February 28, 2018

Save Nature Now with Dr. Reese Halter PhD. Episode 107

Deborah Vidal welcomes you and Dr. Reese Halter. This episode will make you even more aware of how we are all connected, we are all one, and need to save our home today — our planet! The ocean, animals, and forests are suffering, and we are suffering along with them; we suffer terrible illnesses because our food and our environment are polluted.

If you haven’t heard about Dr. Reese, here is a little introduction: Dr. Reese Halter’s passion for the environment is lifelong. He is a powerful voice for bees, trees, seas, nature’s wellness science and saving nature now. Dr. Halter is a distinguished conservation biologist, an award-winning broadcaster, and prolific writer. Dr. Halter has the unique talent of making current complex environmental issues accessible and compelling to any audience. He believes that human beings are terrific problem solvers, and for every issue, there are at least 3 solutions. His passion to protect our planet is contagious.

We can take our power back. Everyone matters; your action is decisive. Listen to this podcast and start making the change our planet and our own bodies are asking for.


Outline of This Great Episode

[7:30] Dr. Reese’s new book Save Nature Now.

[10:25] About the process of writing his latest book.

[12:46] So much is lost, but we need to connect with what still remains alive.

[15:48] The coral reef catastrophe.

[17:02] Sea turtles’ journey.

[18:18] We are all addicted to fossil fuel, the first step is to accept it.

[19:45] Current U.S. administration and the detriment towards the environment.

[25:13] Whales hearing is being affected every day.

[29:38] Our climate is unstable.

[30:56] Our forest provides us with the best medicine, just breathe!

[34:37] Our consumption habits affect the planet.

[35:50] We all matter, take your power back, start with 10 minutes a day.

[37:48] Why switch to a plant-based diet.

[38:55] Plant fruit bearing trees!

[40:33] Buy ethical driven companies who care about people and the environment.

[43:45] We are losing ten trillion animals per year.

[45:15] Oceans are filled with pollutants.

[54:01] People wake up every day to kill nature all around the globe one individual tree at a time.

[55:42] The new world dream is to leave very few food prints.

[1:00:27] China has made their citizens cut their consumption of meat by 50%.

[1:03:10] People need to become more empathetic and compassionate.

[1:06:12] #saturdayplasticpatrol

[1:10:04] What we lose when we lose an elephant.

[1:11:51] Coco the gorilla and its amazing empathy for living beings.

[1:13:17] Animals: sentient beings.

[1:18:44] You have to save the planet for your own health!


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