June 25, 2020

meSPEAKS – Vertigo …. GO GO AWAY! Life Changing Info On How To Rid Your Vertigo!

This episode may be a life saving for the millions of people who suffer from vertigo. If you have had vertigo even one time you know what I mean. Doctors will tell you there is no cure but I am going to tell you today how you can rid your vertigo & often for good.

You will learn things you never heard before & feel hopeful after you hear this information that is all about vertigo… such as why you have it & how to treat it without drugs. Most doctors can’t tell you why you have it and that is why they can’t fix it. But there are some easy tests you can do to learn why you may have it and once you know that it makes the solutions much more specific instead of feeling hopeless & lost on what to do. Don’t miss this episode and pass it on to anyone you know who has suffered from vertigo.



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Best video ever to learn “manuever” that could cure your vertigo



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Best video ever to explain how Upper Cervical chiropractic technique may be your miracle!  AKA as Blair chiropractic technique. This lady knows her stuff believe me!



Website to explain Blair Upper Cervical technique



Video explains research on how 600 cases of incurable Meneire’s disease got cured with Upper Cervical treatment



Another one by Dr. Hall explains upper cervical



Another one explaining NUCCA

https://www.youtube.com/watch time_continue=43&v=nxWWs6V_sw0&feature=emb_logo


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