April 15, 2020

Martha Rosenberg – Viruses From Eating Animals – Ep 134

Today’s episode is an interview with Martha Rosenberg. She speaks about how COVID-19 originated from eating animals & how this won’t be the last time we will have a pandemic from an animal virus based on her life work. She has dedicated her life to informing the public about the truth about what is the meat you are eating & what they do hide all the drugs they feed the animals, all the viruses & illnesses they have & what they put in the meat during packaging. You will be surprised that meat is almost the last ingredient of the product if they would have to put a label on it! She also exposes the truth about the cruelty animals experience, which is important for everyone to know so they can make a choice to eat meat, based on true facts. What you hear today in this episode will shock you, I promise.

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