May 10, 2017

Lee Lovett — How a Cure for Stuttering Can Help All of Us — Episode 69

In Today’s Episode
Today we are talking with Lee Lovett about ways people can cure their own anxiety. Lee began his career as an attorney and has authored several books on communications law. He also co-founded approximately 100 businesses (mostly related to telecommunications), nearly all of which were sold to public companies and are still operating today. Long retired, Lee is a devoted family man with a long marriage, four sons and 13 grandchildren. Once a dedicated runner, biker, weight lifter, and snow skier, his primary avocation has always been reading, and he has reviewed hundreds of books online as BookAWeekMan. In 2015-16, he released four books on Amazon: Happiness in Seven Steps; The Watergate Rhymes; Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures; and WORDs You Need to Know. He has two more books in the works.  His primary charity is helping fellow stutterers cure themselves, which he does by giving away his book and Skyping with stutterers, no charge. More info about Lee can be found at and “No More Stuttering,” by Lee Lovett.

Outline of This Great Episode
[5:19] Lee became a situational stutterer after his classmates made fun of him when he was 13.
[7:52] Stutterers are perfectionists.
[11:16] Lee estimates that one in ten people on the planet sufferer from speech anxiety.
[14:50] We all have some kind of inferiority complex.
[15:59] Through his struggle with stuttering, Lee learned a lot about mind control.
[17:37] Most researchers can’t figure out why people stutter.
[20:43] Stutterers may be triggered to stutter by many different types of situations, and they may experience “stutter free zones.”
[24:33] Lee still considers himself a stutterer, but he knows how to prevent his stutter from emerging.
[25:18] Mainstream therapists have not embraced Lee’s methods, and that’s why stuttering is considered incurable.
[29:39] What are the steps to curing a stutter?
[35:28] What are the twelve “crutches” that Lee teaches?
[1:01:15] Don’t ever label yourself based on a behavior that you wish to change.
[1:04:14] What you focus your time and thoughts on determines your behavior.
[1:09:14] How can someone handle speaking anxiety?
[1:12:36] Take control of your mind and dictate your thoughts.
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Connect with Today’s Guest
Speech Anxiety Anonymous

Resources Mentioned
Helping Yourself with Psychiatry, by Frank Caprio
A Practical Guide to Self-Hypnosis, by Melvin Powers
100% Pure Beauty Products
Coconut Body Lotion

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