February 15, 2016

Meet Lloyd & Get Motivated To Begin Your Healing Journey!

Intro to show

Today’s show is going to be great because you get to meet my partner Lloyd.  The reason why his story is a good one is because he sees health thru the eyes of being a patient, not a practitioner. Lloyd is an athlete too. He is a motorcycle racer!  You know one of the knee draggers that go 180 mph leaning over sideways around a corner!  I think you will enjoy hearing his journey and our discussion on how we can attain health in this crazy world!

Before we get started I wanted to take a minute just to tell you that the main purpose of this podcast is to offer you healthier choices to treat ailments, conditions or diseases which will not only turn your health around but make you feel in charge of your own health destiny!  I want to inspire you, teach you, learn with you, and help you feel full of life!  As a homeopath for 17 years my life work is for sure to help people …. and that is still my goal…. but hopefully now thru this podcast I can reach more people than I was able to do in my private practice, which means I can finally HELP MORE people!  

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Intro to Lloyd Johnson – motorcycle racer #43
Ok so now about todays guest, Lloyd Johnson.  He is very special to me of course because he is my partner in life.  I would like to tell you a little about him before we start the interview.

Lloyd’s life has been a real journey.  I say that because when someone has to find his way to wellness whether it is from ill health or from an accident the road you must travel is often a LONG one!  Lloyd has had many accidents in his life, but one he actually died in when he severed his aorta in 2 places after being hit by a car that ran a red light while he was sitting on his bike on the sidewalk at a crosswalk. Thankfully they were able to bring him back, but that left him searching for help because of all the complications.  

His early life was filled with many unhappy childhood moments that manifested for him as stomach problems.  After many unhappy and troubled years filled with a lack of parental love he turned to drugs.  Sadly this is the road many take when they are in this situation.  Thankfully his strong will and his very intuitive inner voice knew he had to stop and find a better way to heal from his pain. Along with emotional pains from the past, and the physical pains after his injuries he had to deal with digestive issues  his whole life until we began to turn things around 10 years ago when we met.  Homeopathy helped heal him emotionally and it is of course an ongoing process and becoming vegan changed his health around in so many ways!

I think you will like him because he is a very passionate and open-minded person who has been willing to completely change his diet, his lifestyle, …. just to have a shot at feeling good in life.  Without resistance he trusted my guidance and was willing to give up old habits overnight.  Soon, he became so motivated that he started voraciously reading many books and although it has been a long journey, it was not too far down that road that he began to see the light at the end of the tunnel and knew he was on the right path.  That is what I mean when I tell you that as soon as you start to see some progress or feel better …..that is all the motivation you need to keep going …… because feeling good is also addictive!!
Like me Lloyd has experienced MANY healing modalities because when you live, after what should have been a fatal accident, you are left with a huge task of trying to deal with the aftermath of all the physical injuries that can cause chronic pain.  So he knows a lot about health but from a perspective that I think all of you can relate to, because it comes from the tireless and endless search to feel well or get well.  Although he still has chronic pains he has come a long way and can offer inspiration to others to never give up!

Lloyd is also certified in Nutritional Balancing, which is a study to learn how to detox thru diet & supplements and then measuring the results thru hair analysis testing.  Much of the training in this study is learning how to read the results of the hair analysis test. He is a self taught health advocate, passionate vegan, with a big heart to inspire others from his own journey. He always seeks the truth and continues to improve himself in any way he can so he can be his best.  

And as his partner I can say that he has an amazing will power and is able to change his habits easier than most ….. so when he sees others not willing to take steps to improve their health thru diet and natural methods, and instead choose to swallow drugs … he can be painfully honest with them about what they are doing to themselves.  He hides nothing, he holds nothing back and he wears his heart on his sleeve.  Most that know him would say the same.

I am sure you will love him… or at least see why I do… 🙂
I am hoping to have him co-host some shows with me so let me know how you like this episode.

Hear Lloyd’s story via listening to podcast
Learn how he healed life long stomach issues, leaky gut, candida, acid reflux, osteoporosis and more.  Hear how he manages life after after an accident where he died but came back and how he manages chronic pain thru a vegan diet.

Good short article on why milk is harmful
Read China Study for more info and to learn the only scientific study done that shows the dangers of milk.

Things Lloyd mentioned changed his health

Coffee enemas help him manage pain. 

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Food intolerance test
Alcat test – you need to do this test thru a practitioner.  If you want you can contact me if you are interested in doing this test and can do it thru me.  www.alcat.com

His favorite movies
Cowspiracy Movie – Cowspiracy.com
Forks over Knives – forksoverknives.com


Be healthy!

Be Free!

Live LIFE!


Peace & Thanks for listening!

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