March 28, 2018

Short Path to Healing with Ellen, Lloyd, and Deb – Episode 111

Deborah Vidal welcomes her soul sister, Ellen, and her partner, Lloyd, to talk about their health and healing personal journeys. They unfold the real-life struggles and obstacles they encountered on their path so you can learn from their mistakes and experiences to ease your own journey.

Ellen is a cancer survivor, who recently received the news that her body is clear and free from cancer. Lloyd had a car accident that caused him many injuries, and as a consequence, created a chronic pain syndrome and digestive issues, that now are not bothering him anymore after beginning a vegan lifestyle.

Listen to this eye-opening podcast and realize that some health and food advisors are actually backed up by industries that are making business disregarding our health. Be inspired by these extraordinary people and you too can start to transform your lifestyle while achieving healing and health; you can heal!


Outline of This Great Episode

[9:01] Ellen’s personal story briefing.

[10:46] Lloyd’s personal story briefing.

[16:12] The myth of meat as the only protein source.

[18:20] Vegan and healthier replacement for meat.

[20:24] A Fruit Diet.

[24:31] Why people find hard charging to a vegan diet.

[27:30] Deep detoxing.

[29:53] Individuality versus collective tendencies.

[33:05] Transition tips for people trying to go vegan.

[36:30] Iridology, the study of the iris.

[41:22] Right and left sides reaction to ear candling.

[44:45] The truth behind the dairy industry.

[47:10] How diet affected their journey towards healing.

[53:37] Hydrogen water.

[1:03:43] Supplements.

[1:13:10] What would Ellen, Deb and Lloyd change in their life if they could?

[1:19:03] Three tips to improve your health and heal.


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