July 22, 2020

Dr. Neal Barnard MD – Your Body In Balance – The New Science of Food, Hormones, and Health – EP 137

Today’s episode is a TREASURE for all who find it. Dr. Neal Barnard MD will tell us how he has helped his many patients balance their hormones or heal the diseases by using specific plant-based foods. Dr. Neal Barnard is America’s #1 plant-based diet that has not only researched the science of a plant-based diet to reverse many lifestyle diseases but used it in his practice as a proof of the science. He now takes that a step further & has healed many from the suffering of hormonal imbalances by using specific foods. This episode is not only for women because he speaks about men having erection issues and prostate issues so today’s episode is for everyone. 

Hormone imbalances are widespread throughout the world and that is often because many toxins in our environment mimic hormones & then cause havoc on our system. I suggest everyone listen to this episode to learn how to manage years of horrible symptoms from hormone imbalances. Listen & Learn now.


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