November 09, 2016

Rachel Adams – Personal Transformation To Harmonize Your Inner and Outer Self – Episode 43


Rachel Adams is a Realtor, Public Speaker, Coach, Author, and Entrepreneur.  She is 32 years old, lives in Northern California, and is the CEO of 4 different companies.   

In just 3 years in the real estate industry, Rachel had hit the top 1000 agents in the country for the Wallstreet Journal.  On the outside looking in, her life was perfect.  She had the perfect car, the perfect social life, and everything looked top notch.  You could say she had the perfect “Facebook” life.  But as we all know reality isn’t always what it seems.  And then one conversation changed everything.  Rachel decided to start leading her life with full authenticity and intention and everything changed! She now travels around the United States teaching others and coaching on her life changing book and program, “Lost to Found in 90 Days”.  

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Personal transformation is not an easy thing to achieve and today’s guest shares the difficult path she had to walk to experience it herself. Rachel Adams was a successful Real Estate agent by all accounts, but her inner world was not in harmony with the persona she was putting on for others. Be sure to listen so you can hear what sparked the changes in Rachel that have transformed her.

On the VidalSpeaks podcast I often talk about the importance of living a healthy life and it all begins with what’s going on inside of you. You can’t expect to care about healthy eating and lifestyle choices if you don’t love yourself genuinely. Today my guest shares how she learned to care for herself first and how it fueled her into a life that is nothing short of transformed. You won’t want to miss this conversation with Rachel Adams.

Most people would look at the life Rachel Adams was living and think that she had it all together. Many would be envious. But they wouldn’t have seen the things that were going on inside Rachel that made her sad, dissatisfied, and unhappy with who she’d become. On this episode Rachel shares the conversation that changed everything for her and what she had to do following to put into practice a better set of habits to move her life forward.

Have you been in Rachel’s shoes – in a place where you know that you’re not happy inside but aren’t sure that it’s really something you need to pay attention to? Maybe you need a caring person to come into your life who will push you to ask the hard questions, like Rachel did. But I also think if you listen to Rachel’s story you’ll be challenged by what happened to her and can get moving to a better place as a result.

Would you like to begin your own personal transformation journey like Rachel Adams did? You can begin by downloading the first 3 chapters of Rachel’s book absolutely free simply because you’re a listener to the VidalSpeaks podcast. Listen to this episode to find out how you can get that gift and take the first step toward your own personal transformation.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [1:58] My introduction to Rachel Adams and her story of self-transformation.

  • [4:35] Who is Rachel Adams?

  • [6:32] The life Rachel was living before she experienced her transformation.

  • [8:19] The conversation that made Rachel look at her life and make changes.

  • [14:40] The importance of loving yourself and your life.

  • [17:09] The new direction and help Rachel has been able to develop as a result.

  • [18:12] How Rachel made the most of mentors.

  • [22:21] The steps Rachel took to move toward her transformation.

  • [25:35] The negative impact of long term drug use in normal life.

  • [27:10] The things that lead to a course and coaching package to help others.

  • [32:58] The 12 chapters/steps in Rachel’s course.

  • [37:51] Rachel’s approach to running 4 businesses and keeping her life healthy.

  • [46:21] The next things Rachel is creating: relationship courses and coaching.

  • [47:36] What Rachel says to those who tend to think they can’t do what she did.

  • 50:36] The personal things Rachel makes time for.

  • [54:00] The best 3 personal tips Rachel gives to listeners.

  • [57:03] How you can connect with Rachel.

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