February 07, 2018

Replacing Medication with Food with Kate Kordsmeier. Episode 104

Vidal welcomes Kate Kordsmeier to the Vidal Speaks show, to dive into the topic of how to replace medication with food. Listen to this podcast and learn the steps of how to heal yourself naturally, using food, homeopathy, herbs, and detox among other natural remedies.

Kate Kordsmeier is a food journalist turned real food expert after her own chronic health issues (PCOS, Hypothyroidism, Leaky Gut) catapulted her into a long journey of trying to heal her body naturally. Today, she blogs full-time over at Root Revel, a natural living site helping people strike the balance between good and good for you.

Kate shares her own experience dealing with illness and medications that affected her health dramatically, and how she brought back her health through changing her diet radically. As a food journalist, Kate claims that healthy can be delicious. Be inspired by this succulent episode and transform your health, starting with your diet!


Outline of This Great Episode

[5:46] Kate Kordsmeier tells about her life growing up.

[13:24] Kate’s health issues beginning at 27 years old.

[16:48] Questions about IBS treatment.

[23:54] Thyroid malfunction.

[28:17] Diet and nutrition’s link to symptoms.

[29:10] PCOS meaning and symptoms.

[32:39] Anti Inflammatory diet as the first step towards healing.

[38:40] Which foods to minimize or avoid to reduce inflammation.

[40:31] Elimination diet.

[46:58] Listen to the signs your body is giving you.

[52:53] The first step towards changing your diet: eat more vegetables.

[58:37] How to let go sugar cravings.

[1:01:13] Why you shouldn’t be worried about the sugar from fruits.

[1:03:45] Supplements to influence hormone levels.

[1:10:29] Struggling with guilt.

[1:13:09] The three biggest benefits of eating a whole food diet.


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