; it is the nourishment for my mind, body, and soul. And when I’m sick (which I can’t remember the last time I was), it’s my “go-to” medicine. I am at my absolute happiest when I am helping others; whether that’s helping them to change their lifestyle, lose unwanted weight, reverse their disease, offering hope to those still suffering in the grips of addiction, or encouraging those who are on their journey to becoming the healthiest version of themselves..

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Vanessa Sardi is a former pharmaceutical rep who realized that the drugs she was pushing were not really helping anyone. In her journey out of anorexia and bulimia to better health, she discovered the freedom found in a whole-food, plant based diet. In this episode, she talks with me about her journey and exposes the role of big pharma in the drugs that physicians prescribe. You’ll definitely want to hear her perspective and why she made the switch from pharma to farm.

Are the drugs you are taking really helping you? Many of the drugs physicians prescribe are actually more damaging than helpful. There is a vicious cycle of drugs, side effects, and then more drugs to combat the side effects. The bottom line for the pharmaceutical companies is dollars, not your better health. Listen to my conversation with Vanessa Sardi to hear her talk about two types of drugs that are particularly damaging.

How much influence do pharmaceutical reps and insurance companies have over doctors? You might be surprised. In my conversation with Vanessa Sardi, she provides an insider perspective on the ways that reps get doctors to prescribe their brand. Can you always trust your doctor to prescribe what’s best for you? Who is really responsible for deciding what you should take? Will medications contribute to your better health? Find answers to these questions and more on today’s episode!

What is the point of lowering your numbers with pills, if it doesn’t equate to better health outcomes? In this episode, I talked with Vanessa Sardi, a former pharmaceutical rep, about how to educate yourself about the medications your doctor prescribes, and how to lower your numbers through whole-food plant based nutrition instead. Please join us and listen to our conversation about treating the cause instead of the symptoms. You’ll be glad you did!

Making the transition to a healthy lifestyle can be challenging. But the benefits are worth it! Do you need to know how to get started? In today’s episode, Vanessa Sardi gave three tips for beginning the journey from illness to wellness. If you want better health, listen to this conversation and find out the benefits and how-to’s of moving to a whole-food, plant based diet. It’s not as hard as you think!

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [2.00] The need to educate ourselves to conscious choices that will impact our health and our world.
  • [4:25] Introduction of Vanessa Sardi, former pharmaceutical rep, recovering anorexic/bulimic, certified health coach.
  • [9:30] Pharmaceutical rep to plant-based health care advocate: Vanessa Sardi’s story.
  • [12:25] How a whole-food, plant-based diet led to freedom from anorexia/bulimia.
  • [22:14] Vanessa’s role as a cardiovascular physiologist.
  • [26:30] Why Vanessa left her cardiovascular work to become a pharma rep.
  • [33:24] Intermission and contest drawing info.
  • [35:50] How does a pharma rep influence the way doctors treat their patients?
  • [44:35] The influence of insurance plans and pharma manufacturers on how doctors treat their patients.
  • [48:27] For long-term health, address the cause instead of the symptoms.
  • [49:54] Skewed statistics and conflict of interest in the world of doctors and medication.
  • [57:16] The value of taking responsibility and doing your own research.
  • [1:01:33] Nutriception’s Mission: to change perception about what healthy really is, using nutrition, so people can start reversing chronic conditions.
  • [1:05:01] The biggest benefits of eating a whole-food plant-based diet.
  • [1:09:37] Three tips for listeners to begin their journey from illness to wellness.
  • [1:13:09] Vidal’s conclusions about how illness is coming from our foods.

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