November 08, 2017

How Pharma And Food Industries Are Putting Us In Danger Hormonally with Martha Rosenberg — Episode 95

In Today’s Episode
This week Vidal decided to bring Martha Rosenberg back into her show. Along with her investigations about food, Martha also has much research into the medical industry. This time the audience will be enlightened about hormone imbalances and the truth about the drugs doctors are using to treat women and men.

Martha Rosenberg is a nationally-recognized investigative health reporter, whose food and drug exposé, Born with a Junk Food Deficiency, won an American Society of Journalists and Authors honorable mention. Rosenberg has appeared on CSPAN, National Public Radio, and lectured at the medical school and university levels.

Martha is also an editorial cartoonist, whose articles have been published in the San Francisco Chronicle, The Providence Journal, The Chicago Tribune, as well as in many more publications.

Most disease, including cancer, come from toxins; you need to be informed about what is threatening your health and start your way to detox as soon as possible. Take a big breath and open your eyes to the reality behind pharma and food industries. Enjoy the show! Knowledge is power and health is freedom!

Outline of This Great Episode
[11:12] The marketing of the hormone replacement for women and testosterone for men.
[13:18] Main disruptors of our hormone system.
[15:02] BPA free is not enough. Get rid of plastic.
[16:05] Why do you want fragrance free products.
[16:32] How the Environmental Working Group works.
[18:04] Flame retardant is hidden everywhere.
[19:09] There are plastic and mercury in the fish we eat.
[21:55] Avoid antibacterial in detergent and soap.
[28:40] Neonics are killing the bees.
[32:09] Which are the foods that are filled with hormones?
[33:40] Reasons why you should not drink milk.
[43:22] Prostate cancer, PSA screening test.
[48:04] Overtreatment and its consequences.
[49:11] Why young men are having problems getting erections?
[52:06] The lies about cancer treatment.
[1:00:40] Hypocrisy in the Breast Cancer Month movement.
[1:01:14] Menopausal symptoms.
[1:05:20] Consequences of hormone replacement treatment.
[1:11:38] Osteoporosis.
[1:16:19] There are alternatives for keeping hormone system balance.
[1:20:22] Consume flaxseed and grind them yourself.
[1:24:33] Foods to balance your hormones: chase Berries, fennel, raspberry leaf tea, maca powder, cacao.
[1:30:24] Yaca is a natural painkiller.

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