February 15, 2016

10 Simple Health Tips To Improve How You Feel In The New Year!

It is a NEW YEAR and 50% of Americans make New Year resolutions.  

What are your resolutions this year?

Since we are just starting a NEW YEAR let’s talk about some realistic resolutions that you will actually be able to succeed with.  Did you know the 50% of Americans make resolutions but only 8% succeed with them? 

In this episode I will teach you how to take some simple steps to feel better and move in the direction of feeling really healthy. Let’s make your chances better than that 8%. 

I give you 10 things to pick from and ask you to pick 5 of them to commit to for a few months to see how it feels. 


If you answer yes to any of my questions below then you will be interested in this episode but also many other of the vidalSPEAKS podcasts!

Here are my questions to you:

Do you start the day needing coffee?
Do you feel out of energy by late afternoon?
Do get sleepy after eating meals?
Do you need alcohol to unwind?
Do you sleep less than 7-8 hours a day?
Do you get sick more than 1x a year?
Do you take pharmaceuticals for a disease that can be fixed with lifestyle changes?
Are you too busy to exercise?

Before we make our resolutions together I think it is important to see the top reasons why people don’t end up being successful with their resolutions.

Too Vague – the more specific your goal the more likely you are to succeed

Too many goals – most people change by doing one step at a time so when you put too many goals it is too much of a shock and it won’t last. Attain one goal at a time.

Not enough support – If your family or friends don’t support what you are doing then you will feel alone and it is much harder to stay on the path.  Find friends or groups of people that are doing what you want to do and hang out with them! Support is important part especially when starting.

Here are 10 simple things you can do to start off the New Year

1. Sleep 7-8 hours for 30 days –  Just try it for one month and see how you feel.  Honestly, it will take longer than this to feel the effects, but after 30 days you will have found a way to make it a habit and still notice quite a change.

2. If you are not already a vegan or on a plant based diet – Try to make a routine in your life to eat ALL plant based meals one day a week.  If you can commit to more than do so, but if not, start with one.  

3. Do a 3 day JUICE ONLY fast –  It is not really a fast, but drinking all juices gives your body a huge boost of nutrition that can feed your hungry cells and causes a lot of good chain reactions.

4. Try ONE coffee enema – Give me your email and I will send you my personal copy of notes that I give all my patients. Please read about the benefits and get the courage to try one.  You won’t believe how clear headed you will feel and how good it feels to get all those toxins out of the liver.

5. If you get a cold or a flu, go to bed and rest – Please don’t go to work and take the over the counter crap medicines that are only suppressing symptoms.  Instead try a homeopathic remedy like Oscillococcinum or Influenzinum 9c and have some homemade organic miso soup and sleep a lot.  Take a hot bath with lavender essential oils in it and put a huge scoop of epsom salts and soak for 30 minutes …. then go back to bed and sleep more!

6. If you want to lose weight – Try replacing breakfast every morning with an easy to make, fast to clean up, super delicious green smoothie.  (See recipe below).   Even if you don’t want to lose weight try a green smoothie for breakfast everyday for a month and see how you feel.

7. Get out of the mindset that a low carb diet is healthy – Really, you will hear from many experts just how dangerous this high protein, more fat paleo version diet really is.  So this year try eating some whole grain rice, quinoa and add tons of greens and veggies to every meal and learn the truth how it makes you feel.  GREENS and VEGGIES and fruits are the key to good health!!

8. Learn one new Vegan or Plant based recipe every week –  Once you learn how to cook little by little you will discover how amazing it tastes to eat plant powered foods and 100% plant based.  What stops most people from switching is they feel lost what to make…so start by learning one recipe a week.  You can see my favorite cookbooks under the products button on my website.  Many say it takes 2 months to get over the hump of learning how to prepare meals when you change your diet.  Baby steps and try one new recipe a week!

9. Give up all dairy – Really this is the worst food on the planet and there are so many easy ways to replace dairy now so there is no reason to still be drinking the milk of a cow that is filled with things that make cancer grow! Try out one of my favorites: Hemp Milk by Pacific brand!

10. Watch the movies Cowspiracy and Forks over knives and feel inspired –  Better yet, watch them with a friend and feel inspired together! Then you can see how eating plant-based is not only the healthiest diet for you but also for the planet!



Remedies for food poisoning and for dehydration – buy from products page.
Arsenicum Album 30c (diarrhea & or vomiting)
China Officianalis or Cinchona Officinales 30c (dehydration)

Coffee Enema Directions and INFO
Sign up on vidalSPEAKS.com with your email and I will send you a pdf of the personal notes I gave my patients on how to do enemas and with links to learn more info.

Smoothie Recipe – “Delicious RED”
1 handful frozen cherries
I handful frozen strawberries
Small amount of frozen cranberries
1 banana frozen or not
Handful of spinach, kale or chard leaves
Scoop of Vit C powder
Hemp Seeds
5 or 6 raw Cashews to make it a bit creamier
Coconut Water
Water to make it the consistency you like.
YUM! – Healthy and filled with love!

Give up and Dairy and try these instead
Try replacing your milk with Alternative non dairy milks.
Try Pacific Hemp Milk… it is the best and it will make giving up dairy easy!
Make your own cashew milk it is the one that tastes the most like dairy.
Making Almond or Cashew milk is easy…  google it!

Links for things mentioned in today’s podcast:
Good Homeopathic Flu Prevention and treatment remedies. Buy from my products page or thru my Amazon link on my site.
Buy Oscillococcinum
Buy Influenzinum

Movies to watch this week
What about Bob Movie to learn the importance of baby stepping!


Be healthy!

Be Free!

Live LIFE!


Peace & Thanks for listening!

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