April 11, 2018

Hydrogen Water Part 2 with J, the Hydrogen Man. Episode 113

Deborah Vidal welcomes J, the hydrogen man, for the second time to the Vidal Speaks Podcast. He speaks about the benefits of hydrogen water and how to make it. There is research that links health and longevity with water filled with H2. After this discovery, machines that add hydrogen to water started to be developed; not all of them achieved the best results, and that is why J has dedicated time to test them all and find out which is the best way to drink hydrogen water and even breathe it!

J, also known as the hydrogen man, has made his life mission to help others heal. Like many other people who have become experts or healers, he started as a sick person. He was stricken by a pain syndrome that lasted almost 15 years. Before this period of pain, he believed he was invincible like we all do when we are young; he thought that if he worked out and exercised, he would be healthy forever; he focused on exercises but not on other aspects of his health.

Then his years of pain began, which lead him to despair, as happens with any pain syndrome. Like most people with chronic pain, he went from suicidal wishes to endless research for healing. He tried everything, every diet, every supplement, and every healing modality until he had his health back. The thing that worked for him was a clean, organic, vegan diet. Detoxing and finding the research of the hydrogen water lead him to his ultimate cure.

He reads every possible research and scientific article on hydrogen water. He tested every machine in the market and after all these, he discovered the best and most proficient way to heal and that is by drinking a very specific water made only by one machine, and he will explain why this one is so different from other ways of making hydrogen water.

After experiencing his own healing and then his family members’ too, J became convinced all he read about hydrogen water was true because he witnessed it. His story is an amazing one and he has many other amazing stories about how other people healed too. He put all this information for free on his YouTube channel.

Get to know more information about H2 water, a water that has the potential to totally regenerate your health and cells!

Outline of This Great Episode

[12:08] Oxidative stress can damage DNA and hydrogen is a selective antioxidant.

[13:18] You can’t just anti-oxidate everything, it is dangerous to your health.

[14:04] Hydrogen is safe and tiny, it can easily go through the cell barrier.

[25:01] Regardless of what you eat, adding hydrogen water to your diet has incredibly beneficial effects.

[28:11] The new Lourdes machine has taken H2 to another level!

[29:55] Traditional medicine shines in emergency cases.

[31:34] Breathe in the hydrogen gas and drink the water all from one machine.

[32:56] 30 minutes session of breathing hydrogen is equivalent to drinking 200 gallons of H2 water.

[34:18] 80% of hydrogen remains in the water after 12 hours.

[35:56] Portable machine to take your hydrogen water.

[38:55] Store your hydrogen water on its side for better preservation.

[42:54] Benefits of hydrogen water.

[44:08] Hydrogen water is proved to have anti-aging effects.

[47:30] How glaucoma was reduced and disappeared by drinking hydrogen water.

[51:13] Tumor reduction after a time of hydrogen water intake.

[54:05] Improve your heart health by drinking hydrogen water.

[1:01:54] How we treat our children shows how we care about them.

[1:10:45] Hydrogen water is different from hydrogen peroxide.

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