August 24, 2016

Rebecca Sabine: Sound Healing From A Master Violinist – Episode 32


Rebecca has presented her Violin Sound Healings at many healing centers, spas, and events all over the United States. She also offers Full Moon Meditations each month at The Salt Room in Las Vegas.

As a new type of meditation through concerts, Rebecca is starting a world tour where she will play at special retreats, resorts and powerful earth locations around the world.

As an original concept, Rebecca’s meditation with violin music provides meditators with a totally new relaxation experience, as the violin is an instrument that genuinely speaks to the heart, which is both healing and transformational.

She has been playing in the Celine Dion orchestra for the past four years, leads the string section for the Showstoppers orchestra at the Wynn and is a member of the Las Vegas Philharmonic. Over the years, she has played lead violin for many renowned singers, including Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and Pavarotti.  She was the concertmaster for the PBS Special and DVD Under a Desert Sky featuring Andrea Bocelli.

She has played on national television shows including The Latin Grammys, American Idol, The Emmys, The Billboard Awards in addition to the Sinatra 100 Grammy show where she played first chair violin for many stars including Lady Gaga and Seth MacFarlane.

In addition, Rebecca also plays many classical concerts each year as a member of the Las Vegas Philharmonic and with her own chamber music groups, the Firenze Strings and the Zirna Piano Trio.

Along with her daily personal practice, she has completed the UCLA Mindfulness Meditation course, participated in Kundalini workshops, has completed her Reiki certificate and the Awakening Heart MasterMind course.

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Sound healing is a very real thing, a practice long understood from ancient times. Today’s guest, Rebecca Sabine shares a good deal of insight into how she sees her music used to produce all kinds of healing in people who attend her sound healing sessions. From the removal of TMJ to de-stressing, to spontaneous tears, Rebecca has seen a good deal of positive results from providing sound healing sessions for others.

There is something soothing to the soul and body that comes from music. Sounds and the vibrations they are made up of are able to penetrate the tough exterior that often keeps us stressed and out of touch with our inner thoughts and needs. Rebecca Sabine has created a wonderful resource for healing in the sound healing CDs and sessions she has created. On this episode, you’ll get a secret little listen to some of her music.

When it comes to relaxation and meditation through music Rebecca Sabine has created some wonderful resources. I love the way her music relaxes me, enables me to feel rejuvenated, and literally pulls the stress out of my body. I can feel it happening. On this episode Rebecca shares her top 3 tips for using music to bring some much-needed sound healing into your life, so be sure you listen.

The power of music is undeniable. There are times in all of our lives when a song brings back a pleasing smell or memory that we’d long forgotten and the experience brings a sort of healing or peace to our spirit. Rebecca Sabine is a woman who has experienced that sensation countless times in her career as a professional violinist and tells many stories of how she’s seen it happen in the lives of others on this episode.

Be sure you take the time to listen to this amazing conversation about sound healing, music as a therapy for stress and tension, and the actual healings that have occurred through the use of Rebecca Sabine’s sound healing sessions and CDs. The next time I’m in Las Vegas I plan to find one of her sessions to attend personally.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [1:59] Deborah’s introduction of Rebecca Sabine, master violinist and sound healer.

  • [5:01] The two lives Rebecca lives: musician and healer.

  • [6:42] How Rebecca got into music as a child in Long Beach, California.

  • [10:06] Ways that Rebecca works to get out of her analytical mind in music.

  • [13:21] How music is helpful for meditation and stress relief.

  • [17:10] Similarities between musical healing and homeopathy.

  • [23:58] How Rebecca made the transition into musical meditations and healing tools.

  • [28:18] What is a sound healing like?

  • [32:19] Effective postures for musical mediation.

  • [33:00] Stories of healing Rebecca has seen happen through sound healing.

  • [35:00] Rebecca’s idea of the Body-Brain.

  • [41:27] The type of meditation Rebecca practices personally.

  • [43:26] Rebecca’s biggest musical influences through the years.

  • [47:01] The most amazing musical story of Rebecca’s career.

  • [53:17] The difference between sound healing and playing professionally for Celine Dion.

  • [56:16] 3 tips for destressing from Rebecca.

  • [1:03:14] How to connect with Rebecca.

Resources Mentioned On This Episode