October 04, 2017

Lani Muelrath — The Mindful Vegan — Episode 90

In Today’s Episode

Today I’m pleased to once again be talking with Lani Muelrath. Lani has been vegetarian/vegan since 1973, when she also started teaching yoga and began a meditation practice. The ethical considerations of treatment of animals, the environment, and health were natural outgrowths of these practices. Her early studies in meditation took her to India on retreat several times. Since then she undertook the study of Mindfulness Meditation, which she has practiced for over twenty-five years. She has studied with some of the best-known leaders in mindfulness practices. She has also been featured on CBS-TV, ABC-TV, Prevention magazine, USA Today, Huffington Post, The Saturday Evening Post, and NSPR. She created and starred in her own CBS television show, Lani’s All Heart Aerobics, and has served as presenter and consultant for the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine, The Complete Health Improvement Project, and Plant Pure Nation. Lani is truly an expert on adopting a mindful, vegan lifestyle, and I hope you enjoy this interview with her!

Outline of This Great Episode

[5:30] Deborah introduces Lani.
[8:58] Lani has just released a new book, The Mindful Vegan.
[11:03] Mindfulness is trendy right now, but for a good reason.
[11:55] How did Lani become interested in Mindfulness?
[14:32] Mindfulness leads to dramatic reduction in reactivity and to better brain states.
[18:18] You are not alone.
[21:36] Mindfulness is not just a practice, it’s a way of life.
[28:49] Lani noticed a disconnect in the Mindfulness world that motivated her to write her book.
[31:25] Lani realized that eating dairy was causing her inner dissonance.
[33:19] The goal of Lani’s book is to give people specific, actionable tools to practice Mindfulness.

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[37:00] One surgeon uses mindfulness in his medical practice.
[43:13] What is the difference between formal practice and informal practice?
[48:35] Everyone can find time to meditate.
[51:07] It’s important to connect with physical sensations and emotions.
[59:06] When practicing mindfulness we don’t attempt to change our feelings.
[1:01:05] Mindfulness can increase self confidence.
[1:02:22] Lani leaves us with her final mindfulness tips.
[1:05:05] Lani is in the process of recording audio segments to support the program outlined in her book.
[1:06:12] Here’s how you can pre-order Lani’s book and get a bonus gift.

Mentioned In This Episode
The Mindful Vegan: A 30-Day Plan for Finding Health, Balance, Peace and Happiness by Lani Muelrath

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